Monday, 5 December 2011

Fiddling about ... and a birthday!

It was that kind of weekend. Do you know the type? Where you're fiddling about so much you don't actually manage to get very much of anything done...? Or is that just me? 

Despite a few nights with no knitting (NO KNITTING!!!!) I have made some progress on my Chele cardigan - the details can wait until Wednesday's update but those who follow me on Twitter may have seen that there was a bit of 'frogging' on Saturday night *sigh*. I haven't picked it up since then, but need to get back on that pony quickly or I'll lose momentum.  It has also come to my attention that the yarn, which photographs really badly, is in fact very similar in colour to Little Miss' favourite treat - I hope she doesn't think I'm a giant chocolate button when I wear it.

And after knitting (and frogging) plain purple, I was desperate for some colour and fell off the "Hexi-break" wagon again last night. So there'll be a another 'Tuesday Tally' on those tomorrow despite my best intentions of having a rest from the Beekeeper's Quilt until after Christmas.  

As you may have noticed,  I've also been fiddling about here on the blog so there is now more space for pictures, a new page linking to my current favourite blogs which will be regularly updated, a revised 'Hello' page and links to all the different social media in the sidebar (phew - there are a lot, and I still haven't fathomed Google+). I hope you like the changes. 

Before I sign off for the day, I'd like to the opportunity to say a massive public
to my wonderful mum, Lynda 

She often jokes that we grew up together, and it's true - she was just 18 when I was born and as my dad was serving in the Royal Navy at the time, and they later divorced, she largely brought me up solo - with the love and support of our family, but alone none-the-less. Looking back now, I realise it can't have been easy for her, but I really had no idea about that at the time. It was a childhood of laughter, fun and lots and lots of love. Despite limitations in her own life - including being profoundly deaf - she brought me up with the knowledge that I could do whatever I wanted and I didn't ever need to be reliant on anyone else (D might not agree this is such a good thing). She's an awesome woman, friend and mother and we all love her so much. Have a lovely evening, Mum.

I'll be back tomorrow with some hexipuffs :)


  1. No knitting... oh my goodness how awful.... that is obviously equally as bad as no crochet for me..... the horror! Happy Birthday Sarah's Mum... what a beautiful lady! :)x

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah's mum! :)

  3. Thats just beautiful what you wrote about your Mum!! Hope she has a lovely birthday.

  4. That is so lovely! Happy Birthday to your mum!

  5. My darling, beautiful daughter, being you mum has been an absolute pleasure... you and your sister have made my life worthwhile as your children also continue to do! I can't wait to live near you and spend more time together. I hope to give my share of laughter and love for many more years. It's partly true that we grew up together... you grew up ... I still haven't! I honestly don't know what I would do without my lovely girls, wonderful son-in-law and my awesome g/children! I love you all soooo much and had a brilliant birthday thanks to you all and my amazing friends. Just think ... next birthday I will be living in Billi woohoo xxxxxxx

  6. Happy birthday to your mom. She sounds like a wonderful person. I am deaf in one ear and I tend to isolate myself from others so for her to be so optimistic is inspiring to me.

  7. She's pretty! Hau 'oli la hanau. I know how was to be a single mum before I was blessed with my hubbie. My hat's off to her!
    I can go no knitting sometimes...the Kindle and iPhone are distractions.

  8. ahhhh! Happy Birthday to your Awesome Mum!

  9. What a lovely and wonderful Mom you have been blessed with. Your love for her shines in your tribute. Happy Birthday to her.


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