Thursday, 30 June 2011

End of part 1

I love seeing the monthly mosaics on some of my favourite blogs, and while I don't have a mosaic for you, I do have a few favourite photos from the month. The June 30 day Photo Challenge finishes today although I seem to have arrived at the 30th June with only 21 photos uploaded - hmmm....  

Anyway, these are the four pictures I like the most from that 21.

It's been fun to do this and really great to see how the other people have interpreted each day's topic on the flickr group. I also liked the subjects such as "clouds" which were not necessarily open to much interpretation but were so different when taken in many diverse places, a reminder that our individual lives and perspectives are such a small part of the whole. I'd definitely like to take part in something like this again - and hopefully next time I'll manage to take (AND upload!) a picture every day. 

Crafting time in June has been completely dominated by crochet. From the first Granny Square I made at my Mum's in Wales that later became a cushion cover...

... to the 100 smaller squares I'm breaking my back to join together at the moment (carrying a 2 year old on my back in a wrap is nothing compared with bending over to join those little blighters - impossible to do upright, it seems).

As I sit here joining squares, I've been reflecting on the first half of the year and I'm really happy about the little things I've achieved so far such as:
  • learning to read & follow knitting patterns 
  • learning to crochet 
  • completing 28 knitting & crochet projects 
  • writing a pattern of my own (okay, it's only a doll's cardigan, but it's a start!) 
  • sewing some (very basic) clothes for my children 
  • blogging and finding lots of other 'voices' I love so much! 

In the grand scheme of things these do seem incredibly trifling, but having left behind a challenging 'working life' to care for a family, these little things have actually come to mean so much. It's about having something for oneself, a little something that nourishes you as a person. (I'm much happier now than I was this time last year, and that can only be a good thing for everyone!!!) 

If you haven't already done so, I'd encourage you to think about the good things you've achieved so far in 2011, especially those that are about YOU and your journey - it's surprisingly empowering, and something that is easily and frequently overlooked. The great news is there are still six more months to get cracking on anything you haven't started! Go on, what're you waiting for?! xxxx
Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WIP Wednesday (29/6/11): And so we venture to "Borderland"

We had a huge thunderstorm yesterday evening which cleared the air and cooled it down enough to finish my squares (for those who asked, it gets into the mid-30s here but can be very humid, so it's not the heat that's unbearable but the clamminess and grime). 

It's taken two weeks so far but the 100 squares are all done! Today's plan was to try laying them out in different formations to see which looks the best, but once I had done THIS.... 

'scuse the poor light

... I didn't want to move it again, so I think that means I've found the layout I like - although I suspect there may be one or two tweaks yet. It's 9x11 rows and there is a bit of purpose in the order of the squares without wanting them to look too regimented. What do you think? 

Now to get it joined up and onto the border - there is still a bucket of yarn left over which I'm hoping will give a fairly wide border. Unless convinced otherwise (feel free to try) before I get started, I plan to follow Lucy's tutorial as this blanket was very much inspired by the circles-squares throw from her Chair Makeover where that join was used, and I'd like to maintain that 'look'. Most of the ends have been crocheted in as I've worked - with the exception of the final one of each square and a few escapees that do still need to be sewn in. You can see here how much 'wasted yarn' has been cut off in this jar - I feel like I should do something with them, although I can't think what. Maybe the kids can use them for a sticky picture or something. 
Thank you so much for all the encouragement I've had with these squares. It's been quite enjoyable and hasn't taken too long either. I can't wait to see how it looks when it's joined up and the border starts to take shape, but I am also starting to look forward to my next project(s)

As usual on Wednesdays and Fridays, I'm linking in with the lovely Tami's Amis and you can see what everyone else is making this week by visiting there and clicking on the links.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Time to take stock...

Hello! Hope you're all having a lovely start to the week. Summer has finally arrived in SE England and it's HOT meaning there has been limited progress with my blanket over the weekend. We were out for much of it and when indoors I was mostly painting a blackboard wall (more to follow on that in another post), then yesterday I was so BOILING hot the yarn was sticking to my hands and squeaking *shudder* so I only managed to finish off a couple before my patience ran out.  

