Thursday, 22 December 2011

Only 3 more sleeps!!!!!!

Yesterday I'd planned some painting activities to mark the Winter Solstice, intending to make some of these lovely handprint suns. My Boy had other ideas. He had decided to paint a Summer picture to remind the Winter how lovely it is with the sun shining and the flowers in bloom. His final painting isn't finished yet but he spent a lot of time planning it on my iPad, which how has about 17 variations on this theme saved on it, featuring various different flowers (this, obviously, is a rose)...
As I am sure is the case for parents everywhere, the level of excitement in our household is directly proportionate to the number of "sleeps"until Christmas. Today is the last normal day for us before various parties and the arrival of my family. I am not entirely prepared - lots more wrapping to do (I finished the last handmade gift yesterday), never-ending laundry, beds to change and a whole house to clean before Saturday morning.
My Boy's first tree decoration
I've been procrastinating. In the last couple of days I've finished reading our friend Deano's book Covenant and then read Fup and One Day on my Kindle - all brilliant reads!  It reminded me that I love reading at least as much as I love knitting, but it has been abandoned for the last few years, so for 2012 I am announcing *drumroll*...
Resolution #1: to learn to knit and read simultaneously. 
I have also been dipping into Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac this week and she recommends first practicing knitting with eyes closed which I shall begin after the holidays, maybe as part of my One a Day project?
Well it's time for lunch here and then the kids are off to Grandma's so I can crack on. 
Hope your preparations are going better than mine! 


  1. I have been practicing knitting without looking (not with my eyes closed though!) and can now do plain garter, stocking and ribbing without looking at my needles... Apart from to check every now and again ;) It freaks my boyfriend out when I knit while looking at him! Not sure if I could knit and read though - mainly because I read extremely fast but also, I get so involved in the story I would probably forget the knitting part ;)

    I love the picture, the flower is a lovely artistic representation of a rose :)

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful and exciting Christmas


  2. Learning to knit without looking opens up a whole new world ... knitting in the cinema is one of my favourite party tricks ... and knitting as a passenger on long car journeys in the dark. I find my kindle makes it much easier to read and knit, because I don't have to hold the page open.

  3. When you were young Sarah, before the kindle days, I used to knit with a book on my lap and use one of your clippy hair slides ( like the ones you buy for A but bigger) to hold my book open. Those were the days *sigh* xxx

  4. I think you do more than enough already.
    Knitting without looking would mean I'd be able to pay more attention to the telly.
    Have a fab Christmas

  5. Lovely picture by your little one and well done for finishing all your handmade gifts.
    I am in process of cleaning the house from top to bottom having sent the rest of 'em to the cinema. I've been at it for two hours and am half done so I thought I would have a brief break before starting upstairs.
    I really hope you work faster than I do. X

  6. Love it! 3 more sleeps!! :) Your household sounds a lot like ours ;)

  7. I bet the excitement levels are running high in your house! Love the little tree decoration, you've got the right idea, start them young! Have a wonderful Christmas, Penny x

  8. It wasn't until after last week that I was able to finally relax and enjoy the coming of Christmas. You know how schools cram everything into the last week before break?
    Presents are wrapped except ho, ho, ho ones for my girls and hubbie. But everything else is thank goodness altho I have a few gifts to get still, some will wait until after the weekend.
    Mele Kalikimaka to you and the ohana.

  9. Hope you got all your cleaning etc... done, I still have all mine to do......

    I have been scraping my middle boy off the celinng today, goodness knows how excited he will be tomorrow!

    Merry Christmas, hope you have a joyous Christmas!

  10. Merry Christmas Sarah! looks like Christmas is as exciting at your place as it is as ours!


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