Tuesday, 29 May 2012


With just a few days to go, the yarn I ordered for the June Shawl Knitalong arrived this morning (I missed the postman while I was at the school and had to drive around looking for him, but that's nothing new). I am really hoping that the colours are going to work. Here, take a look...
YARNS: 3 x Noro Aya (#19) 50% cotton/ 35% silk/ 15%wool
2 x Knitting Goddess 4ply sock yarn (Slate) - 75% super wash merino/ 25% nylon
2 x Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash (Ecru) - 75% new wool/ 25% nylon 

I'm hoping for something light and scrumptious, like this one which was my inspiration. 
Source: Cristinitace on Ravelry
The Slate is more blue than the grey in this picture - I am hoping to add a little warmth and suit my colouring. I think it'll be a case of loving it, or wishing I'd stuck to a safer choice of colours - let's hope it's the first. Costs were kept down by finding a discounted source for the Noro, using Jawoll from my stash and buying additional yarn from the Knitting Goddess using the special 15% discount code for the KAL

If you'd like to read more about the Knitalong, take a look at the FAQs post. There is also some general (yarn choice) chat over on Facebook. If you search the tag #JSKknitalong at Twitter or Instagram* you'll also find a few posts. The first progress post here on the blog will be a week from today - Tuesday 5th June - which is also the day we're having a party for the Jubilee and following a weekend at a wedding, so I may not have made much progress but I'm sure some of you will :)

Linking in today with Frontier Dreams - Keep Calm {Crafting On} - some great posts there! 

*Important note: If using Instagram and you want your photos to show up in the #JSKknitalong gallery, ensure your account settings are "public".


  1. Oooh, great choices! I didn't know you were doing one with colour changing yarn, it gives such a beautiful effect!

    And don't forget, on the SSSKAL you wished you'd gone for something less safe ;)

    1. Yeah, that's why I decided to go for it this time. I love my Stripe Study Shawl, it feels amazing and drapes so nicely..... but the colours are a bit boring!!!!

  2. oooh, wow! what an unexpected, exciting and promising choice of colours :D cristinitace's shawl looks absolutely gorgeous, i'm sure yours will too!

    i'm absolutely fascinated by some people's eye for colour combinations like this... this one is a great example of something i simply never in a million years would have been able to visualise or even imagine. fun, fun, fun! :)

    i got the yarn i ordered too. the colours are very different from what i expected (significantly warmer tones, different colour balance...), and the yarn is surprisingly stretchy (difficult for me, because i'm not very good at keeping things loose when knitting). i'm disappointed, but i'll still give it a try. on a happier note: this yarn is very soft and not scratchy at all :D

    is there any way to create an instagram account for the web only (browsing etc, not uploading), without needing to have a smart phone? i've been trying to find out, but haven't found a way.

    1. Good question! I don't know but I'll also have a look (tomorrow as I'm going out shortly after dinner)

      I'm glad you found something that feels nice - I hope you enjoy this one :)

  3. Thanks you so much Sarah... ♥

    1. No, thank YOU! I really hope I can make something as nice as yours xxxxxx

    2. I'm sure...YES
      Enjoy it a lot :)

  4. I must admit on first glance, I didn't get your colour choice, but seeing the photo, I think they will be gorgeous......that Noro is so pretty. Look forward to seeing your progress.

  5. Seeing your colours has decided me in joining your KAL. So I have just ordered my wool and plan to start with you.. However I may need a fair bit of help if that is alright. Thanks. Kate

  6. Amazing yarn choice! I it'll look fab.
    Now all I need it to be able to knit myself a bottom as amazing as the lady modelling her FO and my life will be complete!!

    1. lol, I thought that about the lovely bottom too!!!!

  7. Love your colour choice Sarah, it will look great, looking forward to seeing your progress. I have bought the pattern and yarn. I've chosen malabrigo lace weight baby merino in dark earth, garden gate and applewood. Just have to wait for it to arrive now and I can't wait to get started!

  8. Love your inspiration shawl ~ I think your colours will be gorgeous!

  9. Crochet with Raymond30 May 2012 at 09:49

    these colours are going to be totally gorgeous! Loving the use of solids and striping yarns together, I think it will look fab :O)

  10. Your yarn is fantastic - I think your shawl will be beautiful! Great idea using an inspiration pic for colour combos - I'm gonna try that :)

  11. here's my first JSKknitalong post :)

    (and i have to ask... why JSKknitalong and not just JSKnitalong..? am i missing something obvious?)

    1. Ha! I wondered who would be the first to ask!!! When I did some online searches, there were references to a Jogless Stripe (sock) knit along in a few places so I didn't want it to be confused with that. - hence the extra K.

      Can't wait to watch your progress

    2. aaah! okay :) i did some searches too before i asked you, but didn't find anything (on twitter). i figured it was intentional, so yeah... i had to ask :)

  12. I'm in ... any excuse for some yarn shopping.

    Love your colour choices Sarah ... very appropriate to the events this summer ;D


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