Time to take stock today. My helper just pulled all the squares out of my project bag and I sorted them by outermost colour to see if there are any colours I should focus on for the remaining 10 squares and .... erm.... 
(Spot the "helper"?)
....can you guess my favourites?

Although I have been making the middle sections 5 at a time from the same colour, the rest has been "random" but I seem to have rather a lot of purples and blues there, don't I?!? And poor old red - only three measly squares! So tonight I'll mostly be crocheting RED granny squares, and maybe a few pale pink ones too. It's quite amazing that even after so many squares there's still so much yarn left - it almosts fits in the bucket now. I think I should have enough left for the borders. 

For 'WIP Wednesday' tomorrow I'll try laying them out in a few different formations (random? by colour?) before starting to join them so if anyone has any great ideas or any links to their Finished Objects that may provide inspiration in the meantime, please feel free to add them in the comments.  

Until tomorrow, have a lovely day xxx
Sunday, 26 June 2011

(A gift from the past &) A Woman's Hands

Prologue: This morning, in a frantic episode involving a suspected mouse - there wasn't one - we emptied a long-forgotten drawer (you know, THAT drawer, the one filled with slim-fitting-small-sized-pre-baby bathing costumes and things that will probably never look good again but you have to keep anyway). At the bottom I found the last things my Nanna Shirl knitted for me before she died 11 years ago - a white hat and scarf. If you're a regular reader you will have "met" my Nanna before (here and here ) - she's never very far from my thoughts.

I'd already drafted the following post and it felt fitting that I should have found something made by those particular hands today - it gave me a real feeling of connectedness at the thought that each of those stitches were made by her arthritic hands going clickety-clack on her long metal needles. It was both comforting and sad at the same time. Shirl was a prolific knitter - I wish I still had more of the things she made.

Here's the post I had planned:
A few weeks ago I wrote about the Blessingway I'd attended and that I'd been moved by some of the words. I am delighted to be able to share some of those words with you here.
A Woman's Hands - photo taken by My Boy
"Think of your hands, think of the most unforgettable hands that you have known~ the hands of your father, mother, your grandparents. Remember the oldest hands that have rested in your hands. Think of the hands of a newborn child. Of the incredible beauty, perfection, delicacy in the hands of a child. Once upon a time, your hands were the same as this.

Think of all the things your hands have done since then. So much of what you have learnt has been through your hands~ turning yourself over, crawling, learning to hold something for the first time, feeding yourself, washing and bathing, dressing yourself. At one point, your greatest accomplishment was tying your own shoes.

Think of all the learning your hands have done and how many activities they have mastered. Think of all the things they have made. Remember the day you could write your name.

Our hands are not just for ourselves but for others. How often they were given to help another. Remember all the kinds of work they have done, the tiredness they have known, the cold and the heat, the soreness and the bruises. Remember the tears they have wiped away, our own and another’s, the blood they have bled, the healing they have experienced. How much hurt, anger even violence they have expressed, and how much gentleness, tenderness and love they have given.

How often have they been folded in prayer, patience and meditation.; a sign of both their powerlessness and their power. Our foremothers guide these hands to women’s work.

There is a mystery that we discover in the hand of a woman. That we love.
There are the hands of a mother, a sister, a wise woman, an artist, healer, a strong woman, a woman in need. Hands which you can never forget.

Place your hands now on your abdomen, where your womb is or has been. Feel the deep well of power there. Honour the depth, the life, the connections to our mothers, the cycles, the rhythm and the strength.

Slowly raise your hand and place it over your heart. Press firmly until you can feel the beating of your heart, that most mysterious of all sounds, your own heartbeat, a rhythm learnt in the womb from the heartbeat of your mother. Press more firmly just for a moment and then release your hand, holding it just a fraction from your chest. Experience the warmness there between your hand and your heart. Now lower your hand very carefully to your lap as if it were carrying your heart. For it does ~ when you extend your hand to another it is not just bone and skin, it is your heart that you share.

Place your hands in your lap. Think of all the hands and hearts that have left their imprint on you. Fingerprints and handprints and heart-prints can never be erased. Now think of all the people and places that bear your heart-print. They are indelible and will last forever."

