Wednesday, 17 August 2011

WIP Wednesday 17/08/11 & a confession

Happy Wednesday! Firstly I must say a huge thanks to everyone for the lovely anniversary wishes on Monday. I spent the afternoon at Fishers Farm with the kids as D was working in London - by the time he got home we only had a couple of hours together but we enjoyed a delicious Takeaway and a bottle of something bubbly. Not the perfect anniversary, but beggars (ie people with small kids, no babysitter and limited time) can't be choosers. 

And so onto a little confession..... I am *whispers* a very nosy person. There, I said it. Peeking into other people's lives and having a rummage - even if it's just a visual one - is a favourite pass-time these days. This is one of the main reasons I follow lots of other blogs (and why I enjoy the posts via Tami's Amis where I get to see everyone's crafts too). 

I LOVE to see all your pictures and to have a glimpse into so many different worlds - crafts, homes, families, surroundings, holiday destinations - ALL of it. So fascinating! 

You can imagine how intrigued I have been this week as Britmums posted on Twitter to ask "What's in your handbag?". I've loved looking at the contents of other people's bags - all those hand sanitiser pumps, earbuds, purses.... So in the interests of fair play, here's mine: 
Name: Sarah
Number of children: 2 (aged 2 and 5) 
Date of photo: Wednesday 17th August 2011

Top row (L to R): Boden dust-cover pouch containing knitting (see below*), 
Yellow vintage silk scarf (for any Hilda moments) 
Vaseline Original (I prefer the Cocoa version but washed it in my jeans pocket and can't find a replacement anywhere) 
"Ouch Pouch" containing arnica, plasters, paracetamol, mini nail clippers, etc

Bottom row: Bendy plastic straw
Louis Vuitton wallet
Nature Babycare wipes 
(the only wipes I can tolerate and it's always only the last 1/4 of a pack in my bag)
Hand sanitiser 
Small carton of juice
Notepad and pen

Missing: iPhone used to take the photo

*The knitting pouch contains my current Work in Progress - the Noro scarf that I've been twiddling with again this week. I managed another 8" or so last night but have been otherwise busy with another little gift that I can't show you yet ;) 

This is looking more and more like a poodle with each photo, isn't it? Or someone with REALLY curly hair that has tried to brush it flat and slick it down. Do you know what I mean? Well I've ordered some blocking wires so hopefully it'll look different by the time it's finished. Which I am now trying to do before I start anything else - although My Boy's hat yarn was calling quite loudly from the table in the Cwtch and I've had to hide it away for the time-being. 

I do hope you're having a lovely (and productive) week - as soon as the kids are abed I'll be perusing all the other WIP posts. Bye for now x


  1. That scarf rocks!!!! And with every photo I'm loving it more. The colour combo is just divine. So much so, I think I'm going to get some.

  2. Love the "in my handbag" photo - mine's so full of rubbish that I don't know if I dare take a picture though!

    Scarf is looking so fabulously colourful, I love it :)

  3. I don't even own a handbag! I have a workbag that is full of nursey/worky stuff but not a handbag!

    I love the scarf - tip from someone who messed up with the blocking wires - remember you work stretches, so you may need to use more wires than you think!

  4. Love the purse contents! It can say a lot about a person. Obviously you are a mom prepared for all occasions!

  5. I'm LOVing the scarf - the colours are just gorgeous! And your handbag contents photo is great - I'd be far too embarrased with the mess in mine to take a photo of it, lol :)

  6. Actually, I'd like to see the actual handbag too LOL. No old receipts ? No fuzz ? No sweetie wrappers ? LOL
    Check out Folksy for some nice cocoa lip balms ...

  7. Well, consider me well and truly inspired, I have joined the ravelry year of project group, and I AM going to be better organised! Thanks for your lovely comments on my paintings, I go through fits and starts with painting and to be honest have found crochet to be a major distraction as it is all I can think of! With having kids your 'me' time can be fairly pressured and sometimes things get put to one side for a while, I'm sure your sketching will come back (like riding a bike) I love to do portraits, but don't often find anyone who wants to sit for long enough! Thanks for your inspirational blog, now I must go and put my list of projects together...this could take some time!

  8. LOVE your Louie wallet. I should use mine more often even tho I don't really tote around the designer purses much. Love the Kindle cover; thought it was an organizer. Smart to carry an "ouch" pouch around. I need to do that as my youngest is accident prone.

  9. Alice and Raymond17 August 2011 at 20:51

    the scarf is looking very lovely! Not at all like a poodle! :OD
    It IS fun seeing in other peoples handbags huh! Mine is quite sparse I'm guessing because I don't have kids... I like that you have a straw and juice in yours, that is the ultimate in preparation! :OD
    Have a wonderful day lovely Sarah! XXX



  11. Your scarf is looking lovely hon, wouldn't dare photo in my handbag its all old receipts, nappies and wet-wipes ;)

  12. what a great idea to put together an ouch pouch I love the idea. So simple yet really obvious once seen.

  13. Love the purple and pinks in your scarf. Surprised your handbag doesn't contain a ton of old receipts and used tissues. Mine does.

  14. The scarf's looking awesome - I predict it's going to block beautifully.

  15. Oh your scarf is flying off your needles. I laughed when you called it the French Poodle, that's so right.

    I want to go and see what's in everyone's handbag, but really after seeing how organised your is, I so can't tip out the contents of mine.

  16. Morning! Thanks for your comments.

    As for the handbag, I regularly change my handbag (sometimes daily) to match my outfit *blush* so no, no old tissues, fluff, receipts etc. I'm quite particular about that.

    @ my lovely little sister Natasha - when you mostly have a 2 year old as your only company and conversation you'll be surprised where you can get your kicks! :)

    Thanks for the tips on the blocking wires and the cocoa lipbalm - off to check those out now - and all the lovely comments on the poodle scarf :)

  17. The colors, those pinks and purples are luscious and then some.

  18. How fun! I'm nosy too, and love finding out what other people find it essential to carry around. It's made me go and check my own handbag! I'm also loving your scarf. Everyone has commented on it I'm sure, but is so deserves it. Lovely work. I can't wait to see it completed and blocked. Blocking really brings out the life in things!


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