Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hitching along nicely

Missing the kids!?
Good morning. It's a cold bright windy day out there and I  spotted the first few snowdrops in a neighbour's garden this morning - a welcome reminder of Winter's progress. At the start of each year, D works on a 2 month project for the BBC which involves very early starts and late nights so unless he is working from his home office the kids don't see him at all on workdays, and he doesn't see daylight. Getting to the end of the month means we get him back ... until the next project. They love having him around especially because Daddy is all about the tickling, jumping around, dancing to rock music and piling on top of each other - they don't get much of that with me. 

Of course it also means the days are getting longer - it was LIGHT when I got out of bed this morning - the first time this year. Poor light is becoming tedious - roll on Spring. 

I don't feel I've done much knitting, but compared with last week I can see I've made lots of progress and am hoping to finish my Hitchhiker tomorrow as it's almost time to start decreasing. I've also been making more hair for Pixie Moon - it's surprisingly time-consuming but completely worth it. Just a bit more to go and she'll be done. 
YARN: Rustic Rainbow from A Stash Addict on Etsy
ALSO SHOWN: crocheting additional hair for Pixie Moon
I'm still reading last week's book - Look at Me by Jennifer Egan - after getting just over half way I've stalled and am not sure if it's the story or just having less time to read now that I'm up and about. Either way, I haven't read much yet have still managed to purchase a few new books in the Kindle Daily Deals so I do need to get on with it so I can read those! 

If you missed yesterday's post, and would like to get your hands on a rare unopened copy of Mollie Makes first issue, you can find details of how to enter here. I'm happy to post anywhere so all you lovely international readers can enter too.

As usual I'm linking in with Tami and Ginny today, where there are lots of other yarny and bookish posts.
Have a great day!


  1. ooh - I LOVE your Hitchhiker! I hadn't given the pattern a second glance before, because the colours on the main rav page do nothing for me - yours is yummy though!

    1. You know, I had the pattern for a year and didn't make it until I saw a few I liked one Wednesday! It's a fun and easy pattern - great TV/ travel knitting! :)

  2. The Hitchhiker is progressing nicely. That yarn works really well.

  3. ooo that Hitchhiker is yummy!! i "HAVE" to make one now!! I don't know what it about this time of year, that inspires me to want to knit shawls lol
    I already have the molly makes so i will be keeping my eye out for the next give away :D


  4. The Hitchhiker is soo beautiful!!

  5. Your Hitchhiker looks so great and you have me wanting to cast one on!
    Have a happy yarn along!

  6. Pixie Moon is adorable!
    Love the Rustic Rainbow wool you've used for the Hitchhiker.

  7. Gosh I just love Pixie Moon's hair - totally worth the effort! Hitchhiker's also looking great!

  8. Pixie Moon has fantastic hair! it must take so much work. Your hitchhiker is beautiful, bet you are itching to wear it, I would be!

  9. Your hitchhiker is gorgeous. And your Pixie Moon is so adorable, what a lot of work, love her.


  10. The hair on Pixie Moon is soooo cute! I love it. As for the long husband hours, I totally get that right now too. My husband is an assistant college basketball coach in addition to his "real" job, so we don't see him much right now. I'm craving April when we'll get him back again. I'm good with being supportive for most of the season, but at this point I'm done. Arggghhh.
    Anyway, I'm plenty busy... I am doing a giveaway on my blog this week, so that will be fun. If you want to check it out, here's the info-
    I'm giving away some a crochet book set with yarn, hooks, etc. on my site today. You can check it out at-

  11. Ooh, very pretty shawl. Sometimes variegated yarns work up funny, but your yarn looks beautiful in that pattern.

  12. I LOVE Pixie's hair. I want woolen hair like that. Wouldnt it be fun???
    That scarf is really fun . It's progressing well.

  13. It was light today when I woke up, too---it actually confused me at first, but in the best possible way. So hopeful. :)

    And oh, your Hitchhiker---I adore that pattern, and it looks so lovely in that yarn you've chosen. I hope to see it again on Friday.

  14. Here we go, the Hitchhiker... I was one of them too, a hitchhiker-addict... I knittted two large once so far and five small once for my boy. It had to stop, other projects needed attention ;-) But it was love, true love :-)
    And the magazin sounds lovely I'll have to find out how to take part...

  15. The doll is looking incredible and the shawl too.

  16. It is starting to be light when I leave the office now. It's so uplifting to think the days will soon be long enough to actually take photos of things when I get home!

    Can't wait to see Pixie Moon again in all her full head of hair glory.


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