Sunday, 19 August 2012

YoP Update #5*

Hope you're all having a great Sunday. We've been enjoying the glorious sunshine this weekend, the highlight of which was our first sunflower!!! I have to tell you about it as this was a true team effort - Grandma bought the seeds, Nanna planted them with the kids, I watered and nurtured even using my best chopsticks to support them, and D almost killed them when I took the kids away (by neglecting to water them). After they were planted in the garden, the now infamous July-of-horrendous-weather gave them a real battering and we really didn't expect to see any flowers, so it seemed a little miraculous when we spotted this yesterday... and there are more to come. 

For the last few days I've been browsing Ravelry and sorting my stash into new storage with my YoP  goals in mind and I've decided on the next of my 'list' items - Betty by Nancy Atkinson from the current issue of Let's Knit magazine. I've been through my stash for something suitable but the only chunky yarn I have is in bright colours so it won't be a stashbusting project and I can't cast on yet, but I think she's very cute and I love the idea of using some of my minuscule fabric stash to dress her. 
You know, there are a few folk I've met since blogging that I am sure I'd be great friends with in real life, and Gilly of Tickety-boo is one of those people. We have a lot in common and share many of the same tastes so it was a wonderful surprise when I received a little package of goodies from her before my holiday including sock yarn 'scraps' for my Beekeeper's Quilt (and a lovely glass star she'd made for my Cwtch, which is already in the window - I'll get a better picture for another day). 
My beret is still not finished, and I'm seriously thinking about casting on another Hitchhiker with yarn from my stash,  so I have plenty to be getting on with this week. How about you? 

*I'll consider the stealth FO update I posted on a Friday as number 4.5!


  1. I love the bunny and the yarn. I love planning new projects too. Have a great week.

  2. Betty is gorgeous. I don't normally get Let's Knit but I will have to this month as she is rather special. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. What a cute Bunny pattern! I have the perfect yarn in my stash for that! Maybe I'd better look up the pattern?

  4. Betty is just gorgeous and can't wait to see how you dress her up. Love the sunflower.

  5. Great sunflower, we've never mastered it, we once had one, but it was pretty short and sorry looking despite being of the giant variety!

    Great bunny project, very cute...I reckon your little miss will have her eye on that!

    Wow, those scrap balls are lovely, how thoughtful of Gilly. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. The flower is looking great, wonderful team effort. That bunny is super cute, I hope you get to knit her soon!

  7. Beautiful sunflower. Ours have been and gone and I've missed them :-(
    I love the bunny can't wait to see yours. What a wonderful gift to get in the post

  8. Sweet bunny! And your sunflower makes me wish I had planted some this year-I guess I kind of forgot about them. They sure scream late summer/fall is coming to me though. :) I hope things settle down for you soon--recovering from vacation can take a while sometimes--I just read your vacation post and looked up where you went.
    Living in the states like I do, I thought, "Who goes to Tunisia for vacation??"! I sometimes wish I lived in Europe as it seems that travel is so much easier as there are so many countries close together and travel is not a hassle and possibly not as expensive? The airfare from the USA alone to some of the locations I would like to visit breaks the bank!
    Have a super weekend!

  9. Oh, how sweet is that bunny with a dress on no less? Reminds me of Beatrix Potter characters. It went in my favs which will be next years HUGE YOP list I'm thinking! LOL!
    I love the Beekeeper too and it's already in the favs list. I love the name of it. Gilly is a sweetheart isn't she? I don't know her real well but I too was attracted to her blog and all her cute projects and she always sends you a reply. I just don't get around to all the blogs I want to.
    Happy Stitching this week! Love the sunflower(s) too! Great pic!

  10. That is a cute bunny. It reminds of Rosemary Wells' Max and Ruby cartoon characters.
    How lovely to have met a fellow crafter who was thoughtful enough to send you scrap yarn for hexipuffs. Suncatchers are always fun to hang in one's window, esp if they were sweetly made.

  11. Very cute little bunny. And love the sun catcher, what a nice gift!

  12. I have felt the same about some of our plants - unfortunately some died due to the heat and others seemed to flourish. I do love your bunny (and shopping for new yarn! hehe)

  13. I let the squirrels handle all my sunflower planting.. When they steal xtra sunflower birdseed, they store it away in a nice corner of the garden, forget they stored it..then summer comes and TA DAH!

  14. Sunflowers, bunnies and gifts from a new friend - Lovely!
    I love the connections that I've made blogging. I'm inspired and encouraged everyday.

    I think the bunny will be a fun project, and the hitchhiker is a favorite!

  15. I agree about the lovely friends you make blogging - the internet has brought me so many lovely friends - two in particular - and oh of course my husband!! We met internet dating :)

    The sunflower is so pretty and you are lucky to have anything grow at all! My sweet peas are all leggy with no flowers at all :( The weather has really messed everything up this year big time!

    I loved the bunny when I read the magazine too - look forward to seeing her progress

  16. How lovely of her to send you some scrap sock yarn? Good to see that sunflower, they always make me smile.

  17. The sunflower is awesome, it's been so many years since I've planted any, but they are such great flowers to watch grow. The bird sure do like them. Betty is cute.


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