Friday, 9 September 2011

FO Friday: Something VERY small

So on Wednesday I banned myself from further hexipuffing until I'd made some baby booties. There's nothing like a bit of motivation ...... 

Needles: 3mm

This is a very nice pattern - it's really easy and quick - but I would prefer to have made something in the round with this yarn - I don't really like seams in variegated yarn, in fact, I don't like seams at all.
Edited: Thanks go to Christine for sending me this link - for the alternative version of the pattern (knitted in the round!) 

Unfortunately, they also came out tiny! I'm sure that no full-term baby would fit into these so I'm going to have to make another pair. These will have to wait a few months until Kiki is finished (the kit arrived earlier in the week so the head should be in progress over the weekend but I will need to wait for 2 more magazine issues until I get to her feet!) and if they won't fit her, they may be frogged to become little smooshy geometric shapes *grin*

Talking of which, the mini-skeins arrived from The Knitting Goddess and they are GORGEOUS!  Even My Boy was quite taken by them ("wow - are they knitted dreadlocks for ME?") There will certainly be more of these coming our way. 

After spotting some fab knits yesterday I'm feeling inspired to get working on something other than the Beekeeper's Quilt. The White Stuff have some gorgeous ladies' knits in-store and Mini-Boden has some fab kids' woollies as well as an entire section of the catalogue shot amidst shelves of yarn! So this weekend I'll also be back to pattern-searching and pinning things on Pinterest


Little Miss is looking incredibly cute today, so I'm off to kiss her now. 

 The usual Finished Objects at Tami's Amis seems to have been delayed by a powercut.  
Please remember to enter my craft book giveaway over the weekend 
as the winner will be selected on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend! 



  1. I actually said 'awwwwwwww' out loud when I seen this photo, those little booties are adorable! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the things you make, so consider me a bloggy follower :)

  2. Aww, such cute booties. And the new yarn looks fab too!

    I keep seeing knitwear in the shops and have discovered that I can't buy it any more. As soon as I see something, I immediately think "yeah but I could make it" ;)

  3. These little shoes are so cute! I love them! Have fun pattern searching, I will also be pattern searching, I want to make my husband socks for Christmas, but I've never knitted socks before so looking for an easy pattern! Fingers crossed! Have a good weekend!

  4. I'm not usually a baby booties fan, but I love that particular parttern. Such a sweet shape, and the straps-and-buttons are darling. Also, your mini-skeins are so droolworthy.

  5. I keep planning to make those booties, just never get around to it! Maybe I should wipe up a pair for the baby shower I am going to on Sunday?

  6. Congratulations on getting the booties done! And staying away from the hexipuffs.

    Those mini skeins are so amazing. Have opened up the Knitting Goddess site to see what she has.

  7. those booties are super cute. great job!

  8. The booties, the yarn, everything in this post is so gorgeous. I've been spending a lot of time on pinterest this week. Just what I need, another internet addiction!

  9. The booties are so adorable! And wow, your mini skeins are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Those little shoes are so cute !!!!!! I love those mini skeins, thanks for the link. Do you know how many hexipuffs you would get from one skein? Thanks Deb.xxxxx


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