I used to be a warewolf.....

(.....but I'm alright nooooooOOOOWWWWW! )

Hello lovely people. I hope this post find you well and unscathed this week. What a week it's turned into around here. Between exercise classes at the gym (ouch!), my 'crochet morning' for some local mums, co-ordinating the International Babywearing Week posts over at Natural Mamas Blog, Little Miss keeping me on my toes all day/every day, laundry, cooking, school runs.... I barely know which day it is and I even missed WIP Wednesday yesterday! 

I blame it on the full moon. No, don't laugh, I'm completely serious. I can identify this part of the lunar cycle by the state of My Boy's moods and Little Miss' sleep patterns (she gets incredibly restless and wakes as regularly as a newborn). When these things happen and I lose the smidgen of patience I otherwise have, it is guaranteed that the full moon is about 2 days away - this month was no exception. When I mention this, I am usually met with raised eyebrows and disbelieving looks, but it is absolutely true. I'm not sure if there is some significance that it has been the Hunter's Moon but this week there has been so much upset, tragedy and loss amongst my circle of friends and acquaintances, it seems like there is something powerful at work in nature.

I'm hoping things can just get back to normal now, particularly as a close and much loved family member is awaiting some potentially scary surgery in the next couple of weeks *crosses fingers/ toes/ anything else 'crossable'*

With all this "stuff" going on it's probably little surprise that the Kids Clothes Week Challenge and my other crafty endeavours have been put aside for the last few days (although I can officially report that I'm back to 86 'puffs in the basket - though the others have still not surfaced). 

Since the weekend - when failed to buy the yarn I needed for various projects - I've been trying to figure out what to start next. I'm feeling a NEED for a juicy colourful crochet project. And I also need something bigger than hexipuffs on the needles. The question is..... what? I guess that's me on Pinterest (SO many amazing things on there at the moment!) and Ravelry this evening.

I hope to be back with something colourful and cheery very soon :) 
Take care,


  1. I've actually heard a few people say how the full moon affects them or others, so it obviously has a bigger effect on us than we'd think!

    I hope everything goes ok with your family member btw, and I hope you find something really exciting for your next crochet/knitting project! :)

  2. Come and join Lucy/Heather's ripple along :)

  3. I'm with you on the full moon theory- always notice a difference!

  4. I totally agree with you about the full moon idea - as a teacher, there were so many times that the staff-room discussion would be about how crazy/hyper/nutty the students were that day, then that evening I'd notice the full moon.... I guess the moon affects the water on Earth, and our bodies are mostly water so it may affect us that way...who knows! Might also explain why my two have been sleepless and a bit crazy this week; I hadn't linked the two things!

  5. mmmm, interesting theory. I haven't been sleeping very well and have been very restless this week....maybe I used to be a warewolf too! I also want to have a big project on the hook again. I have a blanket but I want something new! Oh how we love pinterest! I might search a bit :-).

  6. I am with you on that! My sister was a psychiatric nurse and the full moon always made a huge difference with patients on her ward. The enegries at work and home have been all to pot this week.
    Chin up!

  7. My husband is a teacher and he says the full moon makes kids go crazy... My two are always pretty sleepless so Ill probably not notice much different!


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