Thursday, 1 December 2011

Something Random: For those researching Bath, England

Dear Reader, 

If you are a regular visitor to the Cwtch, you may well have seen the title of this post and be wondering what it's all about and why on earth I'd be writing to people visiting a city located on the other side of the country (granted the country is not that big, so that's only 120 miles away, but still). 

This post is for the numerous people who find the blog by googling "Bath England Map" (23 just in the last couple of weeks) and must then be very disappointed to find lots of yarny-knitty stuff.

I really have no idea why Google thinks this is a good place to send people interested in Bath - particularly as I have only been there a couple of times in my life and not at all since writing the blog, but as I really hate to disappoint, I thought it about time to remedy the situation by linking to some actual maps of Bath... 
So that's the general Bath Tourists covered, but for the yarny/crafty folk who are still reading, here are a couple of places to visit in Bath that may appeal to you. 

  1. The Makery Emporium, 16 Northumberland Place, Bath BA1 5AR 
  2. Wool, 19 Old Orchard Street, Bath BA1 1JU
If you are planning to visit Bath, I do hope you have a lovely time there. It's a beautiful city (although it has always rained when I've been, so do take a brolly) and there is a lot of wonderful architecture to admire as well as plenty of therapy of the thermal spa and retail varieties. If you're not in the slightest bit interested in Bath, thank you for reading to the end of the post - I'll be back soon with some knitting and pictures of yarn! xxx

PS. If you would like to add any Bath recommendations, please leave a comment :) 


  1. This post made me laugh a lot! Bath is a lovely city, but I have no idea why people keep finding your blog while researching it. I love that you provided a list of useful links though ;)

  2. Funnily enough, I'm going to Bath this weekend! Thanks for the tips ;-) xxxx

  3. No one could ever accuse you of having a blog that only appeals to a handful of know even more people will be directed here now looking for Bath stuff....good on you for providing such an informative post.....anymore places in mind? Maybe somewhere more exotic that you would need to take a research trip too?

  4. Sigh, one day I want to go to England...

  5. I love Bath and it's only 45mins drive from my house. Well worth a trip.

  6. Maybe you had a bath once and google got a bit confused!

  7. :-) Now I really want to visit Bath.

    I've only know the town from books (Georgette Heyer).

  8. ha ha! We live close to Bath too. There is an excellent Christmas market there, many great restaurants and the tea and cakes at the Pump Rooms tea room are highly recommended :)

  9. There is an amazing bead shop behind the abbey in a courtyard with a big oak tree. Erm I can't remember the name of the courtyard but the bead shop is fabulous. If you go in you will buy beads, even if you have no crafty inclinations whatsoever!
    Perhaps you should start doing regular tourist information posts? Crafts plus holidays= happiness.


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