Tuesday, 6 September 2011

One a Day... or maybe more!

I am delighted to be joining Carole and the rest of the One a Day group for my first OFFICIAL OaD post! To be a part of the group, you just pick a project you intend to work on each day - it can be knitting or crochet - and then update us on it each week. Simple!

If you're visiting from the group for the first time, a great big hello and welcome to you! Regular readers will already know about my One a Day project as this past week I've been smitten by a case of Hexipox! 

The pattern is The Beekeeper's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits and I'm using a selection of different yarns - some are scraps left over from other projects, and some have been purchased for this - I haven't been knitting long enough to have very many scraps so I'm going to need to buy plenty more before I have enough hexipuffs for any size of quilt! 

The plan is to make at least one a day and, until yesterday when I produced a solitary 'puff, most days have been more productive (these are perfect to make whilst watching TV, waiting around for the kids, while they're at softplay etc). 

WEEK 1 TALLY: 24 Hexipuffs 
(+ 2 on the needles) 

I've been trying to take some nice photos, but as fast as I can lay them out, Little Miss is pinching them and saying "they are SO squishy, I LOVE Hexipuffs!" Probably my own fault for letting her stuff them and practice counting by putting them in and out of a bucket, but you live and learn.

This is the best 'group shot' I could manage *sigh*

Ravelry Project notes can be found here. 
I'll be posting a quick Hexipuff tally each Tuesday and hope that by this time next year I may have enough to make something with. Click on the image below to visit the list of other participants and catch up with what they are making.

I'll be back tomorrow for WIP Wednesday and if you haven't already entered my Craft Book Giveaway, you can find the details here

Wishing you a lovely day with much nicer weather than ours :)


  1. Ooh look at all your puffs. I think I may have to give in and have a go at these puffs (though that will be knitting and I'm not so good at knitting) I love the idea of doing one a day too :)

  2. oooo I like Hexipuffs! That's going to a gorgeous quilt. Alice over at Crochet With Raymond contacted me to tell me about this group so I joined at the weekend (although I haven't had time to sort anything out yet)

  3. Hexipuffs madness! Aaah I love them so much it hurts! I want to make the blanket too! Really beautiful. But, I will be strong and finish up some other things first ;-).

    Thanks for the blog hopping to my little world :-D. What a nice story about the chair. I am curious about the fabric now! You should share a picture of it, who doesn't love old pretty furniture?

    The weather here is horrible, rain, wind, more rain. I guess autumn has started here. Perfect for crochet and a hot cup of coco!

  4. The more of these you do, the more I love them, and the yarns you've been using so far are gorgeous! I love your last 'group shot' btw and how you can just see a little hand creeping into the shot, waiting to pounce I'm guessing?! :)

  5. Sarah, they look lovely. My kids are quite taken with the hexapuffs too! I've 'lost' the couple of knitted ones I did!

  6. They are very cute and look very squishy :) I can see why your daughter would love them!

  7. Your hexipuffs are really cute, I love them too! I hadn't realised they were stuffed how brilliant will that be?!

  8. I think hexipuffs are beyond my meagre knitting skills but I love them and so would my two little girls!

  9. Those look like a lot of fun to count!!

  10. Such great squishy colors to work with and hold!

  11. crochet with raymond6 September 2011 at 22:30

    she is so cute, Hexipuff addict! they're looking amazing, you've done so many!!!!! I liked your soapboxing on my post by the way! It's nice to hear an alternative story rather than must buy this, must raise your baby that way, we are so programmed and the voices of people who do it other ways are often over-ridden, feel free to soapbox anytime!

  12. Your hexipuffing is impressive, I have yet to start my blanket, but bought the cotton today, so tomorrow is looking good to start. I think you should get on and knit big numbers so your little girl has plenty of scope to learn her numbers!

  13. Danielle@astashaddicts6 September 2011 at 23:23

    A is too cute!! they look fab!! xx

  14. Knit faster! I can't wait to see the finished blanket! :)x

  15. ooooh!!! I've admired this pattern from afar for awhile! Yours is looking beautiful! Keep it up!


    p.s. you have amazing photos!

  16. They look great, and using them for counting games is a great idea, I might make some for my niece as a gift just for that

  17. I love these hexapuffs,isn't it a great idea. I shall be joining in next week.xxx


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