My heartfelt thanks to Keeley Farrington for sharing this beautiful section of the Blessingway ceremony. Keeley is a Mummy to 3, a Doula and Celebrant - you can read more about her work and contact her through The Red Thread Mothers Circle Blog. 

Oh hello!

Just about to dash out for a family lunch, but I see that the lovely Alice has sent you over! So this is just a quick welcome to you *wave*. There's not much crochet here at the moment as I'm busy making MORE granny squares for my blanket (and wondering if it's rude to crochet at lunch...?).

Anyway, thanks for popping in - and please do say hello and feel free to link so I can say hello back. 

Happy Sunday to you!
Saturday, 25 June 2011

Feeling thrifty

It's been a good day for thrifting. I picked up these little lovelies this morning - all quite unexpected, so I like them even more 

Book 50p
Blue Glass Jug £3.50
Stainless Steel Servers £2
Cake Fork Set £1.50

I was especially excited to find the book as I had the same one when I was a child, although I'm sure I was older than the "under 5" suggested on the cover as I remember reading it myself. I had a quick look through it while I was waiting for my Body Balance class to start and chuckled at how politically incorrect it looks thirty years on

D has had to go into London this afternoon so I'm sitting here watching Peppa Pig with the kids and just working up the courage to open the tin of Magnetic Blackboard Paint I bought this morning, after seeing some lovely playroom ideas on Pinterest. Wish me luck! 

Frivolous Friday

Hello and a happy Friday to you!

Guess what..... IT'S SUNNY!!!!!! I know! I couldn't believe it either, but it's been a glorious morning, and Little Miss and I headed off to Guildford as soon as My Boy was safely delivered to school. 

We hadn't realised that it's the first of the nine-day Summer Festival Market and stalls were being set up along the (sunny) side of the street while we were there. I've been to the Festival several times and bought some really beautiful handcrafted items - from jewellery to leather goods, home-wares and clothes. We could see some fabulous things were being unpacked - in particular some very beautiful wooden bowls and stunning silverware *swoon*. (I'm actually REALLY glad the stalls were not all set up, as I was on strict instructions not to spend too much with three family birthdays, a party for My Boy's 5th, and our summer holiday all within the next few weeks.) 

Thanks to the Cath Kidston sale we managed to come home with a few things - a new tablecloth, some matching fabric to make bunting for the dresser and Little Miss chose a small shopping basket.

And when she'd eventually finished smoothing every piece of fabric and checking out all the purses, she wanted to go to the coffee shop for cake. Bags and cake - I can't think where she gets it from *innocent look*. 
A HUGE chocolate coin was far more tempting than pancakes!

Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn - colour S240
At this point I should mention that in order to walk from the coffee shop to the car park, it's necessary to go right past my favourite yarn shop. It would have been VERY rude not to pop in and say hello, wouldn't it? So we called in and I restrained myself to only a single ball of my favourite yarn - just enough to make a nice little scarf or something while we're on holiday.

That's it on my beautiful Natural Linen Indio ring sling, which saved some tired little legs on the way back to the car - she had done so well considering Guildford town centre is essentially a steep hill with shops on it.

After the frantic Grannying of the last week, I took Wednesday and Thursday "off" from my crochet and I have nothing new to show you. Hopefully there will be something to show next Friday :) 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WIP Wednesday (22/6/11) - Grannies of Joy

After last week's sorrowful tale of knitting, today's 'Work In Progress' is all together more joyful. It's a shame it's overcast today as you can't see the colours so well, but since starting it last Wednesday...
...71 squares and counting! 

I planned to make 100 and then a fairly wide border, but I'm not sure whether 100 will be enough, so I'm going to see how it goes. Laying them out like this, I realise the hardest thing will be deciding the order to attach them together. And that I'm not that fond of red.
Nothing else has had any attention this week so that's it from me. If you'd like to see what others are up to, take a peek at the links at Tami's Amis.
Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Family Traditions

I'm having trouble trying to recall any particular 'family traditions' from my own early days - there are some things we used to do regularly, but nothing I'd call a "tradition" as such. After reading so many lovely anecdotes from other families on various blogs and also in Soulemama's book "The Creative Family" I'm keen to start some of our own. 

