Friday, 11 November 2011

Ta-dahhhhhh! (Are you ready to meet Pixie Moon?)

I've had so much fun with this wonderful pattern. I really can't tell you how satisfying it has been to bring Pixie Moon to life from just a few balls of yarn. 
So in my favourite Ta-dah to date, I'd like to invite you to meet Pixie. 

Pixie's favourite colour is blue, 
she loves Marmite on toast 
and to sit around chatting into the early hours. 
She also has a fondness for Hexipuffs and is often seen snuggling one (or more).  

So far I've only made her boxer shorts - socks and a top will be on the needles this weekend

Oh, and a 'quick and dirty' poncho from scrap yarn.  
(This will move on to someone else once Pixie's clothes are made - she deserves better.) 

I could write about this little lady all day, but I have two of my favourite people arriving this weekend and far too much to do around the house. If you would care to read more about the pattern and the process, there is a day-by-day commentary on my project notes *blush*. 
Find more FOs at Tami's
I have LOTS of other things to be getting on with but the only other Finished Object was a little crochet Remembrance Poppy from a pattern published by a friend this week. For some reason I can't add any links at the moment, but you can find it and link to the free pattern on my Ravelry page.  

Edited: In the Pixie excitement, I forgot to show you the other exciting thing that happened this week. Look what was in Let's Knit magazine....

Hoping you had as much fun and excitement this week x


  1. Ha ha.. definitely one of my all time favourite posts! That face! The hair! The tummy button! and to top it all the the lovely little marmite on toasts! Brilliant Sarah! :)x

  2. oooh so sweet! Her personality is coming through.
    Is she posing for FHM there ;)

  3. LOVE Pixie Moon,what a cutie & a CUTE name,juliexxx

  4. Yep....she has without doubt got my hair.......when mine starts falling out, can I commission you to make me some more?

  5. I love Pixie! :D Best feature? Her awesome curls! Good job, this is so cool :)

  6. Awesome! The hair is fabulous.

  7. Gorgeous - look at those big blue eyes :)

    Congrats on the magazine mention too!

  8. She's so sweet! From her curly hair to her belly button, she's absolutely adorable. No wonder you're so chuffed with her!

    And congrats on the magazine mention :) You're famous!

  9. wow how amazing !!! both pixie and getting your blog in the mag !! happy days !

  10. I totally love her and I already stated that she is a beauty on your ravelry page but I'll just say it again haha. Did you come up with the poncho pattern yourself? It looks very cute. You could make all kinds of cool stuff for Pixie!

  11. Congratulation on being in the magazine, you must have been so pleased.
    I think Pixie Moon is so special. Love her tummy button and expression. Your pictures are brilliant.

  12. Oh I love her! Especially her fabulous curly tresses!

  13. Fantastic, Sarah! Lovely knitting and fab pics.

    Have a great weekend, & thanks!
    Claire x

  14. She has so much personality! Congratulations on being mentioned in the magazine.

  15. OMGOMGOMG SO CUTE!!! *just died a little*

    Congratulations on being in the magazine! :)

  16. She is gorgeous, pity about the marmite, apricot jam is so much nicer...

  17. Congrats on the magazine mention! She looks great and I love your photo-styling!

  18. I love Pixie Moon, she's so cute! The eyelashes you embroidered are fantastic. I can't wait to see the clothes you make for her. :)

  19. Pixie moon is adorable, I can't wait to see her clothes!

  20. She is so freaking cute!! I love her. What a cutie patootie!

  21. Super duper cute! I love her hair and the little details like her eyelashes. Great pictures, too. Congrats on being mentioned in the magazine.

  22. Awwwwww Pixie Moon, that name really suits her and she is a very beautiful creation, I love her hair!

  23. She's just beautiful!! Love the hair, too! So sweet.


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