A mini KAL update for the Diamond Jubilee

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Hello! Following the most wonderful wedding of a family friend yesterday, it's been a day of national celebration in honour of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee today. Unfortunately the huge picnic that was planned for our village was cancelled due to the heavy rain so we were confined to an afternoon of watching the celebrations from the sofa. 

On the plus side, the kids asked to go to my mum's for the night, leaving us time to relax - which for D means playing some game or other on some console or other, and for me.... lots of KNITTING! Consequently, the Color Affection shawl for the June Knitalong is making speedy progress (despite a little setback earlier in the day involving a long ladder and a small crochet hook) so I'm much further into it than anticipated.

Some observations so far:

- the shape is (so far) longer and thinner than I expected 
- it knits up REALLY quickly, or seems to because of the frequent changes between the 3 different yarns, and even more so when your 3rd yarn is multicoloured like mine (pictured)
- this pattern would be perfect for a new knitter who wants to make something which looks more complicated than it is. There is very little to remember and the pattern is simple to knit and easy to follow.

I'll post a proper update on Tuesday, but in the meantime, in response to a few requests, even if you don't have an Instagram account you can see the photos being posted there via this online gallery. You can also follow the conversation on the Facebook page and Twitter. Full details of the KAL are here if you're still thinking about taking part. 

Fingers crossed that the weather improves for the rest of the 'long weekend' plans in the UK. International readers, I hope you have a wonderful start to your working week. Happy Jubilee, everyone! 


  1. I don't use Instagram or Twitter, but here is my first blog post about the June Shawl Knitalong: http://ducklingsinarow.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/june-shawl-knitalong-aka-serendipity/

    How are you keeping track of row and repeats? In your head or do you have a stitch counter? I'm trying to keep track in my head... its not going so well. LOL!

    Can't wait to see how yours turns out. The colors are beautiful!

    1. That's going to be beautiful! Looking forward to your updates :)

  2. Such a shame your picnic was cancelled, but it sounds like you made great use of the time! I'm quietly knitting along, but dithered so much about colours that I've cast on two different ones! One light spring colours, one darker Noro one. I love how it is knitting up!

  3. Love that vintage pic. I LOL'd at how you and your hubbie have separate activities when chillaxin' at home. It's the same way here.


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