'Knitting & Stitching' and some sewing

On Saturday morning, Mum and I met two of my local yarny friends (you may already know them from Ravelry - Christine and Danielle) and we took the train to London for the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. It took us about 2.5 hours to get there and by the time we arrived my face was aching from laughing (pity the poor people on the train, I can only imagine what a night out with these 3 would be like!).

I tried to take some nice pictures, I really did, but my darling mother decided that it would be fun to jump - literally - into the back of EVERY picture. Not just mine, ANYONE'S. If you know someone who went along, ask them to check the background of their pics, it would be fun to find more of them, for she tried to be in as many as she could - a bit like Where's Wally/Waldo.  

There were some great stalls and exhibits there. My favourite stall by far was Rowan /Coats crafts where stunning Amy Butler and Kaffe Fasset fabrics and designs were on display along with some of the lovely knitted items from Love Wool Week (the yudu catalogue is worth a browse!)

As things were spread out so much and many different crafts were represented, it was difficult to find what we wanted - yarn and related items. There didn't seem to be a single stitch marker in the entire place either!! By mid afternoon it was complete chaos - thousands of people trawling hundreds of stands at a snail's pace, narrow aisles, pushchairs and motorised mobility scooters, elderly ladies walking three-abreast in a stop-start manner. None of this was helped by the fact that Danielle and I had purchased some HUGE knitting needles, crochet hooks and blanket scraps to use with them almost as soon as we arrived and had to carry those as well as other purchases around when there really wasn't sufficient space to get through empty-handed *sigh* It meant I left with only half of the things on my list, which you can see here minus a set of 5 different DPNs (... I WILL try knitting socks!) 

Never-the-less it was a lovely "girls" day out and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. I'm glad I went.... although I won't be rushing back to that show on a weekend again. In my opinion, Unravel is FAR better for yarny people, much more civilised and relaxing plus undiluted by lots of other random things (like one stall buying and selling second hand gold, and others selling shoes and blatant copies of Cath Kidston bags!?!). Unravel will certainly be another "day out" and I'm saving my pennies already :) 

So it took all of yesterday to recover ready for the start of Kids Clothes Week Challenge today. If you've missed this, it's hosted over at the Elsie Marley blog and involves spending an hour each day this week to make children's clothing (ETA: you can make them using any method you like, but I'm sewing - kinda!). It's not too late to join in if you fancy it. 

You know, I have such grand plans for sewing - loads of ideas and designs in my head... but sadly I am a useless seamstress and the reality never matches the intention. I *could* learn to sew properly, but I don't intend to do enough of it to make that worthwhile, yet I still felt frustrated when I spent a little over my allotted hour today and am nowhere near to completing my first item. Here is my progress so far - a partially tacked / pinned tunic made from a vintage pillow case. 

Hopefully I'll get to finish it tomorrow. 

So what have you been up to? What are you making this week? 



  1. The craft show sounds.....umm.......fun?
    Your little dress looks lovely so far, the fabric is gorgeous. Does knitting not count for KCWC then?


  2. Hi Becks, you can use any method you like (have edited to say that) but I'm sewing as it's supposed to be quicker :)

  3. Huge craft shows like that are such a mixed bag. It's so cool to see so many people in one place celebrating and enjoying crafts and so many vendors selling their stuff but then it makes it difficult to see everything and enjoy it all and get what you want. It sounds like you made a good day of it though!

  4. Ooh thanks for the link to Unravel - I had no idea about it and it's just down the road. One for the calendar next year!

  5. That looks like an amazingly fun day!!!

  6. I'm very jealous, sounded like great day out, although I have to say I would be totally hacked off with dawdling behind prams etc...

    Lots of food for thought and inspiration, love that big red blanket and the sheep (?) your kids clothes thing looks brilliant, I wish I was better at sewing, I would love to go to a basic dressmaking course, but quite honestly I'm not sure I can fit anything else in!

  7. It sounds pretty cool but ack, that's why I go early to events like that. Glad you scored a few items and at least you had a blast w/your company above!

  8. Looks like you had a great day, Im sorry but I love your sewing frustrations- I have much the same problem- great ideas, poor execution!

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets frustrated with sewing - most people make it look so easy but it's not natural for me! :)

    It would be lovely to hook up with some other people at Unravel in Feb - I did last time - it was so nice to meet an online friend in person and share a cuppa and some cake. I'll post something closer to the time and see who's in!

  10. The crafts market sounds reeeealllly crowded. But theses needles, wow.

    I'm preapring for my patchwork quilt course, writing a tutorial (pages, wonderful programme). It is time consuming but fun. I will show you when it's ready. Sewing is fun too.


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