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We had a lovely weekend, the weather has been glorious considering it's not long since Winter solstice, and My Boy and I even managed to do some rummaging yesterday at The Corn Store - an antique and vintage emporium in Pulborough, West Sussex. 

It was my first visit as it's located in the sort of place you drive through but isn't really a destination, but I'll certainly be returning... ALONE! My Boy wanted to purchase every gigantic vintage stuffed toy he could find, including a tiger  cub and a calf - both life size - as well as several (fairly hideous) cupboards and numerous cheese boards, glass bowls and other colourful miscellany! I told him he can return on his birthday with some money and can choose something for himself (but half of me is hoping he'll forget).
 You can see more of the location here - it's just off a bridge over the River Arun, 
and under several Gatwick Airport flight paths. 

I wrote about my knitting trials and tribulations yesterday, and was amazed by the response which not only solved the mystery of the laddering (the Addi Lace cables are so flexible they don't twist like KnitPros - who knew they needed to be twisted!?!) Massive thanks to Pretty Mades for pointing me in the right direction on that and also to Tickety Boo for the sock tips, video links and book recommendation via the CFTC Facebook page - you people are awesome!!!! *kiss*

And so onto my Year of Projects update. It has been a while since my last one -  HELLO lovely YoPers - I hope you all had a great festive season and are raring to go for the last half of the challenge. 

I've taken this week to look over my original list.... and to cull it. Quite considerably. There were things on the list that I wouldn't wear or that we just didn't need, so I've cut it back to the things that actually motivate me for the coming months. I'm pretty excited by it again now and can't wait to get started on the socks as soon as the pattern book arrives in the next few days. 

To save repetition, rather than listing it all here I've updated my YoP page and you'll see the full details there, I hope you won't mind an extra click. I'll be checking all the YoP posts tomorrow, can't wait to see how you're all getting on.

Well Sherlock is starting - the only decent thing about weekend TV - which is my cue to get hexipuffing.
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend  


  1. I had no idea that shop was there!!!! Think I'll need to make a trip one day!

  2. Christine, don't take the kids! Big mistake! You need time to rummage and browse without having to watch they don't pick up all the enticing breakables! There's a tea shop there - maybe we could pop down there one weekend for a cuppa?!

  3. The antique store looks amazing! I think I'd spend way too much money in there.

    I'll have to have a looksy at the YoP thing. I keep seeing you refer to it, but I'm not 100% sure what it is (obviously I know you've made a list of things you want to make, but not sure if it's too late for me to join)

    Sherlock is excellent, I've just been sock knitting whilst watching it :) Ooh Desperate Housewives starts tonight too \o/

  4. What a gem of a shop - I could spend hours there. Your little boy is a real cutie and those pictures on the bridge are gorgeous. Good luck with your YoP progress.

  5. Sarah, sounds like a plan! I was going to wait until my mum came down as she loves rummaging through stuff, but that's ages away lol. I always glance in the windows when we drive past but never in a million years thought it would contain vintage and antique things! I think Lee could also be persuaded lol

  6. What a lovely little shop--I could go a bit crazy with all that lovely vintage stuff to buy! I have not read your previous post about laddering yet, but I just want to say that Addi's are the only needles I will knit with-they are superb. Have fun with your new list-your projects look great.

  7. The shop looks fantastic! My son would be just as bad as well. I daren't even take him into a wool shop anymore as he looks at wool and has fantastic ideas for what I should make him from it. You YOP look fantastic!

  8. Ohh I want to visit there and get one of everything too!! Definitely a spot to go sans kids!!!!

  9. oooh, I want to visit that shop!

    I think culling your list is a good plan - if you no longer want the items then there's just no point. I have to do a queue cull on ravelry even now and again, to find the stuff I actually really do want to make.

  10. Lovely shop! There was one where I used to live in Scotland that had a tea shop attached and everything was for sale from the cup and saucer you were using to the chair you were sat on. I loved it most because the homebaking mingled with the aroma of everything else and the resulting smell was my exactly the same as my Grandma's house!
    I was delighted to help with the socks. Just let me know when your ready to start and I'll pass on a good generic sock recipe.

  11. Looks like a beautiful day! I'd be outside watching the planes overhead, myself. You're wise to cull your list to things you'd actually use - keeps it more manageable and less intimidating!

  12. Best of luck with the socks, it will be intereting to see how we get on lol. Love the shop, looks like an aladdins cave of delightfullness.

  13. What a cute little shop. It looks like you had a lovely day. Good luck with your new list.


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