WIP Wednesday: Almost there!

Hello. Just a quick WIP Wednesday update with Tami's Amis before we head off to collect My Boy from school. Since my post on Monday, this week has mostly been about armwarmers! So far, I've finished a long one and a shorter version with an optional thumb hole. Here are the right arms before the ends are sewn in...

When they are worn, the cable opens out like this...

Tonight I'll make a start on the left arm (really should have made those first as it's hard to get an action shot of your own right arm!). With a bit of luck, these should be finished and ready for a ta-dah post on Friday *crosses fingers* and the pattern ready next week. I actually can't wait to wear these - they are very snuggly and warm! 

I'll take this opportunity to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to stateside readers -
 I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend. 


  1. Being contrary, I like the longer ones the best, but would make with a thumbhole ;) I love things with thumbholes!

    I do love how snuggly they look, just the thing now that it has started to get really cold!

  2. Gorgeous cable detail. I'd probably go for the shorter ones!

  3. Mmmm, th longer would be so warm..... well so would the shorter ones, but with the long ones I could get away with t-shirts under cardi's. The colour is lovely, so pure looking.

  4. Mmmm I love them both, and would never be able to decide between them. They both look sooo cosy

  5. Personally I like the longer ones better because it shows off the cabling a little more (at least to me!) They both look fabulous though!

  6. Lovely! And for the hexipuff mania, I am afraid I won't be able to make some yet. I still have to wait until for the pattern to come in (due to my paypal account). So I don't think I will share hexipuffs soon (yet moehahaha).

    For the fox, I just couldn't resist. I saw the artic fox and the pink one too. For now I just used yarn from my stash. If it works out I might make another one :-).

    Maybe you'll find some time for the fox in the new year!

  7. That wool looks lovely and soft. I love how the cable pops out at you when it is on--perfect!

  8. Love the armwarmers...cables are on my list to learn.

  9. These will be so divine to wear and so chic you'll be out and about! Cute blog wallpaper.


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