Monday, 19 September 2011

The Tiny Bunnies Movement & a miniature ta-dah!

Toddlerwearing in the
Autumn sunshine
Hello all. It's a super sunny Monday here, absolutely glorious outside - especially as I'm looking "out there" from in here, where I'm cosy and warm with a cup of Nettle & Fennel Tea and Little Miss is sleeping. 

I was planning to keep this post until Friday as it contains a little 'Finished Object', but I can't - I'll just have to make some more before then! 

You may have already spotted a link on my Facebook page to the Tiny Bunnies Movement (Ravelry group) which I came across on a blog post last week. If you didn't see it, The Tiny Bunnies Movement is devoted to encouraging knitters to brighten strangers’ days by knitting up miniature bunnies and leaving them with notes for people to find in random places. Isn't that just an awesome idea?! It's yarn-bombing on  a tiny scale. And I figured even someone with not much time for ANOTHER thing to knit would be able to give it a go. 

So last night, after my daily hexipuff was done, I found a bit of scrap alpaca (bunnies have to be fluffy, right?) left over from a headwrap and got to work using this free pattern - there are others to choose from including a few crochet options too, and they are all listed on the TBM group page. 

Within about 15 minutes I had made this little fluffy ball...

... which a short while later become the first little bunny! 

I made a couple of modifications to the way I finished him off including the addition of a sewn nose (I'll make the next one smaller) but I think he's rather cute. As for leaving him to be found somewhere, well I'll need to make more for that as Little Miss has claimed this one as her pet and has been stroking him and feeding him all afternoon. 

I am not completely immune to his charms myself! 

Oh and I've just discovered they fit perfectly in the plastic eggs you get in Kinder Surprise, which could be a good way to deposit them safely somewhere with a little note inside - and also a great excuse to eat some chocolate :) 



  1. So cute! Love the idea of leaving cute little knitted things to brighten people's days.

  2. The little bunny is so cute. I wouldn't have guessed. :-)

  3. So incredibly cute I don't think the work cute is enough to describe it

  4. These are too cute! Putting them in plastic easter eggs is a great idea. I'm going to check out the patterns. Thanks for the link.

  5. Saw these on a blog yesterday and thought they were a brilliant idea....I have a feeling, like you I'd have to make a fair few for my boys before I could leave them anywhere!

  6. What a great idea! I love your little bunny. Have fun with that!

  7. That first picture reminds me a lot of Boo, from Monsters Inc? Those pigtails were a dead giveaway ;)

  8. I am definitely going to make some bunny's. Too cute, and you could use them for loads of stuff!

  9. Oh this is just so adorable, what a cute and kind idea to be a part of. I am away to start investigating The Tiny Bunnies Movement! I love the name!!!

  10. The bunny is very cute! Love the shadow picture and the little pigtails. So sweet.

  11. What a neat little project! Your bunny turned out too cu-ute! Tell us where you'll leave them and if they've disappeared.

  12. The bottom photo makes him loook the most adorable, it just looks like he is looking up at you with the big cute eyes...

    I am not immune to his charms!!


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