Tuesday, 11 October 2011

One a Day Disappointment :(

After last week's tally (86 hexipuffs) I was SO happy - I set about making at least 2 more each day so I could get to the magic century before this week's post. 


On Wednesday I found a load of them in amongst Little Miss' toys - actually they were stuffed in various handbags and baskets - and put them back in their rightful place. I didn't think any more of it..... until Thursday (or Friday?) when I decided to count them..... and there were only 82!!! Unfortunately my little hexinapper refuses to tell me the location of the missing 'puffs and so I am not counting them this week *stamps foot* I will merely show you the new basket I bought for them at the Knitting & Stitching Show. Maybe she won't feel the need to re-home them now? 

There were some amazing things in progress last week so I'm hopping over to Gingerbread Girl's place to see more. Care to join me? 


  1. Good luck finding them all! Who knows, one might pop up in a few years and you'll fondly remember when they were hexipuffnapped.

  2. Ooh, I'd be stamping my feet too. But at least you know she likes them :)
    Lovely hexipuffabasket.


  3. This made me chuckle, it sounds so like an episode from my own household. Your new basket is lovely.

  4. Hee hee... I have similar issues with my projects- especially when they are small they make great rugs and blankets in Maia's dolls house. Im sure they will turn up!!!!

  5. ^^ LOL!!! That cracks me up bigtime. Little ones can be so sneaky. My JO is the same way but she'll tell me where it is and go get it for me.
    I'm sure they'll turn up. Lovely basket.

  6. Aww, that's a shame, lol! Hopefully you'll hit the century by next week though! :)

  7. I can distinctly remember when I was a kid hiding my marbles in my dad's builders sand.....never to be seen again. I'm sure you little one has put them somewhere safe although she might have roped her older brother in to hold them for a sweet ransom!

  8. Lol, I hope you find them all, loving the new basket. Have a good week.xxx

  9. Oh no! 4 missing hexipuffs call the police, get in the dogs they must be found :) lol. I love your basket I need to start looking for something to keep all my hexipuffs in too. Are you still enjoying knitting them, I love it they are just so adorable I can understand why your little one has stolen some for herself. lol. xx

  10. Hope you find them all, I could imagine that would be frustrating! The new home for them is lovely!

  11. My children have grown past the sneak and snatch stage but I often find that my knitterly things have gone astray. The bandits? Two little kitties named melody and aurora!! Happy seeking. Xo

  12. Hopefully I've already found the missinig hexipuffs (lovely word, indeed).

  13. You will be finding puffs tucked into random places forever more!

  14. Well I guess they are just too squisheeee, so that's a good thing right? I would steel them too muuhahahahaha if I got the change ;-). That will make your count increasing a lot next week! Can't wait.

  15. Lovely basket -hope the missing hexipuffs have been found! It's funny how things seem to wander...!

  16. I know it probably wasn't funny to you, but I had a good chuckle reading your post! My 7 year old son is famous for wanting whatever I am working on. He generally turns everything into a frisbee or weapon of some sort! :) Hope you find the missing puffs!

  17. Just imagine next year during spring cleaning, hexipuffs turning up all over the house unexpected ;)


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