Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What's the collective noun for WIP...?

When I started knitting, there were certain things 'other' knitters did that I just knew I'd never do, such as
  • have loads of unfinished items (Works in Progress) hanging around... and be casting on more
  • buy yarn without having a specific project planned/ about to start 
  • spend more than £5 on a ball of wool. 
Yes, I know, I was naive. I can sense the guffaws from across the ether.  To be fair, my friend Christine laughed at my postulations, I think her prophetic words were something like "we'll see" (but in a Scottish accent, so there may have been an "och" or two in there). One look at my WIP basket will tell you all you need to know about how well the first part of my plan is going (and let's not talk about buying or stashing yarn, my husband reads this *nervous grin*):
Crochet granny square destined to be a child sized Striped Bag (at some point) 

I really need to crack on with Spectra, but Bunty can be hibernated until Autumn - it's depressing enough having a grey wet May without knitting mitts too. Maggie's Flower Tunic is probably going to be frogged - I bought solid colour yarn to go with the patterned clothing Little Miss prefers, but it doesn't really suit this cardigan so it's back to the drawing board.  For the third time. The Framlingham test knit for Joanne (Not so Granny) is coming along - I'm about to start the bust section although the yarn split last night. Have you heard of Russian Joins? The lovely Gilly (TicketyBoo) pointed me in the direction of this video which I am very excited about - just think, no more sewing in ends!

Observant regulars will notice there is a new iPad in the picture too - an early birthday present from D *grin* and this has led to a major distraction to my crafting output this week. You see, I watched the new Ravelry library 'tour' while on a hunt for cardigan patterns and found a few fantastic features:
  • It's possible to add printed magazines and books to one's library so the patterns included in them can be searched via Ravelry. Think about that one for a minute....... (are you thinking?).... if you spend the time listing your books and mags once, you no longer need to flick through them when you are looking for something, you can just leave them on a shelf/in a box/under your bed and do an "in library" pattern search on Ravelry! Actually I think that's worth a few more !!!!!!!!!!! I don't have many books or patterns so it took me an evening to do this, and my library grew from about 60 to over 800 patterns that I already own and can now search online. Awesome.
  • I also realised that I could use the Goodreader App to connect straight to my Ravelry library for immediate download to my iPad.
I've mentioned before that I use Evernote for storing patterns which is great because it's accessible from multiple devices, but I really like the Goodreader App interface - it's so easy to annotate and mark the patterns as I would a paper pattern, and now that it's linked to my Ravelry library I'm going to try this for a while and see how we get along. 

Phew! With all that there has been little time for reading but I'm still completely loving Robin Hobb's Royal Assassin and am about 80% of the way through. In some ways I don't want this one to end as there's only one more left in this trilogy. Thankfully this author has lots of other books to choose from. Our friend Deano's 2nd book IMMORTAL is also out tomorrow (I wrote about his first book here***) and our next book club book is The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. Yikes - so many books, so little time.

Before I go I have to say a massive THANK YOU to all who voted in the KCBW Photography Competition as my Titanic spoof featuring Pixie Moon WON!!!!! I can hardly believe it as there were some fabulous entries and I'm so pleased that the pictures I'd have voted for myself came second and third. To all who nominated, voted, shared the link with their friends.... my most humble thanks.

As usual on a Wednesday I'm joining Tami and Ginny - follow the links for plenty of lovely blogs, WIPs and books. Enjoy! xxxx
***Edited: I've just seen that in advance of the 2nd book's release tomorrow, you can get Dean's first book Covenant on iBooks for 99p for a limited time! 


  1. I had to chuckle, as soon as I have a job I'll be back to buying >£5 balls of yarn, I just know it! Buying a house is forcing me to stick to Stylecraft and King Cole at the moment, not that I really mind because cheap and cheerful can be good to.
    I haven't had the courage to lay out ALL of my WIPs for the blogging world to observe, I think I need some sort of intervention...

  2. I also thought I would knit one thing at a time, only buy yarn for a project and all sorts of crazy things... Amazing how quickly that flies out the window, isn't it?!

    Congrats on the exciting new ipad - goodreader is a great app for working with patterns.

  3. UFOs is the term you are searching for ;-)

  4. Congratulations on your win! I'm new to your blog, but I did have a little "squee!" moment when I saw you up there in the finalists!

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm pretty sure I had the same thoughts! How quickly things change, currently working on a pair of socks, but started knitting the Stripe Study shawl last night because the yarn I ordered arrived. Congratulations on the win - it was a great photo!

