Sunday, 11 September 2011

A 'cheep' attempt at a Year Of Projects post!

Hello. Hope you all had a good weekend and those suffering from bad weather, power-cuts or hurricanes are safely in one piece! 

I'd planned to start this post with some colourful pictures from the Wisborough Green Balloon Festival, but sadly it was cancelled due to a forecast of severe weather - such a shame as it was very calm and bright this afternoon when I took the little ones to a birthday party at Holmbush Farm.  (You may have noticed we spend a lot of time at farms - I should probably explain that we live in a rural area, and aside from knitting or visiting farms there's not really a great deal to do!!!!)

So we got back from the party, D finished up his work for the day and put a joint of beef in the oven and it dawned on me that another Sunday was here without any Year of Projects progress (again!) *EEK!* 

I set about remedying it immediately....

.... and managed to knit MOST of my first Chubby Chirp before our roast dinner was ready. Unfortunately that was as far as I got as I then consumed half a bottle of Merlot and now want to curl up on the sofa with some hexipuffs and some trashy TV.  I shall finish it this week *crosses heart* 

The great news is that I am LOVING double pointed needles. Having learned to use circulars and the Magic Loop method as soon as I started knitting I hadn't attempted DPNs until I used three for the Beekeeper's Quilt and having used four of them for the chick body I can confirm that I love them! I'll be getting more. 

So that's it for today, but before I go one final call for my craft book giveaway - the winner will be randomly selected tomorrow. Head on over to the giveaway post for all the details and a review of the books on offer! 


  1. I do that too sometimes, start a project the day its post is due. No worries at all. Crafting is important for your sanity and soul. But ohana time is priceless. You are such a devoted mum and a wonderful woman at heart.

  2. I can't wait to see you knit more!!the pattern looks cute!

    Oooooo lots of needles, that looks complicated!

  3. The chirp is bound to look great! I wish I could say the same about DPNs. I just hate them. I love circular, though :)

  4. Lots of luck. Sounds a bit stressful starting something when it's due, lots of luck to you.

  5. I have some dpns waiting for the last few rounds of this hat - I honestly can't wait to try them! Cute chick pattern :)

  6. Chubby chirps = adorable! Way to add to my list!

    I love DPNS - can't stand the twisting plastic wire on circs. If you're looking for small sizes for something like socks I can't say enough good things about Blackthorns. They're nice and pointy, they feel like wood when you're knitting, they come in sets of five and THEY DON'T BREAK!

  7. I used DPNs, then went to two circs, and now the Magic Loop. Recently I need to use one of the methods and found myself preferring the DPNs. That surprised me, since I much prefer circs to DPNs. Love the yarn you are using.

  8. Your chirp looks like it is almost there. Nice.

  9. Crochet with Raymond12 September 2011 at 04:41

    ooh a chubby chirp! Can't wait to see! I've made a bunny nugget and they are so much fun!
    I have no idea how to do a magic loop but I love my DPNs, I knit inside out when I use them, everyone thinks it's really strange but I like being able to knit the whole time and not purl :oD
    Have a lovely day XXX

  10. Chubby chirp rocks! Really look forward to seeing him with his features attached.
    I like DPN's but I can't get the hang of knitting with only a few stitches on them :(

  11. Glad you had beef for supper not roast chicken that would have been so wrong! How don't the stitches fall off the DPNs ? We are rural too but living on a farm makes it not such an exciting day out!

  12. Well, considering that you only just cast that little beauty on while the joint was roasting, you should feel quite pleased! As for DPNs, I adore them. Circular needles are great but there's something really magical about DPNs.

  13. LOL I am so glad I am not the only one who starts projects the day we are to post!!


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