Embracing my Inner Hilda

Yes, you read that correctly - Hilda - as in Hilda Ogden! (For those who are not familiar with Hilda, she was one of the most popular and iconic characters to ever appear in Coronation Street - a British soap opera institution that has been running since 1960.)

It all started with the Noro Headwrap I made a few days ago (posted here). I liked it so much I immediately started another one, this time in soft scrummy alpaca. Then onto a silk scarf but it was a bit too big...

... so I was delighted to find a beautiful vintage silk scarf in the charity shop,  that's just about perfect.

Thanks to Danielle for pinning this great tutorial on Pinterest - all the encouragement I needed.  
So today I'm firmly embracing my Inner Hilda - and loving it. 


  1. Cu-ute! Looks so awesome on you.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is AWESOME!!! I remember when I was younger my grandma always wore a scarf under he hair like that with all of her hair up in her rollers.. lol.. Great memory this brought back..

    And I have to say, it looks really well on you!!

    Question, I would love to make a yarn headband like you did but I noticed that it's a knitting pattern and I crochet.. Have you done any headbands that are done with crocheting that you could recommend to me??

  3. I'm loving the fabric of Hilda's tabard :-) Cool headbands. I remember the midwife turning up with her scarf and rollers in when my youngest sister was born unassisted x

  4. Glad this is bringing good memories back :)

    @Trisha, I haven't crocheted one, but there are LOTS of great crochet headband patterns on Ravelry. (I particularly like the look of this one http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-headwrap-with-flower )

  5. Oh, they are the cutest thing I have seen. I love seeing people wear scarves and knitted loveliness in their hair. Jacinta

  6. Hi Sarah,I found your blog through crochet with raymond and your name drew me in ,I thought there must be a welsh link as my nan used to always say give us a cwtch,such a cutie word.love your projects so far and look forward to reading more,juliexxx

  7. Hello
    I found you through Crochet with Raymond.
    That's gorgeous!
    I embrace my inner Hilda at least 2 or 3 times a week! I love this look and I hunt through charity shops all the time for more vintage scarves.

  8. Feel free to share any Hilda pics on the Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crafts-From-The-Cwtch/158169594256756


  9. You are one of those lucky people "Hilda" looks great on you! I wish I could pull that off! Thanks for the blog visit and happy weekend!


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