FO Friday: Don't ever work with (or around) kids!

I was all ready to take some webcam action pictures of the finished armwarmers, when Little Miss appeared - still in her pyjamas, singing Rolling in The Deep... and dancing. Of course that put an end to any photos, but I did get some cuddles and it would seem that the armwarmers live up to their name - they are indeed 'Cwtchy' (snuggly). 

So this is the best I can offer you today *sigh*  

Pattern: Cwtchy Cable Armwarmers (available as a free download)
Yarn: Rowan Creative Focus 1 x 100g  Needles: 4mm DPNs
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They turned out exactly as I hoped so I'm really pleased with them and it's another thing off my Year of Projects list which also feels great. So it's a big thumbs up. And now I'm wondering what to cast on next! I'd intended to start on Emma Fassio's Chele once these were done, and have the yarn ready, but after buying several knitted things including a lovely knitted top yesterday (I know, I know - craziness but I just couldn't resist it!) I have the urge to make something similar to that in another colour... 
We're heading off to visit some family now, so I'll wish you all a wonderful weekend

PS. Today I'm linking in with Tami and also Natural Suburbia's Creative Friday.  


  1. Those pictures are so cute!!! congrats on a another lovely pattern xx

  2. Love them, they look very cwtchy indeed ;)

    Love the top you bought (and hey, the world won't end if we knitters still buy knitwear!) but I also love Chele... Always tough to decide what to cast on next!

  3. They look great and I have to say that your daughter make them look even more snuggly!

  4. The pictures are great! And good job on finishing something on your YOP list!

  5. Aww, those are great action pics! Mitts to wear when hugging your daughter :) They look really nice, I like em! The color is just perfect:)

  6. Whenever I try to photograph knits laying on the floor my dogs always have to help. Dogs and kids, they always steal the show! Love the arm-warmers!

  7. The armwarmers are lovely. They do look so soft. I love the photos. It's always nice to see bits and pieces of real life:)

  8. Ahhh, those picture are perfect! The arm-warmers are lovely, I bet lots of people will b wanting to make some like this. Well done.

  9. They're lovely. Cabletastic.

  10. Awwww, great pictures, they are fab. I love that yarn (and the pattern!).

  11. So pretty! Cute pics, too :-)

  12. Great arm warmers, I'm very inspired and have found some crocheted ones to make a start on when I get suitable yarn

    Now enough about buying things, get on and make the chele, I'm waiting to see it! Just think how nice it would be to wear over Christmas.......come on!! (are you convinced yet?)

  13. Nyree Dawn Dowell26 November 2011 at 19:00

    Love the arm warmers, sweetie - will definitely have to cast a pair on once the pattern is available ♥

  14. I like the arm warmers but its your cute daughter that gets my attention. She's lovely. It seems ages since my 3 daughters were that age and gave wonderful kisses and hugs. Could never get any crafts done when they were around. My advice is savior these moments time flies. Mind you might get grandchildren who give great hugs and kisses. Even through the phone or on the answering machine. I have never deleted their little voices. Please be careful though with the knitting needles as one of my girls was curious and when distracted by the baby picked up one of them and poked a whole in here gum and the bled like mad. Another reason not to craft with them around. Keep creating and blogging. Thank you, M


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