  6. wow that's alot of WIP's, i love the shawl, it's really pretty. congrats on the new ipad and the win - I loved your photo, it was amazing and really clever. have a knitty wednesday xxx

  7. It still gives me a good laugh when I think of how optimistic you were.

  8. If if makes you feel better, your WIPS look a lot tidier than mine. One can NEVER have too many WIPS. LOL Congratulations on your win. well done.

  9. I love your multiple WIP's. Keeps life interesting doesn't it. Have fun with your ipad. Oh and congratulations on Pixie Moon's win. I remember seeing the photo and having a good giggle. It was very well staged. Jacinta

  10. Congratulations on your win! I gost lot somewhere with the technological part of your post, I think I need to learn more lol :) I like your WIPs, nothing wrong with having a few on the go :)

  11. **ah, I meant *got lost* blush, I need help lol!**

  12. Nothing wrong with lots of WIPs. Or at least that's what I tell the Mister when he looks askance at my knitting basket.

  13. Oh you were so naive:) It's good having lots of WIPs. You can knit what you are in the mood for.

  14. I held the same convictions once. I don't think they're wrong, so much as... fleeting? Ah well, enjoy the stashing and the WIP basket. And congratulations on the photo win! It was a fantastic pic.

  15. Oh yes. The Russian join is a great technique to have in your back pocket. Doesn't work on all yarn types, but it does make joining a new ball of yarn much easier.

  16. Meh! We all have WIP's. It's called startitis and I have a bad case of it.
    Glad you liked the Russian join ;) always a handy one to know.

  17. I really find myself in your post. I, too, thought I'd never buy expensive yarn or leave WIPs unfinished and so on. Now of course a year later I'm laughing at how naive I was too. I should have know better, it's the same thing with books =P My TBR shelves have never been so full.

    I'm trying to decide on colors for my future Spectra

  18. Congratulations on your KCBW victory! I hadn't thought about searching my Rav library for patterns before looking at my physical books - you are truly an inspiration! (Now I just need to spend an afternoon listing all my books - my collection is pretty large.)

  19. Teee heee - yeah, I made the same three promises to myself when I took up crocheting and knitting again. I think I lasted about a month....
    Totally digging the look of all the WIPs though and hopefully they make another appearance

  20. Congratulations on the win! Pixie will have to work on an acceptance speech. =)

    Yeah...I remember flinching at spending $12 (USD) on ONE BALL of yarn! THE HORROR! And now...LOL!!!!

  21. Ah those 'other' knitters eh, all those dreadful things they do....

    I think I am in total denial, and happy to remain that way.

    Well done on your photo win, I hope you will make something fitting for Pixie with your new yarn, poor girl she must be feeling a little parky!

  22. A new iPad! That's fun!

    I love having my books and magazines in my Ravelry library. That way patterns I already have come up in my searches for what to do with so many yards of a certain yarn. Makes it much easier to knit from the pattern stash as well as the yarn stash.

    I have a very similar looking WIP pile, although mine's triumphantly displayed in a pedestal-footed trifle dish! DH dares not complain - after all the entire garage is filled with his gear!

  23. First of all congratulations on the photo win! Cool :)
    The russian join thingy looks great - I'm going to try that out. What superb nails!
    I read all your stuff about Ravelry and patterns and your ipad and either was thinking, "I'd love an ipad too" the whole time or, the words just didn't go into my head in any logical fashion. Anyhow, whatever, it sounds exciting... and probably very useful, but I'll have to read it another time when I can digest it all better!!!

  24. Congrats on you win! oo those wips all look lovely!

  25. Congratulations on the win! Thanks for the details on putting magazine patterns in the Ravelry library. I knew that you could add books, but had no idea about printed magazine patterns. I am a big fan of Goodreader and have been using it for a while for knitting patterns. Love the moveable highlighter function. Makes managing all those WIP's a little easier.

  26. WsIP? WIPs? Whichever I know I have too many of them! And a lot of mine are little baby garments so you'd think I'd get them finished. But if I get stuck when designing I tend to put the project aside for a while to come back to and somehow forget to do that.

    I really must organise my pattern library on Ravelry. I discovered yesterday that I have a Rowan Mag. 1. that I'd completely forgotten about. And a whole bunch of other early ones too. There's nothing much I want to knit in them though, but I had to flick through them all to discover that. Thinking I might sell them and use the money to buy more stash :D


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