June Shawl Knitalong Update #4

Hello Knitalongers, I've seen so many new pictures this week on the Instagram feed - you have some beautiful colour combinations in the works! Please keep adding them, and remember to post your URL links at the bottom of this post so we can all take a look. 

If you saw last Friday's post, you'll already know I finished my second shawl. I've been really surprised at how quickly this pattern knits up and I wouldn't rule out making any more... but not this month! 
Ravelry project notes including yarn info are here 
It's been named 'the Bertie Bassett shawl' because of the striking resemblance to Liquorice Allsort sweets, something that I really hadn't anticipated when I chose the colours - the darkest yarn is actually midnight blue rather than black. I really wasn't sure about the high contrast when I was knitting it, but luckily it's grown on me since then. 

After making the first one, I made a few little changes the second time:
  • The dropped YO modification was introduced on the second section and this reduced the 'hump' which was much more visible in the first shawl prior to blocking.
  • Twisting the carried yarns at the side of the work had left the first shawl a little tight so this time I didn't twist, I just let the yarns do their own thing. The result is generally much nicer, although you can see in the second picture below there is one slightly tight section. 
  • I intentionally missed a few stripes off the first shawl. This one was made as per the pattern and is quite a bit deeper. This has made it sufficiently large without blocking it, leaving the lovely garter stitch bumps and ridges intact. 

Whilst growing to like the bright Noro stripes, I'm not quite so happy with the border colours. Not being a fan of yellow, I wanted to cast off before the colour change and somehow it doesn't quite look 'finished'. I am thinking of possibly trying a little (single row?) crochet border in the main Midnight blue yarn. 

I've really enjoyed knitting this pattern (twice) and have to say that despite the hump and being narrower, I much prefer the first - the colours are just so perfect and I like the slubby thick Noro sections. I'd love to try making another the other way around, so that the main colour top section would be to the left of centre rather than to the right. I prefer the way the Stripe Study Shawl is shaped to wrap around the body to the right, and this pattern is 'back to front' in comparison. For now I have a long list of other patterns to be getting on with and the second Year of Projects starts on Sunday too so this won't be happening any time soon.

I didn't have space to spread them both out fully AND have a place to stand to take the photo - they are quite big - but you can see the difference in size here. After several people asking for more information, I'm going to publish a "blocking" post next month using the second shawl, so you may like keep an eye out for that.

I have absolutely LOVED this second knitalong and seeing all the different shawls taking shape, so a huge THANK YOU to everyone for joining in. As we are almost at the end of the month this will be the last update post, but you can will still be able to see the 50 most recent photos posted to the gallery at any time by visiting the Knitalong page and the Linky (below) will be left open so people can add more links at any time. 

Of course I'm already wondering what we could do next .... maybe a September Sock KAL in preparation for Christmas gifting? We could go with something plain and simple for novice sock-knitters that could be modified by the more advanced "socker" to include a more complex pattern...? Or perhaps something else entirely. What do you think? 


  1. Beautiful! I really love the colours. I'm up for a sock KAL :D

    1. Thanks.

      I'll start looking for a suitable sock pattern and will post more in the next month or so! :)

  2. Totally love the Bertie Bassett effect of the shawl, it looks fabulous!

  3. These are lovely!!I love the colours in both of them :)

  4. Totally adore! Great colour combo too. I would love to join the sock madness if this will be the next KAL :-D.

  5. Your second shawl looks great too, I have to say with regards to my shawls, I preferred the study stripe over the colour affection, and that surprises me as I couldn't wait to start the CA as I was totally smitten, I think I much prefer how my stripe came out, although it was a gift for someone else, typical! Maybe I'll make another stripe for me!

  6. You have such fun with color!

  7. soo gorgeous!! i love them both :) very interesting to read your thoughts on the mods too, thanks for sharing them.

    September Sock KAL sounds amazing, a massive and very joyful YES from me! :)

  8. Love the way those colours work together - the randomness of the Noro seems to make it a very fun and versatile shawl.
    Enjoy wearing them both.

  9. I love the shot of both versions together, they are both absolutely GORGEOUS. I think I favour the colours of the 1st but the depth of the 2nd.
    I'm loving my lace version but I'm going to have a go at the heavier weight one too preferably using some wool from my stash since the malabrigo lace was a bit of a luxury. I'm up for socks too, I keep meaning to try some a KAL will be the perfect excuse!


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