It's quite difficult to know where to begin as I have no religion and there is a lack of any real cultural identity in our country, plus I am a ("Heniz 57 varieties") mix of cultures myself and the children are Wenglish (Welsh/English mix). So our fledgeling traditions are being borrowed from here there and everywhere, taking what works and leaving what doesn't...just like life! 

As I always take the time to draw the children's attention to the seasons and changes in nature, it felt important to mark the Solstice today with some kind of "new tradition", although I wasn't terribly organised in advance (which I must remedy next year). You can see the sunshine meal I cobbled together  for them - they loved it (CHIPS!). 

And afterwards I read to them a passage from a book I've had for a little while and which I like to dip in and out of...

The Summer Solstice is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The sun has grown to its full strength, and summer begins. Even as we enjoy swimming and picnicking, we know that the days will begin to get shorter again as soon as Solstice passes.  
The Summer Solstice reminds us that nothing lasts forever. We do not live in the unchanging twighlight realm of the Faery, but in the living, dying, fading and growing realm of earth. Whenever something is completed, we must let it go. 
Because things we love don't last forever, we love them all the more while they are here. 
But letting go of things we love is never easy. The Summer Solstice is a time to practice giving things away, letting go of what is completed and done...

Afterwards I marked the children's height on the wall in the playroom (shockingly, the first time this has been done!) and then they started gathering things they could "let go" into a Time Capsule to be opened next Summer Solstice, while I prepared the table for the little ceremony...

Sadly, it all went downhill from there. It was after 18:00, My Boy was exhausted, bickering started, quickly followed by tears and stamping of feet (not mine) ..... and it ended in us skipping straight to bedtime :(

When the children were asleep, I had time to reflect on the things that I am ready to let go of (there are a few) and to discuss with D that he should prepare himself to let go of his Grandfather sometime soon. He is ill in hospital - rallying but very frail and very old. Letting go really isn't easy. 

To encourage the children to appreciate that which they have and it's transience (for EVERYTHING is transient), next year I would like to add some form of Gratitude into our tradition - maybe some pictures of things they hold dear at that moment.... ?

Here are a few of mine:


Summer Solstice (& more squares!)

In celebration of the the Solstice, the Sun actually put in a (too) brief appearance this morning! I was excited! I got evidence!!

I'm sure my neighbours must be wondering why I'm always standing outside with arms-length-skyward-pointing iPhone, but at least I no longer have to wonder about the types of clouds. Did you ever hear the phrase "when the student is ready the teacher will appear"? Well it's funny but the day after I posted this about wishing I could name the types of cloud,  I looked across the table at My Boy's smoothie to discover the answers were literally in front of me... on the back of the carton. Fancy that! 

The children have been very busy with reading and colouring this week. This morning they were busily making pictures at 6:30 - it's no wonder the lad is shattered after a full day at school too. There are so many beautiful artworks to display, I'm having to rotate which are given the 'special place' in my Cwtch. 

Today's gallery: 
Left: My Boy's Vegetables & Seeds
Right: Little Miss' colourful 'circles'

There hasn't been too much colouring or cloud-gazing for me so far this week as I've been single-mindedly making squares in every spare moment. Would you like a peek....? 

If you like these little Grannies of Joy (they are joyous, aren't they?), be sure to pop back tomorrow for "Work in Progress Wednesday" when I'll post lots more pics and a tally.

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, hope you enjoy the longest day!
Monday, 20 June 2011

Book Sharing Monday: One Snowy Night

ISBN 978-0-00-714693-2
Today's lovely book is One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth, a story of Percy the Park-keeper and some nocturnal goings-on one cold winter. Just as Percy is getting ready for bed, there is a knock on the door - a freezing squirrel is looking for a place to spend the night. But the squirrel isn't the only animal looking for somewhere warm and cosy to sleep and soon there is no room for Percy! 

There is a lovely resolution to the story and a huge poster at the back of the book with the most beautifully detailed illustration (filled with humour) which My Boy marvelled at for hours, finding all the little details. This is a beautiful book, and an ideal one for snuggly bedtime reading. 

