Sunday, 4 September 2011

Year of Projects update - major derailment!

Forgive me YoPers, it's been a few weeks since my last update. After the quick succession of little hats, I went away last weekend (forgetting my knitting/crochet!!!!!) and then caught a major dose of Hexipox and when I SHOULD have been working from my list I have instead been making these...

I'm going to be knitting these as part of One a Day so it's intended to be a long-term project, but at the moment (before boredom or impatience set in) I am enjoying them so much I haven't started anything else.

So that's my update which is really no update at all, but I'll leave you with a little reminder of my YoP finished objects so far (because it makes me feel a bit less slack!) 

Oh and before I go...
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Hope you have a great week! 


  1. Hey Sarah .. you're not slack - stop beating yourself around. You're doing great with the YoP and indeed you are a very brave woman taking on the One a Day challenge as well. I looked at it but thought I'd spare myself the stress but it did motivate me and I've decided to try to do a round a day on my Wooleater afghan which (I think) is on my list. Actually I think I've changed my list a few times but I figure the main things is to keep motivated, keep crochet/knitting and keep blogging. I'm loving this YoP. Have a great week.

  2. Hello Sarah

    Your hexipuffs make me smile. They are lovely. I won't start with them, although one a day sounds reasonable.

    I'm into crocheted flowers at the moment. Have a look at my new blog, where you can see my projects. It's in German and English. (

  3. I see loads of people have been caught up in the hexipuff mania. Yours looks so pretty.

    I have also joined the one a day group in order to keep me motivated for two blankets.

  4. I always run with the any case of finishitis I get. Usually because I am so much more prone to startitis.

    The puffs are cute, as are your kids

  5. I love the Hexipuffs. The finished product is such a wonderful idea. I have it bookmarked for something to do when I get closer to finishing my YoP's.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Ohhhh Hexipox! That does seem quite contagious! It's good to hear that you're enjoying them. I could see that they'd be a good way to use up sock yarn scraps, but I wasn't too sure if it was fun to do!

  7. You went away and forgot your knitting/crocheting? How in the world did that happen? I often take more time packing--deciding what to pack yarn wise then I do the packing packing. lol

    What will you be using the little balls for?

  8. All your wonderful color choices really speak to me. Happy knitting!

  9. So pretty! I suspect you'll have it finished in a slightly shorter long-term, if that makes sense. It's not a derailment, more of a scenic diversion.

  10. wow lots of lovely hexapuffs :) i caught "hexipox" (love that!) this week as well - not nearly as productive as you though!

  11. I love your hexipuffs! I made I giant crochet one last week lol (bulky wool, 7mm hook, it's huge!) I think everyone's been bitten by the bug. I love your finished blanket :)

  12. Love your hexipuffs! Great colors. I am feeling a case of hexipox coming on soon!

  13. You have more completed objects than me, so I don't think you are slacking off at all. I just looked at the Rav page for the Bee Keepers quilt--oh my! That is a lot of puffs!

  14. Love the colours. I think it's time for me to check out the group on Rav. Even though I have been warned that I will be mocked if I start one of these.

  15. ...I have the crochet version of the hexapuff pattern saved in my Ravelry library, but I haven't tried one yet---I'm afraid I'll get addicted! I think they're adorable, and yours are looking great.

  16. I love your granny blankie! So bright and cheerful...

  17. Your puff look good, I am thinking about joining the one a day but trying to resist :D

  18. I'm trying so hard to resist the puff mania, but then I see cute photos like yours and want to give it a go!

  19. Your finished projects are all lovely, and the hexis are great too!

  20. Sometimes the best thing that can happen is to get derailed into a project that you're really adoring!

  21. I can see how those little hexipoxes can be addictive!

  22. How cute are these? I can totally understand that they may be addictive! Have fun with them and don't worry - you'll catch up with your YoP list in no time!


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