One a day: lusciousness

Yesterday I received a lovely parcel from Natalie at Misadventures in Craft. Not only did it contain the cable knitting book I won in her recent giveaway *grin*, but she included something very special for me. 

You see, for the last few months I've been stalking Natalie's blog. Not only do I think her knitting is beautiful (so perfectly neat), and enjoy her writing, but she uses some wonderful colours that I'd never normally choose and that I just love in her projects. I also love looking at her cookery posts - I'll be honest with you, I don't actually read them, I don't enjoy cooking that much as I do far too much of it around here, but I like to eat so I really enjoy the pictures :) 

Anyway, I've digressed, I've recently been drooling over these socks.  Since the first time I saw them I was in love with the yarn. But sadly (for me, at least) it was something Natalie had dyed herself and I couldn't just go out and buy a load and roll about in it.

So imagine how excited I was to open the parcel.... and out popped the scrap extraneous yarn from those very socks!!!!!!!!! Of course, it meant I had to take a short break from my Hexipuff break! Here's the first one - now my favourite - and I'd guestimate there is yarn for at least 3 or 4 more. I'm very happy. Thank you again, Natalie xxx

And while I'm here talking about my Beekeeper's Quilt, I'll remind you of the charity quilt being made in aid of NACRO which I linked to in a previous post. There are still spaces for donations, you don't need to be making a quilt yourself to contribute and you only need to send in two hexipuffs which could easily be made in less than two hours with a very small amount of scrap sock yarn. Full details (and a list of current contributors) can be found on the UK Handmade website

Despite the strong urge to carry on making more hexipuffs, Little Miss and I have been busy this morning, and we finally made a start on some of the Christmassy things I mentioned on Saturday, but more about those another day. 

Enjoy the other One A Day posts (from people who are still actually MAKING one of something every day) and I'll be back tomorrow with my Work In Progress update. 


  1. Oh that yarn suits the hexipuffs so much! It looks awesome.

  2. It looks great as a puff! Yay! I'm so glad there's enough for more than one, I wasn't sure how much they use.

    I didn't expect you to break your puff knitting hiatus, but I have to admit, I'm glad you did ;)

    And thank you for saying such lovely things *blushes furiously*

  3. Hi!
    Beautiful color of yarn. I can see why you like it so much. It works up beautifully as a hexipuff. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. That sock yarn is divine, I'm not surprised you were thrilled!

  5. No wonder you loved the yarn, your hexipuff looks lovely. The book looks interesting, hope there are some good projects there.

  6. How lucky are you, what a lovely lady so thoughtful and the puff looks gorgeous in that wool. xx

  7. Aww I love that little hexipuff! What gorgeous colours... I would love a whole hexipuff blanket made from just that colour...wouldn't that be magnificent!! :)

  8. Really pretty, love how it stripes....I like that you took a break from your break!

    I love eating too.....I think about food more than crochet even which is really sayin something!

    Look forward to your Christmas make.

  9. Crochet with Raymond22 November 2011 at 22:18

    Awesome! I will definitely go and have a look at those socks and what a great looking book! have fun, I am newly obsessed with cables too! XXX

  10. How wonderful to have that yarn, it is pretty. Congratulations.

  11. Yum Im loving that yarn too- makes perfect hexipuffs!!!

  12. Yummy, love that puff! I ordered the pattern as well and now I have to wait for the link (I have no credit card, so it takes longer than normal). I already bought DPN's of the right size and some skeins of yammy yarn, so now the waiting is getting even worse haha! I hope to share my first hexipuff next tuesday :-). I hope mine will turn out just as nice as yours are.

  13. Gorgeous yarn, Judy x


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