Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WIP Wednesday: A patchy attempt at a sock, a fluffy loop, and a boob!

Hello and happy Wednesday to you! 

First of all I must say a big WELCOME to the new subscribers/followers and Facebook 'likers' over the last few days. It's a real pleasure to have you here in the Cwtch *pulls out virtual comfy chair, cuts a slice of cake and pours a cuppa* 

It's been a very busy week here so my apologies for my absence over the last few days. Exciting plans are afoot for our family, but I shan't tempt the fates by writing about it... yet. 

While I've been away from the blog I've been working on a few projects. The Leisa Loop has finally had some attention - it's on row 70 (after ripping about 20 rows out following the wine incident) and I've been knitting this for the last few evenings - it's coming along nicely and the pattern is very simple / easy to remember but I still can't knit it with the little people about (I can't do more than 10 stitches between interruptions which makes counting even simple pattern repeats very tricky). It feels so deliciously soft and scrumptious I can't wait to wear it, although it's going to take a while at this pace.

The camera really can't capture the colours at all *sigh*

And I've also started my first sock.... for Pixie Moon! I'm not sure how it's going to turn out yet - it's not looking all that great on the needles, but as her feet are not exactly like human feet, it may be that they'll turn out fine for her. If not they'll become legwarmers. I'll save the photo until I have  made more progress - I need to do the foot decreases now, but that's another one that I need sit quietly to finish so it's having to wait! 

This morning I saw a request for some knitted boobs to help with breastfeeding support and had a little look at the various patterns available. When I couldn't find one I wanted to make, I decided to make my own. So today, at every opportunity, I've been knitting a boob and so far I have this... 

I'll share more about the recipients (and if it works out ok, I'll also publish the pattern) when it's finished.

I'm trying really hard not to cast on Chele or the planned cable armwarmers for my Year of Projects list until I have finished something else, but the yarn for both is here and looking very tempting!!!! 

Hope you are having a happy and productive week wherever you are! 
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  1. Who's a busy girl then? Socks,Leisa Loop and Boobs!
    Looking forward to seeing your progress on all three :)

  2. Yay knitted boob! I made one before, but it was for a breast cancer thing.

  3. Hee hee, knitted boobs (yes, I am a child at heart, can you tell?!)

    I'm not a new subscriber, but I hope I can still have virtual cake ;)

    Ps, love how pink youe leisa loop is!

  4. Pixie is adorable, like a UK anime doll. Your daughter is so lucky to have a doll outfitted w/a full on outfit.
    My little one saw your post yesterday and she's bugging me to make her her Chloe doll now.
    Your cowl will turn out so lovely and soft. I hear you on it being hard to concentrate w/a simple pattern. Yesterday I'm trying to knit my Monkey and the eldest is asking me how to pronounce this and that and the little one is singing songs and asking me questions. I had to send them to their room in the end so I could finish the pattern repeat.

  5. Wow, that's quite a lot of stuff! And it all seems to be coming together nicely. Hope you can enjoy some uninterrupted knitting time soon!

  6. Ooh knitted boobs, reminds me I have to go wash mine. The knitted ones, not the real ones!! I had a bit of an accident with my work bag and lunch pack last week......
    Loving that yarn in the last pic, great colour.

  7. I've crocheted many a boob, but never knitted. Will look forward to the pattern!

    But I have to confess...I hate socks. If I ever do them, I have to do the knit one inside the other thing, as I just can not stand to do one then another. But even with that trick *shudder* I just find them dull

  8. Everything looks divine. Loving the boob! LOL I would totally NOT be able to resist casting on that with yarn. Especially since you know what you want to make already. It is just far too tempting!

  9. I think leg warmers would look so cute on Pixie. Go on, cast on for something else, you know you wanna!!

  10. Love the knitted boob! All your projects looks amazing!

  11. Love your descriptive post title! Everything looks amazing, especially the knitted boobs. I hope that the mini socks work out for Pixie.

  12. Lovely projects, especially the boob. And I thought it was kind of a beany hat. ;-)

  13. Crochet with Raymond17 November 2011 at 06:00

    you are making so many fabulous things! love the boob, it is fab :O)

  14. You have a lot going on! I'm looking forward to seeing the boob.

  15. I love to see Pixie Moon peeping out from your post, especially surrounded with that gorgeous wool. You are very good not giving into the new projects, I don't think I would survive, the wool would be calling me!!
    The boob is fantastic! Really made me laugh, can wait to see it finished.


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