You can get a preview of the book here, narrated by the wonderful Richard Briers.

To see which other books people are sharing today, visit Smiling Like Sunshine Blog.

Happy Reading!
Sunday, 19 June 2011

14 degrees and WET... but lots of Granny (geeky) goodness!

Oh yes, dear friends, when it stopped raining for long enough to venture outside I managed to take my photo for today's 30 day Photo Challenge submission, entitled "Summertime". Pretty typical of a Sunday in England in Summer, don't you think?  (If you're not in the UK, you may not know that it is only ever sunny here during the week and it rains at weekends when you might actually want to do nice outdoorsy things with your family... like go to a village carnival!) 

Anyway, we have been celebrating Fathering Sunday with smoked salmon and Champagne for breakfast, some gifts and cards, a trip to the park (in the rain) and later on we'll be enjoying a delicious family meal, so it's not all bad. 

I'm pleased to report that the Granny squares are coming on nicely, and I'm so far managing an average of 10 squares a day.
I can't tell you how happy this photo makes me. Back in April I posted about something I aspired to and this is basically it - it is the main reason I learned to crochet. I am usually all about the process - certainly with knitting, where it's the act of making the loops on the needles that I enjoy more than the outcome of the project - but this one is ALL about the end result.

Several people have asked how I am managing to get an average of 10 squares done a day when my main crochet time is in the evening after the kids have gone to bed. The answer is simple - I have  contrived a little production line which maximises the available time each day (...did you know I used to re-engineer processes and work-flows for a living?) 

I considered the things that would potentially slow me down/ prevent me from achieving "10 a day":
- changing yarns for the different colours is time-consuming (and tedious) with small rounds
- switching from bobble stitch to trebles, then to the rounds of trebles with 'corners' doesn't allow a rhythm to develop, and is open to errors if there is a lapse in concentration (highly likely here)
- I get little tiny 'pockets' of time during the day but usually not for more than a few minutes at a time, so anything I do then has to be pick-up-put-down-able

The three stages of Granniness
Once I'd clarified this, it was simple. 
Step 1: Make the initial bobble stitch rounds (2 to 3 mins each) throughout the morning while boiling the kettle, waiting for Little Miss to use the potty etc. Use only two colours for this each day and have them to hand at all times. 
Step 2: Any spare minutes after that (on the phone,  waiting outside the school, while chatting to the kids as they eat their dinner, while they are painting/drawing etc) add JUST the next round of trebles.
Step 3: During the couple of hours in the evening knock out last two rounds on all ten - perfectly mindless TV work! 

It's proving a good method so far although on Friday night I was really tired and decided to go to bed with only 7 finished, but as it was the weekend, I got the rest done first thing on Saturday morning. I'm hoping to have 50 completed by tonight, which is PROBABLY half of the squares *squee* !!!

And now the chicken is in the oven, the kids are playing and I think it's time I went to steal some kisses, so I'll bid you farewell. There'll be a Granny update on Wednesday, but of course I'll be back before then. 
Wishing you all a very happy SUNNY start to your week! xxxx 
Friday, 17 June 2011

{This Moment} 17/06/11 (30 Day Photo #14)

{this moment}, a Friday ritual from Soulemama.
A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.
A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

This photo was Day 14 of June's 30 Day Photo Challenge (hence the text.)

Wishing you all a SUNNY June weekend -
and if you get some sun, please can you send some our way?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday... I'm in love ❤

I am in LOVE with Granny Squares! So simple, so pretty, I can already think of a bazillion things to turn them into (once THE Blanket is done) and in this Stylecraft acrylic also very forgiving of imperfections. What's not to love!?!
First 10 done, and the next 10 ready for the "TV slot" later!
And two things came through the post which I like so much I really had to mention them here. My first Clover Soft Touch hook - so comfortable to hold  and easy to use I can definitely see more of these on the horizon, and Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Yarn Harlot ). 

