FO Friday: three little things & one little lady

We are celebrating a special little lady's birthday today. 
This is a scheduled post as I have a few Finished Objects to share with you, two of which are overdue. As usual I'm sharing these with FO Friday and Creative Friday

You may remember a secret project a few weeks ago...? 
I can now reveal it's a Pixie hat for Another's baby! (The baby is gorgeous, by the way.)
YARN: Patons FAB DK in rainbow colourway
PATTERN: from a leaflet

Pixie Moon has been getting some new clothes too
(but let's be honest, it wasn't her clothes you were looking at recently!) 
I can't tell you which yarn I used and I improvised the design - my first attempt at a one-piece crochet cardigan. It worked out well but the colour isn't great for photos so you'll have to take my word for it! 

And finally, while perusing one of my favourite blogs yesterday I spotted a little Autumn Hat which inspired me to get out some cotton and make a Spring Hat for Little Miss. She has very fine hair and hates it blowing in the wind, but it's not cold enough for anything woolly or sunny enough for a sunhat, so this is just perfect. It was meant to have a pretty flower on the side and one more round of crochet at the end, but when I tried it on for size I was told "it's fine as it is, actually" and she took it.  Who am I to argue with the Birthday Girl? *shrug*
YARN: Wendy Sublime Cotton DK

She kept the hat on all afternoon and tried to wear it in the bath which I think is a good sign. I've a feeling there may be more of these to come - but next time I won't tell her until it's complete (with flower!) 


  1. Love the hat, Maia has just had a peek and loves it in pink, you know what she has just asked for don't you? I guess if she wears it in the bath it means you don't have to wash it?

  2. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter! I love the baby hat too! You designed the cardigan for pixie yourself, wow, it looks so neat!

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daugther. The hats and Pixies clothes are lovely xx

  4. What a super dooper cute pixie hat - love it :-)

  5. Little Miss is just gorgeous - such a natural model :)

    Love the shots of Pixie Moon, she looks very at home sitting knitting ;)

  6. I love her little hat - she's right, it is perfect!

  7. Very cute hats (both of them) I made a few of those for Rheya when she was teeny, I just loved the pattern (it wasn't the exact same pattern, but very very similar)

    1. and a Happy Birthday to your little lady

  8. She is sooooo cute. That is a great hat. Hope you all have a great day.

  9. I like both the hats. I'd go to sleep with the beany hat even if there is no flower.

  10. LOVE the hats! It is such a compliment that she wanted to wear it in the bath! I think I would want to too, it is that cute!

  11. Such great hats, both of them! I think I saw the same post you saw because I was debating doing the same thing for my daughter :) She's a lot younger than yours but she's at that awkward stage where we aren't quite ready for a haircut yet but her hair is EVERYWHERE! I love Pixie Moon's pictures (as always)!

    Happy Birthday to that little lady as well! :)

  12. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl! :) The hats are adorable! Love Pixie Moon as well!

  13. Oh my goodness that little Pixie hat! Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

  14. Happy birthday little lady, what a pretty model!

    Love both the hats and pixie's new clothes!

    Hope you're having a lovely celebration day.

  15. Happy Birthday Wishes to your little one! All your knitted things are wonderful.

  16. Loving the dolls too cute!!! Happy Birthday to your little one. Love the hat and the color

  17. That Pixie hat is one of the cutest hats I've ever seen! Just love it.

  18. Awwwwwwwwwww that hats a re super cute!

  19. I love how your Little Miss has an opinion. My 4.75 year old decides how to do her hair, what dress to wear, and which shoes and jacket to put on every morn. My 7.5 year old has been deciding what shoes to wear since she was 2! What a great hat.
    I love the doll shrug and how she's crafting along.

  20. I love that hat and it is obviously a loved one! Love the smile!

  21. what a friggin cutie showing off her hat! she looks so pleased! Also love that pixie hat!

  22. like the hat, Really cute


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