Ta-dah! Flaming Peacock Capelet

I'm having no end of problems with my photo host and leave for the train soon, so it is a very rough Finished Object post from me today:

After deciding to 'ditch' a load of my unfinished objects earlier this week, it seemed fortuitous that Spectra was almost the perfect shape for a capelet. A few rows, two buttons and a crochet edging later and it was finished in no time.  It doesn't look like much in this picture but Little Miss looks adorable in it - it comes to her elbows and has just enough 'swing' when she twirls around. I'll have to get a modelled picture onto the project notes when I update them properly.

PATTERN: based on Spectra by Stephen West
YARNS: EasyKnits Superwash merino/silk in 'Flamingo' 
and Noro Silk Garden Sock (colourway ??)

I'm linking in with Tami's Amis today although I won't be able to visit the other links until after my weekend away with my two oldest friends *squee* - it's been at 8 years and 4 kids since our last weekend away together! Hope you all have a great one... I'm pretty sure I will!!! 


  1. It looks amazing. I'm knitting this project at the moment. I LOVE the way the colours transition. I'm being selfish with mine though and keeping it as a scarf!

  2. Hi Sarah, I love all your projects this week,you've given me lots of ideas. I've bought let's knit because that bunny is so cute and Windward looks great. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Michelle xx

  3. Lovely, I love the colour sections, it's like a grapefruit.

    Hope you have a lovely time with your mates with lots of giggles.

  4. Love the colors! Nice job.

  5. You are sooo clever! Have a blast this weekend.

  6. It looks lovely. Excellent job.

  7. Your capelet is so bright and cheerful!! No wonder your daughter loves it!!

  8. Such a pretty, happy spectrum of color that capelet is.

  9. That is beautiful! Good idea to make a capelet instead of a full scarf.

  10. It is finished! I love the colours and I can't wait to see little miss posing in it.

  11. Ooooh, pretty colors! Great job on the modification.
    Have fun with your friends!

  12. It looks wonderful! The colors are so vibrant and fun.


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