Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

Happy February, everyone!!!!! I can't believe we're already into the second month - yikes! Time really is flying.

So this morning I kept seeing rabbits everywhere - including this cute free pattern from Dot Pebbles. I love her patterns. I'm sure Pixie Moon (by the same designer) would like one of these as a friend...
I'm going to HAVE to make one! 

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
It took me a while to realise that no, it wasn't a co-incidence, and yes rabbits really were everywhere. Trusty Wikipedia tells me that saying "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" first thing in the morning on the first day of the month is meant to bring good fortune. Well I've never heard this before (have you?) and I missed it, but the sun is shining and there are so many exciting things to come this month I already feel very lucky indeed. (I can't wait to tell you all about the things I have planned for the CFTC 1 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY later this month,  but you'll have to wait a little while longer, just until everything is confirmed! *squee*)

Wednesday. Well that means it's time to join the lovely crafters at Tami's Amis and Ginny's Yarn Along for an update on projects and books. 
YARN: Regia Design Line "Random Stripe" by Kaffe Fasset

This is the start of my second pair of socks (you can see the first pair here) and as I've had very little knitting time lately I have managed only a few rounds in the last week. I made the little sock project bag the other day to keep this sock in my bag, and I'm hoping that I might actually get to do a bit more work on it if I'm carrying it around with me. I'm also working on my Beekeeper's Quilt which I posted about yesterday so I won't repeat that again. 

The book was a recommendation which was also started last week, but when we were all ill I found I'd only get to read a few pages at a time, so despite being 26% through I don't feel like I'm "into" it yet. If I feel this way after a few more nights then I'll probably ditch it, so I'm interested to see what everyone else is enjoying at the moment. 

Well that's it from me. I am going to have a little look at the Month of Craft Photos project at Untangling Knots which I found via Stitched Together as it looks like fun. 

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!


  1. Only thing I have to say is I love the fabric on the bag! Did you make it yourself? The sock yarn isnt bad either ;)

    1. Yep - it's Amy Butler fabric I got from Pandora last year :D

  2. Love the bunnies. Just spotted the pompom tails. Cute.

  3. I do remember we used to say something about White rabbits on the first of the month when someone said 'pinch, punch....' not sure why these things start, but they do stick when your a kid.

    Love the blue yarn...lovely, I am yearning after some blue in my life.....I will have to get onto it I think! Love the rabbits!x

  4. I hope I remember to say rabbit, rabbit, rabbit next month!! What a nifty little thing to find--thank you for sharing! :)

    The sock looks really good so far! I wish I could get on board with toe-up but so far my experience has been less than stellar. :\ I'm not giving up on that technique, but, *sigh*.

    The bunnies are SUPER cute. Have you seen the Tiny Bunnies Movement? :)

  5. Such cute rabbits - thanks for the link. I love Kaffe's colorful quilts - I'll have to look into his yarn colors too.

  6. What fun little bunnies; they have so much character.
    Great sock yarn and project bag. What an interesting book you're reading. Have you read The Discovery of Witches? I loved that book. It's like an intellectual Twilight.

  7. Those rabbits are super cute- I look forward to seeing you make one, love the start of the sock- beautiful colour, and I really like your kindle cover- it's just given me an idea for my brothers birthday present!!

  8. i had never heard of this rabbit rabbit rabbit idea, but i said it immediately hoping for good luck. then realized it isn't the first thing in the morning. :/
    next month, then.

  9. I love the color of your new socks!

  10. Your sock looks great! I love the colors.

  11. Yay for more socks ;) Love the project bag you made, I really need a small sock bag to keep with me so I can make socks all the time. That sentence feels like it should end with a "muah hah hah"!

  12. Those rabbits are so cute! I love the colour of the socks and the sock bag is lovely :)

  13. Thanks for the link to the rabbit pattern. I'll be seeing all of my nieces and nephews for Easter and that might be just the thing to knit up for the occasion. BTW, that is such a pretty colorway for socks!

  14. Crochet with Raymond2 February 2012 at 17:57

    loving the colourway of those socks, NICE! There must be hundreds out there as I've never seen that one. My LYS in Wgtn used to sell it and it is one of my faves because it is so snuggly and cuddly warm compared with lots of other brands.
    Happy sock knitting! Addictive huh? XXX

  15. those bunnies are adorable. Loving the socks!

  16. Those bunnies are a must-make! Thanks for pointing it out. I am going to try some socks too, it's so cold here in Holland!

  17. Love this post.
    I have given you an award today

  18. I have an award for you on my blog. Please visit the following link to see it.

  19. Oh my gosh, they are so cute!!! I love your tag on your bag too - very cute!

  20. Hi Sarah... Well, Shelley and lazy Daisy beat me to it, but I can't see anything in the rules to say that you can't get the Versatile Blogger Award more than I awarded it to you too! Pop over to my blog to pick it (and the rules) up.. :)x

  21. Hey, just thought I would let you know that I have given you an award :)

  22. Hi Sarah, I love the colour of the sock wool!
    And I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award too!
    Love Judy xx


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