Friday, 20 January 2012

The Joy of SOCKS!

There is no natural light left and my photos are rubbish but I don't care.....
 I just finished my first ever pair of socks!!!!!

PATTERN: Gusset Heel Basic Socks by Wendy D Johnson 
(from the book Socks from the Toe Up)
YARN: Regia Design Line Kaffe Fasset 
NEEDLES: 2.5mm Addi Lace circulars (100cm) using Magic Loop method
BIND OFF: Judy's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off which is also surprisingly pretty...

I am so pleased with these and the fact that the stripes match - even though they are not quite identical in the heel area - but unless I wear them with clogs, no one will ever see that bit so ssshhhhh! I'm trusting you with my secret. 

The lovely Tickety-boo (aka Gilly) - now my sock guru - was kind enough to get me started by recommending the book above as well as sending me this heel-turning tutorial which prepared me for what I expected to be the hardest bit. Once I had the pattern it all made complete sense and was much much easier than I expected. Sure, this is a simple pattern, but now I feel confident to make more intricate patterns and to try a different heel type - which is good as there is now a knitting request queue forming in my house. 

For anyone thinking of trying to make socks, I would definitely encourage you to give it a go - this really was very simple, great TV knitting, small and portable, and a relatively quick knit - no wonder they are addictive! If you're not convinced, have a look at the post over at Misadventures in Craft yesterday which says it all.

It's been a crazy day and it's not over yet, so I'm off to munch some pizza with the kids before a crafty night, during which I may even cast on the next pair which WILL actually be blue! (If you were expecting blue socks today, please see yesterday's explanation .... and come back soon!) 

Hope you have a great weekend and get time to check out the other FOs at Tami's.


  1. Love the socks, they look amazing! I think I'm going to start my first pair soon too, I'm excited :D

  2. Go socks, go socks, go socks *does a little "first pair of socks dance"*

    Look at you and your awesome socks! They look great :) Doesn't turning the heel feel a little bit like magic?! And I totally agree that the bind off is surprisingly pretty (although also slightly frilly when not being worn which gave me some explaining to do when I made my brother's socks!)

    Thanks for the post shout out - I was inspired to encourage everyone to knit socks (just so long as there is still enough sock yarn to go around!)

  3. Well done, its a wonderful feeling and they look wonderful. I finished my first sock and am going to cast on the other one now, will be blogging about mine on Sunday :)

  4. Wow Sarah, I AM impressed! They are gorgeous. I was looking at Regia sock yarn last week and wondering how hard it would be. You have inspired me to give it a go very soon! :-)

  5. Wow Sarah, I AM impressed! They are gorgeous. I was looking at Regia sock yarn last week and wondering how hard it would be. You have inspired me to give it a go very soon! :-)

  6. Sqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done Sarah they are so fabulous. Thank you for the mention, I am glad I was of help but I am sure you would have made a beautiful job of them anyway. Now you too can be addicted.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Congrats on your first pair!!!! Here's to many, many more.

  8. They are faaaaabulous. I think I just bought my sister this very same yarn as part of her birthday present. If hers look as good as yours she'll be thrilled.

  9. Great job on your first pair of socks! There is just something about sock knitting that is so satisfying, don't you think? I think it has to do turning the heel and creating a hand knit that actually is so form fitting. The color you chose is lovely too.

  10. Gorgeous! Well done, I can't wait to try some socks of my own.

  11. I'm still half way thro the first sock of my first ever pair. I started it about a year ago. I just dont really know what I'm doing so am putting off getting as far as the heel :(

  12. fantastic! they are just gorgeous, well done!

  13. They look fab! Great job on getting the stripes to match, I love the colour you chose. Still don't *get* sock knitting though. :)

  14. yay! It's a slippery slope now ... once you've got the sock bug there's no going back!

  15. They are a sickeningly good first pair of socks! But I couldn't expect anything less from a like minded perfectionist! I'm also hoping to do my first pair this year.
    Kier x

  16. Oh my gawd they look amazing! :D Good job!!!! I totally envy anyone that can knit socks at the moment, as I really want to learn how to knit :) (as soon as I have time... teehee)
    ps DId you check out my giveaway yet? :)!

  17. They look awesome, and at the moment my feet are cold. Might be because I've been sitting here too long, lol. One day I shall make day.

  18. Fantastic first socks, they look great.
    And phots look great.

  19. I love the colors of those socks! I bet they're super comfy!

  20. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments. If you've seen my next post, you'll know that Little Miss is not well and I haven't had time to come back to rep;ly to individual comments yet xxx


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