Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WIP Wednesday (21/09/11): Fiddly Little Things

Hello there. I've been fiddling about with a few things this week, so there are actually some WIPs to show you! 

First up, from my Year of Projects list, the start of a Birdy - it's based on this pattern from Attic 24. Having already made a (Mutant chicken) variation of this with too many increases - in error the first time around - I decided that I actually like the shape of the body with those increases and replicated it for this smaller more colourful version. There are also some more Tiny Bunnies in the making. 

I updated on my Beekeeper's Quilt progress yesterday and a few people asked how many 'puffs I'm planning to make. The answer is I don't really have a planned number,  I'll just keep making them until I feel done with it so it could end up for a single bed, a kingsize bed, or if I tire of it quickly (unlikely) as a cushion pad for a window-seat! At this point I just don't know. 

For that reason I also don't know how many other colours will be included or what shape it'll be or anything else, and so won't be joining it up until it's "done". It's really nice to be working on something that's for the pleasure of making each constituent part, rather than thinking about how far through a pattern I am or when it will be done. It's quite liberating. One thing is for sure, it won't be snuggling anyone this winter - but at some point in the next year it will be finished. 

One comment yesterday from Shona Easton (of the lovely Easton bags I have mentioned before) was that I must have lots of patience to make these - this was a complete shocker as in everyday life, this is the one quality I do not possess at all. I've written about the meditative power of knitting before, perhaps it's also patience-giving :) 

Finally, I've been wanting a short sleeve sweater for this chilly-but-not-cold autumn weather and chose this lovely pattern last week. For some (crazy) reason I decided an inexpensive washable yarn would be a good option and had a 400g ball of Aran wool in an acrylic/wool mix in the cupboard. I cast on immediately, but stopped after a few rows. I really don't think I can knit with it - it just doesn't feel very nice. 

Not sure whether it's worth knitting a bit more to see if I change my mind or not....? What would you do? 

At the moment I have LOADS of ideas of things I want to make, I just need to add about 4 or 5 more hours to each day or stop needing sleep, and then I'll be fine! 

Well that's it from me for today, but there are lots more WIPs at Tami's.



  1. I like the pattern. But I wouldn't knit with a material that doesn't feel nice. There is much work in a sweater even with short sleeves. The colour is lovely though.

  2. I've used similar yarn, and while it is not the softest to work with, it does soften up in the washer/dryer. But if you hate working with it, then that defeats the soothing properties of knitting! It's nicer to wear than to knit, if that helps at all!

  3. I think I'd go with your gut on the yarn. Find a yarn that you truly love to work with for the project! Everything's looking lovely ...

  4. Love your hexi-puffs collection. The F.O. will be awesome when you're done ... no matter what you make.

    As for the yarn -- I've had the same experience with other kinds of yarn -- what I do is put it aside for a project that it fits. If you're not having fun knitting it, the project becomes a chore rather than be a joy.

  5. Love your puff colors...and your birdy colors! I would put aside that yarn as well. Too little time in life to be knitting with yarn you're not enjoying!!

  6. The purple yarn is so pretty. Did you knit a gauge swatch that you could wash and see how it feels? Some not so soft yarns when washed soften up quite a bit.

  7. all your wips look so fun and colourful! Can't wait to see the Bee Keepers hexipuff blanket.

  8. Love the birdie, but ZOMG the tiny bunnies just killed me with cute. Seriously. SO cute. Your puffs are looking great, too. I'm hosting a sock yarn swap starting soon for this very project if you'd like to play along. I can't wait to start it!

  9. If you already don't like it, it ain't getting any better. Scrap it and find something you like to knit with. I am on my second sweater in Wool-Ease. I can't believe how it makes my finger joints ache! But, I already did the first one in WE, so the second to match has to be the same.

  10. All your projects look beautiful
    And I would stop as well!!

  11. What do you do w/the birdies? Hang them around?
    I love all those little hexipuffs. How will they be sewn together?
    Love that colorway for your cardi. I thought that cardi pattern was very cute.

  12. I like your birdy and bunnies :) and I think the hexipuffs look really good to make, not having a limit except for tiring out on them.

    That pattern for the sweater looks really nice, if you aren't keen on the wool...I would change it, because its your instincts telling you that its you want it to be lovely when its done :)

  13. Your hexipuffs are cute. I'm in love with that granny square blanket behind it.

    Those bunnies are adorable. Now, I want to make an army of mini disapproving bunnies to go with the real disapproving bunnies here.

  14. The birdy and bunnies are going to be adorable. I love the colors of the birdy. What a fun pattern. Your hexipuffs are looking fantastic. I love how you described the project because that is how I feel about it too. Sometimes it is relaxing and freeing to just knit and not have a deadline or exact goal in mind. As far as the Abigail sweater, I think that if you are not enjoying the process of knitting with the yarn, then you probably won't enjoy wearing the finished product. Go with a yarn that you like.

  15. Love the colors you've chosen for the birdie ornament.. its been on my radar for quite sometime.. and, I love seeing the various beekeeper's quilt that everyone is making..

  16. I love the colours for your birdy - it's going to be so cheerful and cute! And I think I'd find another yarn for the sweater if it's not nice to knit with - I can't imagine it getting any better. Shame though, it's a lovely colour!

    Oh, I'm so with you on having so many ideas of things you want to make - I think I have enough ideas to plan out my next few years with ease, lol. And I'm definitely all for more hours in the day... if only ;)

  17. Sympathies on the yarn dilemma. I have a pink King Cole that is beautiful, but refuses to crochet nicely at all. It will knit up nicely, but I just have to find the moral strength to frog the crochet for the 70gazillionth time. Not fun.

    Enjoy all your hexipuffing!

  18. What a lovely post of lovely projects! Stop knitting with yarn that doesn't feel good or make you happy. I think we knitters need to acknowledge that all our effort deserves good quality, happy-making materials from needles to yarn. And remember, you'll be wearing this lovely sweater in the end so the yarn you use is not one to skimp on! Happy knitting....

  19. Wow! Love the colours! The sweater-to-be looks great, but if you don't enjoy using the yarn I would stop because before you know it you're halfway and end up with an UFO (unfished object). I have a link party at my blog right now. I would love it if you linked up one of your projects. Have a nice day!

  20. It may change texture when washed, it depends on how close to your skin you'll wear it too. If it's over a long sleeved top or blouse it wouldn't matter. Your call I'm afraid but if your really unhappy just stop.
    Lots of lovely hexipuffs!!!! I bet they are making you happy :)

  21. colourful WIPs's.. birdies, bunnies.. fun!


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