Friday, 13 January 2012

Frosty Friday

It is a GLORIOUS day in West Sussex - cold and crisp and very very sunny. Don't you just love wintery days like this? It's especially good if you have a lot of woolly layers to cosy up in - we all went out wearing at least TWO things I'd made (three in my case) and that made my hobby - and the related expenditure - feel incredibly practical and worthwhile. 

I am delighted to report that since my last post,  excellent progress is being made with my first sock and there'll be an update on that AND another Finished Object in Sunday's Year of Projects update (hooray!) 

For now, here are two of this week's FOs (as usual I'm linking in with Tami's FO Fridays). Firstly a little birthday pressie for D - not the greatest picture as it's actually BLACK! - I'll try for an action shot at the weekend as it's too dark now. 
  PATTERN: Cherry Garcia 
YARN: Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky (approx 1.7 balls)
I love mine made from Mirasol Sulka, but chose a different yarn as D has a beard and I thought he'd get covered in fluff. This is 100% Merino, super soft and incredibly stretchy when made on these bigger needles with the deep rib. 

Secondly, the "Learn to knit Continental" Tunic for Little Miss is finally finished. 
PATTERN: Improvised - see project notes
YARN: King Cole Inspire DK colour 934
BITS 'N' PIECES: free buttons (reused White Stuff labels) 
 "Made by me"ribbon from Sass & Belle

It's not very good, but she wanted to wear it today and actually got several compliments and knitting requests (all politely declined!) The good news is, after making this, I'm automatically picking yarn up with my left hand - although my purl is still useless, and needs much more practice! It's fine for a few stitches here and there, but I just can't get into a rhythm and admit I did resort to my old trusted method of throwing the yarn for the last few cuff rows on this. 

We have an exciting few days planned - but I'll be back on Sunday for the next update. 
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. The tunic is gorgeous :) I'm a thrower, and I'm not entirely sure if I want to change, but I have been using both hands for my colourwork hat - it feels easier to get to grips with Continental when it is only a few stitches at a time!

    Love the look of that cowl, the cables look so squishy and warm. And how cool is it, going out in things you've made and knowing the time, expense and effort is keeping you and your family warm :)

    1. Thanks! I wanted to try Continental because it just seemed so much more efficient - and I think for knit sts it actually is - as for purl, they take me much longer. For now, I'm using a combination of both for purling but it is getting easier.

      The cowl is fab - free pattern and knits up in no time. In fact, I've made another one for My Boy tonight :)

  2. The tunic is beautiful! The best compliment you can get is someone wanting to wear what you knit for them. It looks super cute on too.
    The cowl is wonderful. I love the cables.

  3. Love them! I need to learn the picking technique but dont have any cuties like you do to knit that for! So I will have to find another pattern

    1. I think anything in the round would be fine. Plain socks are perfect - I've been making one this week :)

  4. hThe tunic is so cute, love the colour! Your cables look great too!

  5. Wow, that tunic is gorgeous. Not sure if I'll ever attempt a project that large but good for you for being complemented on it.

    1. Thanks - it really didn't take that many hours - although I've knitted it a little at a time over a couple of weeks, it should have been a weekend project really.

  6. Love the colour of the tunic what an adorable little model little miss is :)

    1. Thank you - she is getting better, although most of the photos are blurry so I have to take a LOT to get a fairly decent one :)

  7. The sweater is ADORABLE, and I love the buttons!

    1. Thanks - I love them too - White Stuff is my favourite shop for my clothes and the labels all have 3 buttons on them and a plain little safety-pin too, perfect as a stitch marker. It's clearly a shop that's meant for yarnies! :D

  8. We've had a crisp day here's been lovely, but I could have done with some woolies to keep me more toasty. Your little girls top is lovely, I can see why she wanted to wear it and you had requests.

    I've just been reading your hello and your why two is just right which made me smile, there are days when an email from the old me would be very welcome!

    Hope you enjoy your birthday celebrations.x

    1. Thanks so much, Faith. Really looking forward to the weekend!

      I would definitely recommend FutureMe.Org for the emails - it's quite nice to get them come through and you can also email kids etc for special birthdays and so on if they have an email address - I set up My Boy's gmail address for this purpose when he was tiny - he doesn't have access to it yet but when he does there will be a few little emails popping up for him :)

  9. The tunic is gorgeous...especially on her! The color is perfect!


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