Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One a Day - Week 4 update: Shocking discoveries

with Gingerbread Girl

For today's picture I thought I'd try laying my 'puffs on the bed in the guest room. 

My first shock was the discovery of a GIGANTIC spider laying on the bed *shudder*
The second was when I realised a bed-sized quilt WOULD ACTUALLY TAKE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Seriously, it would take much longer than a year - even though I've managed 14 this week, and I don't think I have the patience for that. So it's highly unlikely my 'puffs will adorn a bed - at least not a Kingsize one. I'm now looking around the house for other things that may look nice covered in smooshy puffy goodness. So far the hallway bench is looking a good candidate, as is the back of the Cwtch sofa.

I also think some paler 'puffs are needed as there are a lot of dark colours -  the hunt for suitable yarns will take place at the Knitting & Stitching Show 2011 in a couple of weeks time (anyone else going?)

WEEK 4 TALLY: 66 Hexipuffs
YARNS: Various sock yarns inc Nimu Torva, 
Knitting Goddess Mini-skeins, Noro Kureyon and Regia
and some Patons Dreamtime 4ply 

I'll be back tomorrow to show you my first ever crochet garment work in progress *squee* xxxx


  1. I can quite see that a bed sized one of these might be a lifetimes work! I think it would be lovely on a bench though because you would actually get to see a lot of it as you walked past (if you catch my drift).
    Love the colours, I'll be interested to see what you add.

  2. What happened to the spider? Did you tuck it in with the hexipuff blanket? Seeing that your kids love playing with them you could embroider them with letters of the alphabet and numbers...? Or you could make your own hexipuff scrabble? There is a fab board game in Germany that involves hexipuff shaped playin stones. You have about the right amount. You just need to make the board now. Wibke x

  3. Gosh,you do need a lot to make a quilt, they are lovely though. I look forward to see what you decide. Deb xxxx

  4. I like the idea of embroidering them with letters and numbers, if you decide not to make the quilt.

  5. Your hexipuffs look great, I love all the colours but agree that some light ones will look good too. I think a small one would look great on a bench or settle, especially those colours against natural wood. What you need is one of those high backed welsh skews.

    We have had some mahusive spiders in the past couple of weeks, my oldest called daddy upstairs to come get one which he described as the size of a tarantula, bu actually it was huge!

  6. Oh my ... and then at the end do you have to seam all of these puffs together??

  7. mmmm yes see what you mean about "taking forever"! they would look awesome on a bench though!, look forward to your WIP tomorrow :) xx

  8. The bench, definitely the bench. :-)

  9. Ooooft! Yeah that would take you forever to do a big bed....although I agree with the bench idea, maybe you should take a photo of this in each of your location ideas and see where your readers like it most?

    You are doing pretty good with it though, 66!!

  10. LOL'ed at your revelation. Great that you have alternatives to color! They are just so cute; I want to pick each of them up and finger their yarn and smoosh them about.
    Bebe is beautiful; love her chubby bebe legs.

  11. Chair pads? They would be cute on your kitchen table chairs.

  12. They look fab, but yes, it is going to take a while to make enough to cover the bed! On a bench would look lovely :)

    We've had rather a lot of mahoosive spiders here too, they seem to like our bathroom.....

  13. Wowee that would take such a long time! They do look fabulous all together though.

  14. Your puffs look so cool! And I agree; a few lighter colors might really brighten up the whole thing :)
    I just started on my hexipuffs today, the crocheted version mind you, and I love making them! (even though I've only made one so far)

  15. They look so cute, I just want to squish them! I can imagine that an entire bed's worth would take a loooooot of knitting!

  16. I'd say make a double sided pillow cover for the sofa. I can't imagine making enough of these to cover a bed! Eeek to the big spider. We've had a few larger than normal ones here and yuck yuck yuck!

  17. It's definitely that spider time of year!! I do love the hexipuffs but can see it will take an awful lot to cover a bed. Chair pads maybe? I think they'd look great, in fact I may have to try one out just to see... Judy x

  18. I love your hexipuffs! They're so cute :)
    How did you get those cool WIP and FO Ravelry badges? I want them!

  19. Wow you have made a lot progress, I can imagine though that it would take a long time to finish a whole quilt. Having said that, it would make an awesome quilt in the end. Maybe you could make it for a single bed?

  20. Ah! 44 and only so big.. oh my goodness a whole bed cover would be a dedicated life-times one-a-day! Now just what did you bribe your little girl with to get her to leave them alone long enough to take the photo? I bet she threw them all over just seconds later! I think you should make a bag and give them to her for throwing / colour sorting, soft building... or maybe just sew them into a beautiful pillow for her to treasure forever :)x

  21. Oh gosh, it really is going to take a looong time to make enough to cover a bed! I like the idea of the back of the sofa though - it'll look all snug and comfy, you'll get to see it lots, and it'll be perfect there for the chillier days and nights when you want to snuggle up under something warm! :)

  22. Oh goodness it will take forever,:) i'm going to try and make mine as a lap blanket to cuddle on the couch with. I'm loving your hexipuff they are so well done, very cute.

  23. Oh dear, can't say I blame you for looking for a smaller project for these puffs!!! I think they will make a great bench cover!

  24. Your puffs are gorgeous (and I really like the dark colours), but I'd be daunted by a king sized bed size quilt too! Can't wait to see your first crochet project :)

  25. I know it's daunting, but just imagine how TOTALLY AWESOME a bed sized blanket would be. My Garden Granny Blanket it going to be King Size and will blantently not ready until next winter, but I'm ok with that (I think) he he!
    Kier x

  26. goodness me your going to need a lot of hex puffs for that bed! they do look totally gorgeous though and very unique.


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