YoP update #9: Time for tea (cosy)?

Last week I cast on a Ballerina Wrap from my stash using a pattern in my library, so it qualified as a Year of Projects item (blogged here). Sadly, there was an error in the pattern which meant I didn't have the right amount of yarn to finish it. I found this out after I'd made the back and was onto the first front and I'm probably going to unravel it now, which has rendered most of this week's efforts worthless. Nevertheless there has been a small amount of progress ....
Betty's bits are all made - and currently all hidden inside her body in my knitting bag. There's no rush to sew her together as it's harder to hide a whole bunny than bits of bunny, and this has been made as a gift knit for a nosey little person, who really doesn't miss very much. 
While planning my Festive Gift Guide post for Thursday (which will include ideas for gifts to knit or crochet, so you may like to come back to take a look) I came across this lovely tea cosy pattern in Knits to Give by Debbbie Bliss. It takes only one ball of Cashmerino Aran so I'm going to cast on later, and this time I have found the errata before I start! A tea cosy was on my original YoP list last year, and having carried it over to the second year I'm keen to mark it as done. Hopefully I can do that this week. 
(Click image to visit the Ravelry group)


  1. Debbie bliss cashmerino aran is my fave. I'm planning on making baby bootees out of it. Love the tea cosy x

  2. Oooh I love Cashmerino, and thattea cosy is so ute,usually I don't like them, but that has a great pattern!

  3. I can knit but love crochet more. This looks like a great pattern. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. I LOVE tea cosy"s.
    I hope you don't frog the ballerina wrap its so pretty.

  5. Oh boy, what a bummer to have to frog the wrap! Boo.
    But the bunny parts are looking mighty interesting and what a pretty pastel for the tea cosy.

  6. Love the cosy pattern-I have often thought it would be fun to knit one up-but just never seems to be enough time. :) As far as missing things, those nosey ones rarely do-but what a treat is in store for them--Betty is adorable. I am sorry that the wrap was not successful-those frog pond trips can be a bit traumatic and disappointing at times.
    **smiles and wished for a better week**
    (my post will be up later tonight)

  7. Secret knitting is always fun - but I fear she will most likely find out anyway... they always find out! I think the tea pot cozy is adorable and if you get that done in a week - WOW

  8. I love the tea cosy pattern, just finished one myself, it's a tri-coloured pleated thing, my mother nagged me into making for her, it very nearly headed for the bin after 4 attempts to sew it up correctly. Let us know if your tea cosy is easy to do. :D

  9. I can't wait to see the bunny finished...going to be so cute :)

  10. Loving that you've hidden Betty's bits in her body, like hiding something in plain sight! And the tea cosy will be a pretty distraction form the disappointment of the wrap :D

  11. Bummer to the wrap, how annoying. Really love your bunny and your so right on it being easier to hide ! Its going to look so cute when done. Love the tea cosy pattern and can't wait to see it complete.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to have names picked before the birth, the trend seems to be to see whether baby looks like an A, B or C but how do you know what an A, B or C looks like! that makes no sense to me anyway lol

  12. THat tea cozy is adorable!!! Can't wait to see what you make of it :) Love the color of the yarn you chose, too.

  13. What a cute cozy! It looks like it will be fun to work up.

  14. I'm gutted on your behalf about the ballerina wrap. Boo. On the plus side however the bunny is going to be ADORABLE, as will the tea cosy.


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