Saturday, 6 August 2011

All sorts of good things

Well hello there. Are you having a good weekend? 

I haven't been around much in the last few days - the school holidays are hurtling by and we've been keeping busy - at the Farm in the rain on Thursday ...

... and yesterday we went paddling in a lake in bright sunshine with some of My Boy's school friends. Yes, the weather is very changeable at the moment! You have to love the unpredictability of the British summer - it's necessary to carry a raincoat AND sun lotion. 

I've almost finished a little newborn something that I started a couple of nights ago, but no pictures until it's been gifted. It should really have been finished today as D took the children to Grandma's and I had a WHOLE afternoon to myself and lots of plans to fill it with blocking one FO, finishing another and making a start on a third. Unfortunately a couple of things happened to prevent anything constructive taking place. 

1 -  the arrival of my Amazon Kindle. Despite my initial proclamations that I would never EVER read books on an eReader, and that nothing would compare to holding bound printed paper in my hands, I've been using the Kindle App on my iPad and iPhone a lot, so I have finally succumbed. Part of me hates to admit how much I like reading this way, and have at least a dozen books already queued - it got me thinking about all the "proper holidays" (pre-children!) which required a holdall stuffed to the top with paperbacks and only room for a few clothes. I just need to learn to knit/crochet and read simultaneously and I'll be sorted.

2 - my achilles heel. It seems that unless my hands are busy, I am unable to sit still for longer than 2 minutes without falling asleep. I crashed out as soon as I sat down with a cuppa and woke only 5 minutes before the chaos kids returned. So NOTHING got  done. On the plus side, I must have needed the sleep.

Are you using Pinterest yet? This evening I've found some more gorgeous things to pin on my Crochet board.

Now I just need the discipline to stop browsing and pinning more things and actually start making some of them!

So you see, all sorts of good things here, and you know the best thing? Watching this amazing sibling relationship develop as the little pickles spend so much time together. Until they are tired and it turns to squabbling, which is exhausting.

Snuggling up before he went to sleep tonight My Boy said "You're stuck with us forever, Mum.  It's you, me, Dad and my sister. (Then he held my hands in his, really tight) How about we glue our hands together?"

You know, I think that actually sounds like a pretty good, if impractical, idea.

I hope you are having a love-filled weekend too.


  1. Children are the sweetest little creations.
    How fun that you have a Kindle now. My hubbie got one for himself for his birthday and I'm so tempted but it's either knit or read for me.

  2. Such sweet pics! :) And I just love your colourful Kindle! I assume it's a skin on it?! So much nicer than the plain old grey!

  3. Yes, the Kindle skin as a 'Gelaskin' which I got from Amazon :)


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