Where did the time go?

On the eve of our baby's birthday I find myself sitting here wondering where on earth the time went.  In some ways it feels like a few weeks since I held her tiny body in my arms. In other ways it feels as though this awesome person, this funny cheeky kind loving beautiful soul has been in our lives forever so that I can't begin to imagine what life was like before she came. 

(Pretending to have a beard like Daddy!)
It must be natural to feel a little sad these children are growing up so quickly,  just as I get used to one phase, it's all change again - except for the love of ice cream! 

"One more sleep" until she is 3! 


  1. She's a beautiful girl ♥
    I'm a little sad at every one of my childrens birthdays, time flies by so quickly.

    1. Thanks. It's a strange thing for mums isn't it? You want them to grow up but also you don't!!! :D

  2. She is beautiful! Happy Birthday little one.
    It is like yesterday since my eldest was 3 and now she is 13 and a half and taller than me, bigger feet than me and I can't buy her clothes from the childrens section anymore. She is still my baby always will be. Enjoy every moment it goes by all too quickly. xxxxxx

  3. it must be almost 2 years since I met her then? The 2 things I noticed looking through the photos: 1. She looks the exact same! 2. She was bald for quite a while ;) The beard is also uncanny lol.

  4. Aww happy birthday lil lady. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. What beautiful photos of a gorgeous little girl.. The only time you hope that the time will fly in your child's life is when they are teenagers and you can't wait for them to get out of bed! Up until then enjoy, and make the most of, every minute.. my 'little girl' is 28 this year and about to be married.. it went so fast!


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