Did you ever....?

Did you ever finish knitting something at the start of the week and think there was no hurry to block it.... and then completely forget about it until Friday morning? Then, in a panic, get your 3 year old to take photos of the (still unblocked) item before she goes to pre-school? And they are all blurry, except for one headless shot which includes more of the fireplace than the item? (Thank goodness for cropping and text boxes!) So it is with much kerfuffle that I present to you.....
PATTERN: Framlingham by Joanne Scrace
YARN: Blacker Yarns pure dyed British wool DK 

This is a really nice pattern, which Joanne asked me to test knit,  and the FO deserves much better pictures than this, so I'll add more to the Ravelry project page when it's blocked out and photographed with more appropriate clothing/accessories. There are three different lengths - I made the shortest (I'm 5'3") and with the waist shaping, I think it's surprisingly flattering of the fuller figure, although you can't really see that here.  I rarely knit clothing for myself as it's hard not to feel swamped if I make something that fits my bust, but being in one piece and from the top-down it was easy to see when the hips were wide enough and to tweak a little, as required. 

I will certainly come back to this design as it would be lovely in a thinner yarn with a nice drape - this purple DK was from my stash and it's quite stiff and dense, but I'm pleased with how it turned out anyway. It'll be even better when washed, I'm sure. I imagine this worn over a long-sleeved white top with jeans. If you'd like to have a go at making one, you can use the code "CWTCH" to get a 20% discount on the pattern until the end of June! 

The reason I wasn't thinking about having this ready for a "Ta-dah" today? It's been a busy Jubilee week (as much as I'd love to post photos of the hat parade and the entire school country dancing, there are too many other children in them all).

In other news, the June Shawl Knitalong has also started. I've cast on my Color Affection and am hoping to get as much as I can done today as we've a very busy bank holiday weekend ahead including a wedding, a picnic, and a couple more Jubilee parties.  Have fun!


  1. Wow, your top looks lovely!


  2. Even unblocked and headless, it looks lovely ;)

    Hope you have a fun filled long weekend - love the Jubilee pictures, so cute!

  3. Just saw this on Rav. I am searching for a jumper/cardigan pattern to take on my holibobs.
    It looks lovely Sarah nice colour.
    I have just bought beads from the charity shop that would look lovely with it.

  4. I love the top. You look great in it. I might have a go at that too. But for now its baby clothes.Im now 12 weeks so hopefullu second time lucky.Im scared im gonna lose this one to.but time will.tell fingers crossed .

  5. Wow, I love that top! I might have to try that :)

  6. Very tempted to make this since I first saw it, yours looks lovely.

    Your kids look brilliant, we've been doing the same this end, It's a great fun time for the kids isn't it?

    Enjoy the b/h weekend!

  7. I LOVE it! I haven't been brave enough to knit anything for myself...might be the year for me to get over that fear! xo maureen

  8. Hahaha: Your daughter will be a famous photographer one day. Have a lovely weekend with all the planed activities.

  9. I do love your top! There has been lots of busy jubilee activities all around :) Have a good weekend

  10. The photo really shows the detailing well. Your's looks really like Joanne's which I know is the purpose but always good when it works! Hope you enjoy wearing it :)

  11. That top is gorgeous!!! If you recommend it for the 'fuller' figure I might just have to give it a go!!!
    What yarn did you use?

  12. The bit where the shoulder meets the body of the sweater - the little cables - what a knock-out. Don't think I have the skill, but I'll tell you the FO looks very good on you, headless as you may be. It's a clean, elegant little design, and well executed. I take my hat off, my dear.

  13. I know your curfuffle only too well :)
    Lovely top - the colour is great and I'm loving the cable down the side :)

  14. Oh WOW - this has turned out beautiful. I LOVESIT

  15. that top looks lovely, great color!

  16. What a pretty color on you. I love the eyelets with that twisty stitching. How awesome to live where you do to be able to celebrate the Jubiliee!


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