Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Super WIPtastic Wednesday!

{WIP = Work In Progress}

I seem to have a severe case of start-itis this week and no less than 5 WIPs plus even MORE planned as soon as various parcels arrive. Actually, I think waiting for yarn has prompted this condition, as I find myself restless with too many ideas spinning about in my head and no materials to realise them. 

Here's what I've started so far: 
Left: Leisa Loop button up cowl/scarf
Plain Janes II  crochet slippers
Right: playing with cable gloves/armwarmer ideas

I started the Leisa Loop on Saturday while everyone was out for a few hours and made great progress. Then, on Saturday night I had some wine and carried on knitting... Yes, you guessed it, I made a mistake and didn't notice until the next day so I've just had to rip over half of it out, leaving me with only what you see above. I'm using 2 balls of yarn held together (Nimu Torva and Kidsty) and the unravelled wool is now wound around my glasses case (!!) so I now have a project which is confined to the Cwtch armchair as it's going to get tangled the minute it's moved. I'm planning to get a whole evening on it later this week (although my "whole evening" is only about 2 hours) and I just hope I've frogged back enough for it to be right because I couldn't see how I'd gone wrong on this simple pattern. It feels amazingly snuggly and sumptuous and the colours look so pretty - although hard to photograph - I can't wait to wear this!

The other things are all plain sailing at the moment, although I haven't had the time to do much more work on them. 

So that's what I've already started, and once various yarn (and eyes) arrive, I also have plans for these patterns: 
Bottom: Various things from my newest crochet book 

Now I just need a time machine!There are loads more WIPs over at Tami's Amis
I'm almost afraid to look incase I get more inspiration! 


  1. You sound like me - I am trying so hard to resist casting on some of the many ideas floating around in my head, or I'll never end up finishing anything that's in progress already!

    Thank you for your lovely comment by the way, you really made me happy this morning :D

  2. Everything you're making is just lovely looking. I also need a time machine! So badly!

  3. I'm definitelly making these beautiful cable armwarmers. Can't wait to start. :-) I love your colour. Pink is so uplifiting, the perfect colour for the grey November days. We are sitting in the middle of a think and permanent fog. I can't see my neighbours house.

    Your mice are lovely.

  4. Beautiful yarns, lovely projects and wooly scrumptiousness all round!! *squee*

    Can I just say, the 'buying more yarn while waiting for already bought yarn to arrive' thing is called 'Frustpotenzierung' in German and describes the exponential increase of frustration as you buy more of the same kind of things while waiting for the already bought ones to arrive. This also applies to wrap stashes!!! *sigh* :P

    I think you will find sending me your yarn and a couple of your lovely books might already make you feel much better and is a step towards breaking free from the yarn addiction!! *cough* :D

    Mue xx

  5. I loved reading this post, I can relate completely! I've just written up my Christmas list and then attempted to start everything at once. I must have more yarn!! Great projects you are working on.

  6. I definitely did the same thing this week! I always hate the first few beginning rows of a project but once I get into it and get the pattern flowing, I'm set. So I figured starting up 3-4 projects yesterday morning would keep me moving on them...we'll see how that goes! Plus, I have a yarn package coming Friday so I guess that'll be 1-2 more starts!

  7. squeeeee i am so excite for you to start that knitted doll!! she is just beautiful!!! xx

  8. How easy are the slippers? I'm looking for a great pattern for my kids for Christmas gifts!

  9. Everything looks great! I hope you get a case of finishitis to go with yout startitis:)

  10. You are making the beekeeper's quilt! I love it. I am casting on soon, you have such lovely projects!

  11. Pretty, pretty, pretty! And let me know if you figure that time machine thing out. I'd totally pitch in for a part share. :)

  12. I have to try very hard to not start things before I've finished something...I fail almost every time. It's so hard with all those lovely ideas and patterns out there...but I totally know what you mean about needing more time.

  13. those finger mice are too cute. My cat would go crazy!

  14. Lots of cute stuff, but the finger mice are my favorite!

  15. I've learned from hard experience never to knit after the second rum and coke ... it just goes terribly off the rails at that point LOL. The two colours look gorgeous together. Makes me think of berries!

  16. I live the colour of your cowl, it's going to look fantastic when it's done. The slippers are really cute, I can't wait to see more of them. The throw and quilt are looking great too!

    I had start-itis this weekend too, lol. I started four different scarves and frogged them again!

  17. I sure hope it's not catching, cause I have too many things I want to start too. I need to go take some medicine to block the germs!!!

  18. Such pretty colours!!! And don't feel bad, I start too many things all the time too.

  19. So many cute projects! Your blog is getting dangerous! I love the Leisa Loop pattern and had to promptly add it to my faves. The Pixie Moon doll is so pretty. Good luck with these wonderful WIP's.

  20. Wow!, So many wips and all are wonderful.

  21. I know what you mean by startitis. I currently have 5 projects on the go (I did have 6 but I finished one this week) with 3 waiting to be stiffened and about a dozen waiting to be started, but I'm trying to be strong and wait until I've finished something else first (or until it gets too warm to work on them).


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