Friday, 28 October 2011

FO Friday: Some little things (and a little rant)

Yay - it's Friday! That means we have made it to the end of Half Term with my sanity (somewhat) intact. My nerves were incredibly frayed yesterday, but the weekend is now looming and I'm looking forward to a couple of hours ALONE tomorrow. It probably sounds awful - especially if you've never have little kids and therefore may not appreciate the simple things you can do each day - like visiting the loo without an audience, or drinking a whole cup of tea while it's hot, eating a meal without needing to wipe a bottom...etc. 

Since my mum went home on Tuesday, the week has just been incredibly exhausting as I've been solo referee, entertainer, cook, bottom-wiper, 'kiss-better-er', laundry service, taxi, puzzle-helper, general dogsbody/slave. It's hard work and these children TALK ALL DAY - seriously, they never stop - and much of the talking is squabbling. Of course now that they are just getting used to being with each other 24/7 again, the 'holiday' is almost up.

As a result there has been no progress on my larger projects since I posted on Wednesday.... but I did cheer myself with a few little things after the arrival of the latest Mollie Makes (issue 7). Firstly this little mug cosy for D (he likes orange, and it felt appropriately autumnal) which took just a little less than one run-through of Fireman Sam, Let it Snow DVD. I'm still not sure about these as I personally wouldn't like a mouthful of yarn, so I've left a decent "lip-space" in the hope that it may actually be used.

And yesterday, even with lots of interruptions, this little jar cosy was done before Rapunzel saw the lanterns in Tangled, so I got another quick FO fix! 
There was no need to use the pattern, as they are very basic and straightforward - you may recall I'd already shown my sister how to make one of these last week after seeing a picture on Pinterest, but having the magazine there spurred me to actually do it. I didn't read the details as the picture said it all, but I'm sure an absolute beginner would find it a good starting project (as I did with the apple jacket in the first issue). 

While I'm on the subject of Mollie Makes, I am a little bewildered/disappointed that there is a whole section of this month's issue regurgitating the current Toast catalogue. (I already get the catalogue - it IS lovely and it's FREE! - I don't really want to pay to see it again, thank you.)  On the plus side, there are at least some different things to make this time - a knitted option for the cosies being one "new" thing -  but the jury is well and truly out at the moment. I liked the early issues because they were a bit...different. Sadly each issue is now much the same as the others, although the Toast 'padding' may just be a step too far for me to continue to subscribe beyond the end of the year. 

The Mollie Makes blog does sometimes have links to nice things, however, and the Knitted Pumpkin Pattern from 'This Cosy Life' is something I would like to make for our nature table... but I just used up the orange yarn! 

Well that's enough complaining, don't you think? I'll leave you with one more little thing before I head off. Something that really made me smile. 
(The girl is one of my very best WIPs but the costume was from Tesco

Don't forget to have a look at the other FOs at Tami's later today. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, 
(with plenty of quiet time for those who need it!!!) 


  1. Love the cover for the jar, such a cool idea! I may have to do that for myself, I need somewhere to store my hooks. I can completely sympathise with the need for some time for you, a hot cup of tea & uniterrupted toilet break are just heaven sometimes. Our half term hasnt been what i'd hoped as one of my girls had been poorly. xx

  2. Oh I couldn't have put it better myself! I am shattered this half term. Had to take my Littlies to work with me it was relentless. Glad Mr TB back so I have another pair of hands eyes and ears.
    I agree with you, Mollie Makes is nice but half of it is adverts. I'm not sure I want too pay that much for adverts.
    Mug cosy is cute but not as cute as your little kitty.

  3. Love the mug cosy, but love the little kitten more :)
    With you on Mollies Makes. i bought the first two as I didn't want to commit at that stage, then i glanced through issue 3 in the shop and wasn't so fussed. I missed issue 4 entirely and then got issue 5. Looking through issue 5 felt like looking through the ones I already had, nothing really jumped out at me as new. So no, I'm not subscribing. And I doubt I'll buy again either, all the projects seem to be a new take on the previous issues makes rather than truly original. It's very beautiful to look at, but beauty without substance, you know....... Have you tried MAKING magazine. It's the same price but with lots of different projects for the home and it has a different theme each month. This month it is Scandi style.


  4. I'm with you on the Mollie Makes thing - I bought a couple of issues but found it to be a bit repetitive. And as I have no interest in making felt animals, there didn't seem to be a lot of content that appealed to me.

    Love the little labels you put on your jar and cup covers - extra cute touch :)

    And your last few pictures are gorgeous (the costume is cute, but the model steals it!)

  5. I bought one of the Mollie Makes, it seemed a lovely magazine but there wasn't enough in it for me to consider buying it again...hopefully they spruce things up a bit in future!!

    I love the little felt labels you have put on your cosies, they make them extra cute! And the little costume is lovely!

    Hope you enjoy your 'Me' time soon :)

  6. I like Mollie Makes. At first I really loved it but some of the appeal has waned a little so now I regard it as a "nice" magazine, which given the alternatives on the market I will probably keep buying as I think it is worth £4.99 of my money. I have found that this issue didnt take me very long to read through and I cant decide if it contained less than other issues or if I skipped through it.

  7. I was doing quite well on the sanity front until a trip to tesco this morning with my three. I nearly abandoned my trolly and left, but had to trudge thru as there was stuff I needed. As a step of self preservation, I think I may well give swimming a miss tonight for fear of it tipping me over the edge!

    You jar cosy is great, but I'm with you on the mug wool/tea mix and I'm not sure it would be used in this house.

    Your little girl looks like a star - bless her!

  8. Both cozies are great, and thanks for sharing your opinion on Mollie Makes. It's a bit harder to find in the U.S., but now I'm not feeling to worried about that ;).

  9. I haven't been buying Mollie Makes (I prefer Handmade Living), but I've heard the same thing from others. Hopefully they'll listen to feedback and the next issue will improve.

    Your jar and mug cosies are incredibly cute - I love the little labels as well! When I get my craft room sorted, I'm going to have to make me some of them :)

  10. I love the little embroidery on the mug cozy and jar, so sweet.

    A mug cozy is one of the next things I'm making. It's to go with the apple cozy I made for DD1's teacher.

  11. I love the glass jar with your hooks - such a great idea! and I love your little girl's halloween costume =D

  12. Your jar of hooks is so fun and cute. What a great idea. I was thinking about cozies ever since you posted about that mug one. I didn't have any cute jars for my grandmother's needles and dpns.

  13. Those cozies are so cute. I love the little embroidered labels. I have been slightly disappointed in the recent Mollie Makes, too, mainly because it is the same format in every issue. I wish that they would have more projects and less advertisements. Enjoy your quiet few moments to yourself tomorrow. Your kitty girl is adorable and quite the model!

  14. I really am enjoying your blog, and thanks for your comments on mine. I just added you to my reading list. I have been following you from the One-a-day.

  15. I love the jar cozy and your little cutie...well, she is just the 'cats meow'!! :)

  16. Pretty blog! I like your WIP small people. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  17. I love those. The little felt patches really make the project. I hope you are able to get a few moments of peace this weekend!

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog, and the shawlette recommendation. Now I have another contender to add to my list :) Also, I am totally jealous of your hexipuff count. I made exactly one before getting distracted by other projects.

  19. Ohhh love the hook jar cozy might have to make one- Im with you on the wooly lips not really keen on it around my mug!

  20. Love the cosies! And the kitty!


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