Monday, 20 August 2012

Liberating the flow (UFOs)

Last week I wrote that I had little motivation to do anything and whilst I still have lots of ideas and a list of things I really want to make, SOMETHING has been stopping me. As I was sorting out my stash and planning my next Year of Projects item over the weekend, it struck me that I have rather a lot of UFOs (unfinished objects) and that, in all probability, this is a major cause of my "blockage". I can't relax and enjoy starting something new knowing there are so many unfinished things lurking around. 
The Purl Beret I finished and then partially ripped back a few weeks ago has been sitting on my table waiting for some attention, and hidden at the side of my chair is a basket containing the partially knit Leisa Loop cowl and Bunty Mitts as well as Spectra. Leisa was started so long ago my knitting has changed a lot so I'm pretty sure the best thing I can do it rip it out and use the yarn for something else. The mitts are going to be quite small and after getting this far, I read that there was a problem with the measurements for the kit so that there may not actually be enough yarn to finish them - a provisional cast on is now suggested for the main section and for the rib to be added on later, so this has blown my desire to finish this one. And as for Spectra, I love the pattern and the yarn but it's just been TOO long - it may already be big enough to make a little capelet if I cast off and add buttons. Oh and there's also the foot of a single sock, heel turned and ready for the leg - I'd totally forgotten about that! 

So it's time to liberate some of these projects, and hopefully my flow. I'm starting with the hat... 
.... and it feels surprisingly good! 


  1. I've been having the same problem I think - I just don't feel I can start a new project with so many unfinished on my 'to do' list. You are right it's probably best just to get on with it - Good luck & I hope you find your creative mojo soon xx

  2. I have this problem too and I'm forcing my self to do the unfinished projects first, then do projects to use up all my spare yarn which I have tons of. At least this is a a way of saving money, rather than buying new wool.

  3. I believe you've hit the nail on the head....same here, I've got loads of half finished baby/small child items half knitted..basically my granddaughters keep growing faster than I can complete the's time to sort it out!!

  4. Funny how something lurks in the background (that you may not even be aware of) can put a stop to progress....I'm the same with my painting, I have not done any in about two years and I know exactly why. I must get the one guilt laden project done and then I bet I'd be able to move on....I'm just dreading doing it as it is soooo over due.....but better late than never do you think?

    Have fun un-unfinishing your projects!

  5. I have been trying to finish UFOs for a bit of time - finally finished my Mum's blanket, phew, but I have a couple of other things to revisit... It is so nice to start from scratch again...

  6. Unfinished objects are great because I doesn't take as long to finish them as it would if you casted them on. :-) You will have a finished object in no time. ;-)

  7. Good for you! I'm having the same problem with UFOs around here too. I might have to liberate them as well:)

  8. Glad I'm not the only one! I have 2 bags of partial balls, 2 bin bags full of 'stuff' that needs to be sorted, and it is definitely dragging my mojo down. Lot's of UFO's, but also lot's of swatches that I need to process - work into designs or let go. Ugh. I'm going to try and have one always on the go. I made a start by knitting up a partial skein (and got 3 hats out of it! It was bulky, so pleasingly fast!)

  9. Maybe we should have a twitter hashtag and cheer (or jeer) each other on? #UFOmojo ??

  10. It's like cleaning house yeah? You do wha chat gotta do.

  11. I'm feeling the same right now. I have some old ufo's and some new...but I also want to start something new. Something that really brings my crafty spirit up again. Maybe it is time to finish or rip!


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