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Anyone who knows me well will know that the image above sums me up perfectly. It's probably fortunate that D is even worse the same, and at some point each evening we can be found with iPads in hand, completely absorbed in our latest obsessions. (I suppose this is exactly the type of behaviour that Pinterest exacerbates and the new iPad app and categories make it easier than ever!)

We're going to change our smallest car, 'my' car. If we were childless I'd struggle to choose between a Beetle, a Mini, a Figaro and a Fiat 500. Sadly none of these are terribly practical for taxiing a couple of kids around and for the last decade I've had a string of incredibly safe, incredibly practical Renaults. Don't get me wrong, Renaults are great cars, but I've never felt they were very "me". I prefer rounded edges, retro features, something curvy and a bit more interesting to look at. After weighing up the options I've decided the best compromise is a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Unfortunately they are no longer in production, so we can't just order what we want and need to find one that suits - I really want red.

I'm also obsessing about looking at tattoos. I like them. A lot. I was sitting in a tattoo parlour in Brighton last week with friends, and D recently got a fab new one on his forearm based on one of my Pinterest finds. Neither fact has helped my condition. Being a 40 year old bearded biker, tattoos completely suit D - so much that even my mum, who comes from the generation where tattoos are considered suitable only for sailors and ladies of ill repute, thinks the latest addition is wonderful (and has been coveting it).

I have a couple of small tattoos - one on my back and another on my wrist - but I'd secretly love to look like those beautiful young tattooed girls with a long mane of waves or funky dreadlocks - dreads were last summer's obsession. Sadly the reality is somewhat different -  a middle-aged overweight body of 5'3" covered in stretch marks, post-operative scars and a C-section pouch. Gravity is desperately trying to take control of all the wrong bits. I can't help thinking I'd look and feel ridiculous with the tattoos I like. Still, it's nice to browse the lovely pictures and to dream a little, and I'll probably settle for a small inconspicuous addition......or two.

How about you? Do you have a current obsession? Please tell me I'm not the only one...?


  1. You are not alone, I completely and utterly relate and unfortunately my partner is totally opposite and therefore does a lot of eye rolling at me!

    My current obsessions are crochet blankets and stripy tops but I can feel some new ones trying to break their way in so who knows what it will be next week! (I'm frantically trying to finish the crochet blanket I've started before the obsession passes)

    1. Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!!! ( I had a bit of a tumbleweed moment when there were no replies! )

      Stripy tops sounds like a good one and I too have had the crochet blanket one!!!!!!! :)

  2. My obsession are all kinds of hand craft. I especially love old techniques. Whenever I see something I want to do it.

    Yesterday for example we visited a saw mill dated 1684 in the neighbourhood. There is also a shop of a former fork maker, who died 1995. The owner of the building showed how a hay fork was made from fir and ash. I so want to try this!!!! I know that I'm going to ask Mr Fedi to teach me.

    Or I saw in the movie "Wildheuer" (about a group of men who still make hay in the high mountains the same way as in the old days) how they even make their own shoes from lime wood. I want/have to make a pair myself.

    November 17 this year, I'm again making a willow basket.

    1. Oh that's so interesting! These are the things that keep me coming back to your blog all the time!!!

  3. Yes I would agree I'm the same obsessed or not bothered. I'm loving (obsessed) with the pinterest iPad app too!
    I love fiat 500's and because I only have one Lil lady who is now 5 it's practical for me so my hubby bought me one last year and I wouldn't be without it.
    If you love tatoo's then there is no reason why you can't indulge your obsession and have a couple more, I'm sure that it's not as bad as you say!

    1. You lucky thing! Little Miss is still in a 5 point harness and it's a pain getting her in and out without plenty of space. One day!!!!!!

  4. This is definitely something I can relate to! As long as I can remember I've always had a strong tendency to immerse myself completely in whatever it is I'm feeling passionate about at the moment. All sorts of things... like reading all the books by a certain author or watching all the movies by a certain director or actor; crushing on a country/culture and not just visit, enjoy music and movies from there but also learning the language etc; not just bake one batch of vegan brownies using some random recipe, but experimenting and researching and putting a lot of energy into developing the perfect vegan brownie recipe and so on... :) So much fun!

    Some passions last longer than others, some keep returning, and others never fade..! A few of my current obsessions would be vampires (a recurring once since more than 20 years...), fingerless mitts (it started with your armwarmers a while back!), Ewan McGregor (this one never goes away) and the newest addition: the colour combination pink + brown... :)

  5. Just catching up here ... an obvious and ongoing obsession here is tracking down fabulous new yarns/yarns I haven't tried. And porridge and raspberries ... I can't seem to eat enough of either at the moment!

  6. I guess my obsession is my iPhone. I didn't get it until maybe early last year. I'm always fiddling on it, often playing games and Pinning about instead of knitting.
    I would love to have a tat, but I'm scared of the pain. Funny I say that considering I've had two C-sections and four, periodontic surgeries.

    1. Oh I can relate to the iPhone too!!!! I've had one since the first generation and mine is like a third limb. I can't imagine life without it!!!! I don't really play games but I'm always checking Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc.

      Neither of my tattoos gave hurt anywhere near as much as recovering from surgery. The hardest thing was keeping still as I find it quite ticklish/ scratchy rather than painful, and want to squirm!!!

  7. Sarah.... We have both said it before and i'll say it again.....Were we seperated at birth? That post sums me up! Even the beardy bike obsessed hubby and the body description (although I am 5ft 1) I am just developing a design for my next inking for my Birthday in January.


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