Friday, 17 August 2012

In limbo

I feel horribly unsettled at the moment. It's probably the combination of post-holiday blues (still have laundry/ironing to do as it's been raining almost every day), the night away mid-week and the knowledge that next weekend I'm going away for a reunion with my oldest friends.* I can't sit still, can't settle. My mind is all over the place. It's why I haven't done much crafting since we got back and my motivation to do anything at all is pretty low. It took most of this morning just to tidy the kids' bedrooms as having both of them with me 24/7 means I am constantly being nagged asked to do something, reach something, peel an apple, get a drink, go to the pool or ballet or football, get a not that dress.... Days like this make me dream of silence.

I shouldn't moan as I did manage to escape yesterday. After taking D to collect his (belated 40th birthday) motorbike, I parked up and took a train into London. Despite living so close, it's not something I do very often - especially in August when it's raining outside but still unbearably hot underground. I'd already chosen what I wanted to buy and had to hurry back for the kids, so I only went into two shops but it was nice to sit on the train quietly with my book and of course to visit Bond Street - my favourite place for retail therapy - another thing I don't do much of these days. 

I absolutely loved the Yayoi Kusama window display at Louis Vuitton - so cheery and colourful and the wax model was freakishly lifelike - those red and white spots gave me a few ideas too. Our next Big Project is a kitchen makeover - we are quite unsure about the style we'll go for - mainly because D and I like different things but I'm really hoping that red & white (and retro) will feature, and because I have an obsessive personality I've already started pinning some ideas. *grin*

If you were hoping to see some knitting today, I'm very sorry to disappoint, but am planning to be back with something yarny and pretty very soon. Hope you have a great weekend xxx

*Not that I want you to think they're old, just that I've known them since we started at the "Comp"... which was 27 years ago.... which probably means we are ALL quite old - aaarrrgghh! 


  1. We all have times when our creative flow seems to dwindle. It's fine and it's always nice to see other aspects of your life.

    Looks like you had a good time in London. I don't get to go very often even though, like you, it's only a very short ride on the train. I should really make more of an effort, there's always so much to see and do there.

    Ruby x

  2. No worries. Sloth reigns supreme here as my two are home and I'm refereeing or cooking or washing dishes. And then there's ballet to run off to 3x a week.
    That's great your husband treated himself to a new ride for his 40th. My hubbie used to ride what we call a ninja rocket.

  3. ooh, lucky you - living that close to london sounds like an absolute dream to me! i haven't had the chance to explore london much at all yet; so far my fave part is going to southall for pani puris (indian snacks) and watching several bollywood films back to back at the cinema :) waterstones piccadilly was quite a wonderful and memorable place too! i really really hope i'll get the chance someday to spend some more time in london, there's still so much for me to discover..! actually, i'd be super happy simply sitting at a café with a mug of tea, enjoying hours of people-watching :)

    a massive yay! for d's motorbike :D do you get to ride it too? and i just have to say i absolutely love the y.k. pictures in this post, they gave me a massive energy boost of inspiration, so much fun!! :)

    no need to apologise, the tidal flow of inspiration and creativity affects us all. all is well <3


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