Liebster - a thank you post

I must say a huge THANK YOU to the following lovely bloggers who have awarded me the Liebster ("Beloved") Blog award over the last few months. The award is designed to spread the word about blogs you love with fewer than 200 followers. I am honoured to have been listed alongside some of my own favourite blogs, and by some of my favourite bloggers!!! If you don't already follow these blogs, please do take the time to check them out - I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Little Miss is very excited as we are about to head off to her first Tumble Tots session. I have yet to finish the last sleeve on her tunic... hopefully I'll see you later for Finished Object Friday *crosses fingers*


  1. Congratulations! I would have nominated you myself but I thought you were up there in the hundreds of should be! Enjoy Tumble Tots... I first took my daughter there 24 years ago... it's ok - I don't make her go now.. she does still go to the gym though so it must be a good start :)x

  2. You are most welcome dear! Can't wait what you have in store for us in 2012!

  3. Congratulations :) I'll go and have a look at your list of blogs now..

  4. Look at you, little miss popular ;) Totally deserved of course, and I'm proud to be on the list of people who nominated you x

  5. Hello!
    Congrats for the award :)
    Your comment on my blog made me laugh and laugh :) I imagined the head of your poor husband :) hehe
    Anyway, I saw this quote on pinterest and it was printed in very big letters like you said :)
    Thank you for your visit today and have a wonderful evening!

  6. Congrats, Sarah! Your blog is certainly enjoyable to read.

  7. Just wanted to say that I loved your comment on my blog about your Little Miss :) She sounds like a rockstar!


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