I've only read the first chapter or so of the book and flicked through the rest so far, but it has had me in stitches - no pun intended - it's laugh-out-loud funny/spot-on in observational humour. So far I've read an examination of the "non-knitter", the quiz to assess your level of knitting obsession (I am an 'Organic Knitter') and the types of TV show you should knit different types of pattern to - I can TOTALLY relate to it. If you like knitting and haven't read it yet, I'd recommend getting down to the library or your favourite bookshop to pick it up. And the best thing about finding great books by authors who've published a few others already...? No waiting about for the next one! 

Unless a time machine lands here overnight (I would have said TARDIS but discovered today a lot you won't know what that is *grin*), there won't be any 'Finished Objects' around these parts tomorrow but I'll be back with a progress update on the blanket over the weekend. Have a great one.

For your viewing pleasure...

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WIP Wednesday (15/6/11) - A Sorry Tale (of knitting)

Work In Progress... hmmm, where to start? We should really go back a week. If you're a regular reader you may remember that last Wednesday I'd cast on two shawls. All was looking tickityboo until Wednesday evening when I spotted a mistake on the Sitting Room/Faraway, So Close shawl ...
Version 1 - with a mistake riiiight back at the start! 
I'd never have been happy with it so, naturally, I ripped it all out and started again. Then sat up late to play catch-up. By Thursday, despite the yarn ball repeatedly falling apart on me, I was this far (again).... 
Version 2 - while things were still going 'well'
... and was fairly happy with it apart from the too-subtle colour change at the start. I considered ripping it out. But didn't. I carried on.  Then I got to a point in my printed pattern where there was a gap in the text. This is the first time I've printed a pattern - I usually work from my iPad/iPhone - I consulted the digi-version and saw the coloured ink had run out in D's printer so I hadn't realised I'd already knitted to the end of the shorter version - even though mine was only as big as a large handkerchief.

Then it dawned on me - I'D BEEN KNITTING ON SIZE 6 NEEDLES NOT 6MM NEEDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so annoyed with myself I started ripping it out again until I remembered the fresh ball waiting, and thought I'd use that instead (clean start) and I'd wind it on my yarn roller to get a nice neat centre-pull ball (no more falling apart) and then I'd be able to start it all over again (third time lucky), when... 
... the roller DIED (see that pitifully snapped feeding arm limp and lifeless on the table?) leaving me with one half-wound ball and the other half-knit and half-prolapsed! *sob*

For the last 5 days I haven't even been able to look at this, or any other knitting. Instead I have busied myself with patterns for the Year of Projects Blog-A-Long and pinned some other finds on Pinterest. I sewed a little girl's bag and a  case for my knitting needles and a made crochet hair pin. I made wings and a beak and turned my crochet circle into a mutant chicken and cleared out the Nature Table to start again (complete with a crochet sun). In fact I've done ANYTHING other than knit! 
In advance of WIP Wednesday I did manage to cast on again, but several sections in it looks too loose and floppy, not neat or defined like its two other incarnations. I think I *may* be on the verge of quitting while I'm behind on this one.

So for the rest of the week I'm planing to start the blanket/throw I've been talking about forever. I am hoping that everyone else taking part in WIP Wednesday has had a considerably more productive week. If you'd like to find out, click here to view the other links. 
Monday, 13 June 2011

Coming soon: A year of Projects!

A year of Projects post banner

As my project 'queue' is getting longer by the week, and I keep thinking of MORE things I'd like to make for the Autumn/Winter, I have decided it would be a good idea to get myself organised and join in with the knitting and crochet Blog-A-Long which starts next month.

The list! 
The rules in summary :
- on July 1st blog a list of all the projects/patterns you'll commit to make during the year
- each Sunday blog a progress update

The decision to join in has not been made without hesitation - initially I worried that committing to making things would make crafting a bit of a chore and take the fun out of it, but I've decided that providing I don't over-commit and leave time for other things I find along the way too, it could be great fun - plus adding a 'community' dimension to these solo crafts is good for staying motivated!

I've started a provisional list which you can view on Pinterest if you'd like a peek, and I'll publish the final lineup here on July 1st. If you'd like to join in with the Blog-A-Long, you can get all the details and sign up by visiting the Ravelry group.

Hope to see you there!

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