It's a wrap (finally) aka 'Never rely on kids!'

Inspired by the adult sized free pattern from two and six blog I featured in the Festive Gift Guide a couple of weeks ago, this was very quick and exceedingly simple to work up, although I didn't get to post the details until now as Little Miss refused to try it on properly (something to do with the purple stripe not being pink) and then didn't want to stand still....or brush her hair. Please excuse the pictures!

As usual, I made this slightly large for my tall 3 year old, and the finished measurements are 76 x 37 cm. I'm really pleased with how well it came out, the colours of the yarn are good with these vertical stripes (except for the purple!) and I think that until it's warm enough to wear as an outer garment next Spring, when it should fit properly, it will be a good additional layer underneath a jacket as there is no bulk from sleeves, just a toasty tum. 

PATTERN: Inspired by Wrapped, I improvised this size, as below
YARN: James C Brett Marble DK shade MT22 - 128g before embellishment

If you are interested in making a similar sized wrap, this is what I did, in ten simple steps (please note that as most of my crochet has been "made up", I'm no expert on pattern terminology, so this is a cobbled together list of pointers - I hope it makes sense). UK stitches are used.

(1) Using DK and 5mm hook loosely chain 51
(2) Turn and tr into the 2nd chain from hook
(3) Make 1 tr into every stitch, then ch2 and turn
(4) Repeat (3) x 19, then ch2 and turn
(5) Work 1 tr into each of the next 13 sts, loosely chain 18 (this forms the armhole), then 1 tr into each of the remaining 20 sts, ch 2, turn
(6) Repeat (3) and (4) to make the back section = 20 rows
(7) Repeat (5) to make the second armhole
(8) Repeat (4) then...
(9) For the final row, dc into each stitch, then finish off and sew in all ends.
(10) Embellish as per the recipient's preferences - in this case, a flowery brooch. 

    Today I need to sew the ends in on my new crochet cowl, so keep an eye out for that. 

    UPDATE: Find more crochet and knitting patterns listed here


    1. So sweet! Lovely little wrap and cute little person who knows her own mind ;)

    2. Very cute. The wrap looks adorable on her (purple stripe and all). You gotta love kids. My four year old has a bunch of dinosaur socks in different colours and this morning he told me he will no longer wear the green ones because he doesn't like "plant eaters". How do you respond to that?

    3. Gorgeous (I happen to like the purple!) Love the tartan flower too :)

      1. Me too. I wondered why she wasn't keen to wear it, and this was her explanation - she's cheeky!

    4. What a great design ... adorable!

      1. Yes, it's so easy and quick, and I like that it can be worn in a few different ways too.

    5. Oh what a beautiful wrap and lil miss makes such a gorgeous model too x

    6. What a cutie! Love the pictures. The wrap is very sweet too. :-)


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