Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WIP Wednesday (03/08/11) - Scarftastic!

The blog-gods have been conspiring against me for well over a week but I shan't dwell on that, other than to say IT'S SO GOOD TO BE BACK and I'm delighted to report we had harmonious and (relatively) relaxing time... but were all glad to come back to our lovely home on Monday night. Just as it should be, I think.

Of course I am still trying to catch up with the week's worth of laundry as well as having both kids to entertain and D working upstairs in his edit-suite on the Superman:Requiem fanfilm - that's his trailer in the link, and now he's cutting the feature. So it's a full and busy house this week!

I've managed to catch up with a few of my favourite blogs (and many more to go) and have been blown away by the beauty and speedy production of Alice's Gypsy Caravan Blanket - if you don't already read Crochet With Raymond, you might want to take a peek - but be warned, it'll make you want to get hooking some grannies! And I also fancy this gorgeous blanket tute from Sarah London which has just been added to the long list of 'must make's despite there being little action on my projects this week so far. 

Which brings me on to the reason you're probably reading this - it's WIP Wednesday! I have only two things to show you - both scarves. First up the crochet scarf I should have blogged on Sunday for Year of Projects, but was unable to.
There has been very little change in this since the last picture a few weeks ago. I managed a few more flowers at the start of our holiday but as crafting was mostly limited to sitting on the park bench or in the pub garden it was easier to knit than to carry around the two large cakes of yarn and scissors etc necessary for this. I like it more each time I look at it, but don't feel in any hurry to finish it whilst we are at the height of our Summer.

I already introduced the 'feather & fan' / 'old shale' scarf (I'm not sure of the difference) in the only post I did manage on Sunday, and that has grown a bit as the Noro is light enough to knit whatever the weather.

The colours are nicer than I'd hoped (I think this colourway - S240 - has been discontinued?) but the irregularities do make for messy looking knitting - that left edge is quite annoying and I hope blocking will be sufficient to make it look straight, as I'm intending this as a gift.

On close inspection it looks like this is happening whenever there is very thick yarn changing to skinny and then back to thick again. And this is also the reason that even using such a simple pattern I've had to rip a couple of rows when getting to the end and discovering 'missing' stitches, only to find two or more minuscule stitches had been inadvertently knitted together. Regardless of this, I like it.
So that's it for now. I'm on the lookout for some nice yarn to make Emma Fassio's Chele which is also on my YoP list - nothing too expensive, but something with a nice bit of drape that feels good on. Any suggestions?

Don't forget to pop over to Tami's blog where there are lots of others making more than just scarves!!!

Bye for now


  1. Both looking beautiful, I love the colours of your Noro scarf, so pretty :) I can see why you'd get frustrated with the thick and thin though!

  2. The thin and thick changing of noro is one of the reasons I hadn't used it yet, but Mini Mochi is the same way and I'm not having too many issues with it. And your scarf looks great even though you don't think so!

  3. It's always tricky trying to substitute yarns when the suggested one is so obscure/unavailable. Have you considered something like King Cole Bamboo Cotton, or Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK?

  4. I love both your scarves, the colours are so me. But we don't have much use for scarves here, so I don't really make them.

  5. Mmmm I love old shale! Very nice in Noro, too! I'd think blocking should straighten out those edges, no problem :)

  6. Very pretty colours on both of your scarves Sarah :)

    And yes Alice's blanket is gorgeous isn't it.

  7. i'm loving both of your projects. :)

    i follow alice & her stuff is to die for!!!! i love all her bright stuff, i really want to try & make a gypsy carnival blanket of my own.

    happy wipw day.

  8. Great post and lovely projects. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I Still love this scarf. Will you be posting the pattern????

  10. ooo the colours are lovely on the scarf, not sure my near OCD/perfectionism could cope with those irregularities though!

  11. I love both of those! The flowers on the first one are great, and oh wow, the colours on the second. They're so rich and berry-delicious. Hopefully they're pretty enough to dull the annoyance of the thick-and-thin-wobble-edge problem.

  12. What gorgeous colors you're using!!

    The feather & fan (I think it's the same thing as old shale) scarf will look fine once it's blocked, I think! =) Of course, I think it looks great right now!

  13. Oooh! The Superman film looks so interesting. I grew up w/him and my hubbie's a fan. How exciting to "know" that your hub's a part of it all.
    Fantastic blankets you're eyeing and oh boy, esp. that Crochet w/Raymond one! I'll have to dig deeper into her blog.
    Your crocheted scarf is coming along. Is it really that small or just from taking the pic from afar?
    Love that Chele project. I just favored it.

  14. Thanks for the Raymond link: I love Siameses, & have promised myself one before I die :-)

  15. I love the feather-and-fan ... very dramatic coloring!

  16. The doodle is the best thing!!!

  17. I love Noro - they have the best colorways! Your crochet scarf is gorgeous!!


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