Saturday, 10 December 2011

Snippets (of life): Tree Day...NOW I feel festive!

My Boy was up before 6 and dressed soon after - he knew today was the day. Tree Day. He tried out a new "look" while impatiently waiting for everyone else to get ready - originally it consisted of only a sleeveless vest/singlet, a pair of jeans pushed up to the knee, and long "skeleton" socks, but in the end just a pair of lens-less Arthur Sleep glasses remained. 
He wore them for most of the day.

It's traditional for "the boys" to get the tree. This year a combination of interesting previous tree choices, and Little Miss not wanting to be left out meant it became a family occasion for the first time, which was lovely.
'Deal of the day' goes to a festive fireguard which we picked up for £10 - a total bargain compared to many of the individual decorations which were priced about the same. My Boy said we must make sure it's removed on 24th, or Santa won't be able to get down the chimney. Good point. 
Of course the fun bit was getting all our decorations out - rediscovering favourites, and remembering where and when they were acquired - some are a decade old from the 1st Christmas D and I lived together in a little matchbox house, while others came from Aunty Lisa's creative gift packaging last year. 

Little Miss Fusspot took charge of the kids' tree - of course she went for the gaudy over the carefully selected or handmade items. That's precisely why they have their own tree. 
By the time it was finished it was far too dark to take any clear photos (all my pics are taken with my iPhone 4's camera which is limiting but also means I always have a camera to hand) but I can confirm it's looking REALLY cozy in the sitting room this evening- a shame really , as I'm off to a PARTY tonight. 

Are you having a lovely festive weekend? I do hope so! 


  1. Love the pics. Your little ones are too cute. My son (6) was up chomping at the bit today too. He is ready to do our traditional ginger bread cookies today. My kids love to do the cookies. We put our tree up last Saturday so we have that all done but today is cookie day for us. Have a great week ahead!

  2. OOOOOH, how exciting.
    cant wait to get my tree tomorrow.

  3. We got our tree today too and we also have a "child tree" (funnily enough it's white too) I can't bare to have some of the crap they like on MY tree...ha!

    Lovely pics and your tree looks beautiful.

  4. Love the pictures- that fireguards is so sweet!!
    Hope the party was great!!

  5. Fantastic piccies, love your talent...covet your fire guard and if you are wondering who I am, I'm a friend of your mum's :-) xx

  6. intrigued @friend of your mum's .... reveal yourself pls!!! xxx

  7. That screen is adorable! And the boy looks very studious! Love your fireplace decor.

  8. Awwww this looks like such a fun day, and you have a real tree too!! I want to make my house more christmassy now!

  9. What a lovely post, feels so warm and cozy! You have such a lovely family and some nice decorations too. We put up our little tree too in the weekend. Mr. L didn't care so much about it, but I love making the home cozy and nice.

  10. Thanks for sharing, I love your pics... that fireguard is awesome!


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