YoP Update #6: Stealth Knitting

This week I finally decided on a suitable yarn for Betty Bunny which will constitute half of the Year of Projects list item "a toy for each of my children". I chose Wendy Norse Chunky (in Drift and Arctic) in the Deramores sale for just over £2 a ball, and have to say that I am delighted with the way it's knitting up - soft, a little fluffy and very smooth to knit on my KnitPro Novas. It's 50% wool/ 50% acrylic and I'm hoping it'll be cuddly but hardy enough to withstand plenty of love as she is going to be quite big - just look at the size of those ears!

The pattern comes from Let's Knit magazine. (If you've missed it in the shops but have an iPad/iPhone it can be downloaded from the iTunes App store.) It is knit flat and the instructions are very simple and easy to follow so far. I think it would make a good project for a beginner, although there are one or two minor stitch count errors (unless I've totally lost the ability to subtract small numbers and/or knit). With chunky yarn and 6mm needles, this is a really quick project and I think it could be done in a day or so (a great last minute gift?)... unless you are stealth knitting it when your children aren't looking. Then you should expect it to take much longer. 
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  1. I love bunnies and think Betty is going to be wonderful. The colors are perfect. Do you have a dress fabric in mind yet?

    Your trip to Brighton sounds so fun. Hooray for you and your girl friends for figuring out a way to enjoy time together.

    The beach house for the tikes is so cool. I think every kid dreams of having a playhouse like this!

    1. I have a couple of fabrics that are contenders but I'll wait until she's made up and decide then. :)

  2. That bunny is going to be adorable. Stealth knitting for children - now there's ambition. Perhaps it will get easier when school starts again?

  3. That looks like it will be super cute. Looking forward to the finished item.

  4. Haha. Stealth knitting ALWAYS takes longer. It looks great so far!

  5. He he, I thought you were making a knitted bikini top....ears...I see now!

    Looking forward to seeing Betty Bunny all done when youve finished all that secret knitting.

  6. A great start you've got there! Look at those cute lil' parts.

  7. "Stealth knitting" LOL..You hit a great sale for the yarn... and I had never heard of those needles before...so I followed your links...and wonder if I can get them in the US... Have a great week..

  8. Betty is so cute! I'm sure she's going to get a lot of love :)

  9. Clever to be doing your stealth knitting now :) In my younger days we were on high alert for any stealthiness or hidden packages from end of November on! Can't wait to see it. I looked for the magazine but the shops around here don't seem to carry it so I may need to look for it on iTunes !

  10. Stealth knitting--I love it! I knit beanie stocking caps for my teenage boys last Christmas, but because I had never knit for them before, they didn't ever put 2 and 2 together. :) I won't get away with that again though! I love your Betty bunny and wish my mom would knit me one!

  11. I think those colours are perfect, and the bunny is going to look great!

  12. I always end up with an epic fail when it comes to stealth knitting LOL Can't wait to see it all together :)

  13. stealth knitting should totally be a class offering. I'd take it. Cute, cute bunny. i'm always looking for knit toys to make for new babies.


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