June Shawl Knitalong FAQs

For anyone still wondering whether to join in with the next knitalong, here is some additional information to help you decide. The shawl is Color Affection by Veera Valimaki. Pattern can be purchased from Ravelry for €3.90/£3.21
What skills will I need?
You will need to be able to cast on, knit, make 1 (right & left), wrap & turn (explained in the pattern) and bind off. There are video tutorials here if you need help with any of these things

Is the pattern complicated?
There are over 2700 projects for this pattern on Ravelry and most people have rated it either 'easy' or 'very easy'. The pattern is clearly written and explains everything you need to know. There is a common modification which is mentioned on many projects (it was also blogged by the Yarn Harlot) of making a YO between the first two knit stitches on each row. Then, dropping it on the next row to make the edge much less tight. This is optional, but I'll be doing it as it has helped so many other people who have tried and tested it with/without the mod.
What yarn & needles will I need?
There are two different versions, for lace or 4ply (fingering), and both use three colours. You will need
  • three different skeins of approximately 366m (400yds) each if using lace weight, and a 3mm (US2.5) circular needle at least 80cm (32") long, or
  • three different skeins of approximately 352m (385yds) each of 4 ply (fingering) and a 4mm (US6) circular needle of at least 80cm (32")
  • you'll also need a tapestry needle & blocking wires for finishing
If you're looking for something super scrumptious to knit this with, Joy at The Knitting Goddess has lots of beautiful 4ply/sock yarns and is offering a special discount just for June Shawl KAL participants!
You can use code "COLOUR15" to get 15% off all 50 and 100 gram skeins until 1800 on Thursday 14th June. If your order contains anything else, please pop the discount code in the 'customer notes section' and TKG will refund 15% of the value of your yarn to you.Aaaargh! Which colours should I choose?I have no idea and haven't chosen myself yet so I've been browsing the finished projects on Ravelry. I've started a Pinterest board to help narrow it down, you're welcome to take a look.
I'd love to join in, what do I have to do next?
Have the pattern and your supplies ready for June 1st when we'll be casting on! You can share your progress as often as you like on Twitter and Instagram using the tag #JSKknitalong. You are also welcome to post your photos on the CftC facebook page at any time - this includes links to your flickr/photobucket images. Each Tuesday I'll post an update on my own progress and you can also add links to your blog or online photo host. (If you are using Instagram and tagging your pictures, I can add the gallery images to my blog posts for all to see.)
That's it! I think I've covered everything, but if not, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Edited: you can view the Instagram photo gallery here, even if you don't have an account or a smartphone.


  1. Oh dear, you know those times when you wished you had prepared before jumping in with both feet, well, I've just had one!

    I am a good 1/3(?) way thru my colour affection and hadn't read about the wrap stitch thing, it's probably made worse by the fact that I think mine seems to be 'rippling' on the edge which may have been avoided....

    It is a gorgeous shawl mind, and maybe it'll all come out in the wash....fingers crossed!

    1. Oh pants! It sounds as though that is exactly why people are using this mod. Hopefully it'll turn out fine anyway xxx

  2. I'm shopping for my third colour now- Naughty Sarah I don't have time for this!

    1. Ha! *runs around whooping* So glad you decided to join us!!!! :)

  3. Unfortunately, I can't join in with this KAL as I've way too many WIPs at the moment and not enought hands or time!!! It is very high on my list of Future Projects tho but I just wanted to thank you for the link to the website with all the knitting terms and how tos on it - it's fab!!! I often find terminology that I don't recognise, especially in the American patterns, so this website is like gold!!!! Thank you soooo much. Will watch the KAL with interest..... lol x

    1. Oh it's such a great website for checking things - glad to have introduced you to it :)

  4. I do love that wrap - and look forward to your progress. No knitting just now for me though, Ive got WAAAAAAYYYYYY to much else on. BTW have you finished the last farseer book? Ive just started the golden man trilogy which picks up on Fitz 15 years later, and Im still loving it :)

    1. I'm just over half way - I also hear that Tawny Man Trilogy picks up after Farseer ends. I am so glad there are more because I feel like I know Fitz and don't want his story to end. Glad to hear you're loving the continuation xxx

  5. Now I might just shelve what else I have on the go and join in with this ... just need to see if I have some suitable yarn as I really don't want to have to buy any after just having forked out for a new laptop. It is a beautiful shawl.

    1. I was also hoping to use stash yarn..... but I've seen so many other beautiful colours I really want something awesome :)


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