The Sky and (Harvest) Moon

My favourite spot in Sussex - perfect for cloud watching
The Basin (source)
The place of my birth, Caerphilly, is a town at the bottom of a geological basin - there are hills or mountains in all directions, and there is a LOT of rain. This means a lot of rainclouds and the sky alternates between grey, drab and colourless. This was completely normal for me until I left home and moved to the sunny Surrey suburbs (a densely populated area within spitting distance of London) and then into London-proper where so many buildings invade the eyeline. 

Since our move to Sussex I have become increasingly obsessed with the sky. As there are miles of fields in all directions, there is just so much of it. It feels as though I have never seen so much blue sky in one place, and those fluffy white clouds.... Some days it really does take my breath away. I'm delighted the new iPhone can take panoramic shots - above is my first attempt at using it, not a great success because my hand wasn't terribly steady and I started off too slowly which has left some stuttering lights and a mutant sun, but I'm looking forward to the practice and feel this is the perfect spot for it. 

Tonight we've been in the garden looking at the Harvest Moon. I mentioned the effects of the full moon previously, and not much has changed - Little Miss has trouble sleeping, and both the Boy and I are emotional and unsettled at this time. Feeling agitated today, I took some quiet time at the spot pictured above while the children were at a party. With my feet planted on the grass - I'm not sure that it "grounded" me very much, but it was completely relaxing and enjoyable in the sunshine - I finished reading the aptly named Moondance of Stonewylde and for those who asked, despite my earlier nonchalance, I've already downloaded the next one so I think there must be something compelling about the story.... although I'm not quite sure what. 

And talking of "Harvest Moon" these patterns are available via Ravelry ..... 
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

They make me feel I should be knitting instead of sitting here looking at a screen, which is my queue to bid you goodnight. Goodnight! x


  1. We've had blue sky and clouds almost the whole month. But today it is very grey outside. Your patterns are lovely. Happy knitting!

  2. Such beautiful pics you've caught of the sky in your hood.


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