Friday, 9 December 2011

FO Friday: A bear.... necessity?

Hello all.  I'm so happy that it's Friday! How about you? This weekend we get to put up our Christmas tree - I'm quite excited about this, although I am sure that's probably because I've forgotten the realities of dressing a tree with a team of "helpers". 

We always have 'The' tree in the sitting room but last year I also got a mini artificial one for the children so they could add their own little decorations and trinkets without fear of prickles, or the whole thing crashing down on them,  so when I saw this pattern on Little Cotton Rabbits blog I knew I had to make one for them - they do love things that have been made at home.

With a standard sized crayon for scale. 
As usual, my sewing let me down, and her little eyes are a bit too close together, but I think she's quite cute anyway (if a little portly). She'll be in her new home soon and I'll be sure to post some pictures over the weekend. 

(Edited to add: I should have mentioned that due to the 2.5mm needles and 4 ply yarn, this actually took a couple of hours to make. If you're planning to make one, don't be fooled by the minuscule size and keep your kids hanging around waiting for it, wait until they are in bed!!)

I have a load of things to get done today, so it's time to crack on. As usual, I'm joining in with Tami's Amis, and there's lots more to read there. 

I do wish you all a wonderful weekend - watch out for that full moon tomorrow! 


  1. Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing that :)

  2. Very cute :) I like the idea of the kid-friendly tree, that sounds very cunning :)

    Hope you enjoy decorating the tree (I love having my tree up, but I actually don't love the decorating part - and especially the taking it all down part!)

  3. I love the idea of the tree for the kids to decorate!!!!That teddy is super cute, and its eyes look fine!
    Good luck with the tree putting up- hope it goes well

  4. Very cute. Nice idea, the 2nd tree for the kids to have fun with. I still put my DD's hand made ornaments from school days on the tree. She's

  5. Adorable!! Now, did you make one for each kid or do they have to share?

  6. I love the little bear - and I think the eyes look great. soo cute =D

  7. Thanks everyone!

    @Chrisknits - I have made one .... because they have one tree and it's for the tree rather than for a specific child. There are more things to come, though :)

  8. I love your bear! I've got one of these about 2/3 done and then I lost my steam. Yours looks really cute!

  9. awww, she's really cute! Thanks so much for the link and best wishes for a very merry Christmas x

  10. That's very cute! How sweet that the kids get their own tree to decorate!

  11. So so cute! :) you're right, these take quite a bit longer to make than I anticipated!! Your Christmas bear is so much better than the little toy I made :) you're a fabulous knitter! Enjoy your weekend putting the tree up x

  12. It's adorable! It would be such a great idea to let each child have her own mini tree with hand-knitted ornaments by Mama, don't cha think? Then they could have them by their bedside and then take them wherever they go off to like college, etc. I must remember this idea! Maybe I'll work on it next year.

  13. Oh my gosh, cutest little bear ever. Before I'd even finished reading your post, I was emailing the pattern link to my mom. I love the yarn you used for the dress, too, the subtle striping effect is aces.

  14. She is so cute! I love her <3

  15. Very cute! I can picture the kids impatiently jumping up and down waiting for it to be completed!

  16. Love your Tree Day pics Sarah! Looks like you all had fun :D I also love your festive blog header! xx

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